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Archangel Ariel

Archangel Ariel is a healing angel who works closely with Archangel Raphael especially when it’s to do with healing nature and animals. Her name means “The Lion or Lioness of God”.

Her main role is being one of the Archangels who is the leader of “The Virtues” in the Choir of Angels. The Virtues govern the order of the physical Universe, by watching over the Stars, Moons, and Planets including Earth.  By leading this she is very connected to environmentalism to protect the ecology, nature, air, space, and environment. 

She also protects the material manifestation of the Universe to keep it balanced and in order.   She will also assist those on Earth who are living in a conscious way to protect our environment and are working at saving aspects of mother nature and our planet from destruction.   She will send signs to all of us to make sure we remember our Earth and to honor and project it. She says if everyone picked up one piece of rubbish when we saw it and disposed of it in the proper way this would help the earth immensely. She also really encourages us to cut back on our own waste and plastics and do more recycling where we can.   

Ariel is influencing us all to be more aware of what we are doing to Earth by assisting those working in this field to get the message out for eco-friendly living.   She also works hard to ensure that there is enough healthy food, clean water, shelter, and other important supplies to go around.  So you can ask her for help with your earthly needs if necessary. 

On the healing front, she can also heal wild or domesticated animals. So, you can call upon her to heal any animals that need help and she will call upon Archangel Raphael to work in tandem with him for the healing process.   There have been many times I have called upon the angels to help heal animals and Ariel and Raphael came through to do a great job!

Birds and lions seem to be especially connected to Ariel, possibly because she manifests as these both physically and spiritually to get our attention and to let us know she is near. If you want to feel the presence of Archangel Ariel, go outside and commune with the natural world which is where she resides.   You may also see her aura and halo color of pink around you when she wants to get your attention about something and to let you know she is nearby too.

She naturally and constantly radiates Divine love and presence with Divine Source which wonderful.  So connecting with her is comforting as well as grounding as she offers protection, healing, magic, and Divine love.

Another aspect that Ariel brings to us which is still associated with nature is to connect us to the non- physical side of nature such as the fairies and elemental’s that act as guardian angels of nature.  It has been said that every blade of grass, every leaf on a tree, every flower or plant has a fairy protector. And the fairies also protect our animals and pets too!  Therefore, she can help you to navigate through the nature spirit realm so that you can connect with these benevolent beings to experience their magical qualities.

Ariel is also a powerful Archangel of Manifestation, Prosperity, and Abundance. This is evident when we open our eyes to see the abundance of life all around us. She can help us to manifest our earthly needs and finances and also encourages us to remember who we are as Divine beings who are highly creative and have the power to co-create a wonderful life.  

She also loves to remind us how to serve our self better by sending us messages to think positively about our self (and others), to keep our self healthy in mind body and soul and to send out positive intentions to make improvements in our life where it is needed.  

When you ask for her help Ariel is ready and willing to assist in the practical, mundane, magical, and miraculous ways. She will help to supercharge your intentions and to align your personal vibration and highest good with what you consciously desire to manifest in your life. I truly believe her presence in my own life has helped me with this, on many occasions, things shifted magically to align to my intentions to manifest a good outcome if not better than what I had intended.

You can tap into her powerful and courageous energy that comes from the Lion/Lioness courage, strength, and confidence to embrace this power as yours to boldly move forward on your life dreams and goals.  She can help you get out of your own way and fears and take a leap of faith to manifest successfully!  

She truly is a remarkable Archangel that can help you to connect to your Divine self, with courage and conviction to co-create and live a wonderful, joyful, loving and magical life!  I hope you enjoyed reading about Ariel –  she truly is a blessing for us all and has been a powerful force to help me in my life in many ways with the work that I do to help others. 

Lamanda helps people all around the world with her work as an angelic guide/intuitive, coach, mentor, teacher, and healer.  To find out more about what she does please visit her services page by clicking here

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