Angels Are Messengers Sent From God To Bring Us Divine Love and Guidance to Help Us Through Our Life.


Angel  Readings


Angels are all around us whether you feel their presence or not. They are here to bless us with spiritual wisdom, healing and guidance. They offer an ultimate source of love and inspirational insight which is available to us at any moment we need them. 

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to feel their guidance and unconditional love in your life, so you can work through those difficult life situations or decisions with clarity and focus knowing you are always being divinely guided?



I can connect to your Guardian Angels and the Archangels through my highly attuned intuition and the use of Angel Cards. My readings are extremely accurate and get to the heart of the matter with your angel’s wisdom and spiritual insight to help you.  Also, the skills I’ve gained over the years with my Transformation Coaching, brings you an added bonus, as these gifts can be transferred into the reading with your angelic guidance, to provide you with an earthly solution to your problems, which you can apply to help yourself straight away if you chose too. 

The angels always want to help us, it is their soul purpose to serve us in all ways and it is part of my life purpose to be their channel to do this. 


 The messages I receive will always be from a source of love and light and be for your highest good. It is worth noting that the angel messages can provide the guidance you need and they will on occasions suggest some action steps for you to take to help yourself. These action steps can lead you towards the right path for Divine timing to occur and to assist you in the best possible way to improve your life for the better. 



I Offer The Following Angel Readings:

General Angel Guidance On Any Matter  (receive a message on what your Angels want you to know)

Divine Destiny Readings 

Love Romance and Relationships

Life Purpose

Archangel Guidance

Angel Tarot and Angel Power Tarot

Health and Wellness Reading

Past, Present and Future

Life Path Predictive (what’s coming up for you – 3 months at a time)

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“oh my, Lamanda! I don’t think I can find the words to express how grateful I am for your insight from the angels. These messages touch on ALL the aspects of my life in which I have been seeking guidance. I just broke down in tears reading this. I know without a doubt that the angels and my spirit guides are around me, but I haven’t quite broken through the barrier with which I have surrounded myself yet, so it’s still difficult to feel them. In fact, sometimes they visit my sister Amber to let her know they’re trying to get through to me lol.Again, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your validation and affirmation I have received through you from the angels. Angel blessings to you!”
Dawn Claibourne -Texas USA
“This really does resonate. I have been getting similar guidance for a while and I am trying to follow this path. I realise that how the world and people see me is purely what I myself project. I have been in a negative phase but that is changing as I change my thoughts. Enjoying the now is the big one and I am working on that. I can’t thank you enough for the reading. It really confirms everything. Wonderful Thank you. xx”
Ally – USA
“Thank you so much for my reading as everything you said was spot on I have gone through a massive spiritual transition in the last two months which has been an amazing experience And also knowing that angels do exist ..!! Thank you so much for affirming that I am on the right path and passing on further messages to me my heart is now light thanks to your reading !! knowing I have risen above the darkness and I am now protected in the light by the angels and knowing my future is bright and full of happiness many thanks for the messages of reassurance,  peace love and light Brad xxx”
Brad – Sydney Australia
My sessions with Lamanda and her guidance from the angels are amongst my most treasured possessions. At moments where I have felt that I am at a crossroads, I have returned to these readings time and time again.  What amazes me most about Lamanda is her pure and direct connection to the celestial realm, and the accuracy and clarity of the messages that come through.  Lamanda delivers the information that the angels want me to hear, which isn’t always the direction my ego would have chosen to go in… and this is what I love most about her work!  She always provides the highest perspective, which is a true gift of grace; especially when I’m feeling confused and can’t see the forest for the trees.  Lamanda is a beacon of truth, light and wisdom, and she brings all of this across with the most sparkling, effervescent and beautiful approach.  To have a reading with Lamanda is to connect with an angel here on Earth…”
 Casey Campbell – Canada
“Everything in the reading resonates with me,  and that itself gives me more confidence that I am on the right track. As you suggested I am digesting it, but the first thing I did was arrange for some Reiki and Flower Essence work and had that on Thursday last week. It was amazing with someone I hadn’t met before and the session was able to back up the issues raised in the reading.”
Liz – New Zealand
Lamanda you are truly so magic! Your intuition and guidance have kept me going through some of my toughest lessons in my life. Often what comes through doesn’t evolve until 6-12 months later … in fact I usually forget until it comes to fruition and all of sudden the reading makes sense. Being a previous cynic once upon a time of Angels — I wasn’t really sure what to believe before I met you but you have not only held space for me to gain clarity of my journey but you have also taught me to trust my own intuition. Thank you for stepping up into your true purpose and shining your light to help me believe I can step up into mine! Much love. 
Catherine – New Zealand 
I have had a “soul report” and “angel reading” with Lamanda and have found them both to be perfect for me on my journey. They helped with both confirmation and support and included great informatioand insight which helped me achieve my dream to be a Marriage & Civil Union Celebrant. I also value the daily readings posted, which can often be pertinent to what is going on in my life at the time. I cannot recommend Lamanda enough for accurate and insightful readings. Lamanda, you are indeed a special angel. Much Love xx
Wendy Gates – New Zealand 
 Do yourself a favor! Getting a reading from Lamanda I was blown away – her tapped-in, tuned-in accuracy – straight away picked up on what was in my vibration – confirmed EXACTLY the AA’s I have been working with – also showed illuminated more of my AA team for me – and I finally found out what I suspected but have been wanting to have confirmed for so long now – what Soul Ray Colours exist within my vibrational field. So much confirmation. So easy to talk to, communicate with, so gentle and loving is Lamanda’s vibrational frequency – it’s like meeting an old friend – and catching up! So special, and such a divine favour to do for your soul – to have this Wise Mystic show you your True Divine Nature – to propel you – as you connect with your highest and best version of who you really are! Thank You Lamanda, Infinite Gratitude.
Donovan Gail – Australia