11 Day Angelic Experience to Empower Your Mind, Body and Soul - Lamanda Brown

 Join The Free Online 11 Day Angelic Experience

To Empower Your Mind, Body and Soul 


By joining this free experience you will receive some angelic wisdom and guidance for 11 days, along with a short and simple practice for you to experience to help bring forth greater balance in your life for your own self-empowerment, inner illumination for increased happiness and well being.

 It’s angelic, fun, magical, insightful and empowering on many levels!  


 Connect With The Angels For This Magical Experience.

It’s My Honour To Bring This Wonderful Gift to You From The Angels   

Angel Blessings and Love  
Lamanda X


I have really enjoyed this experience Lamanda, thank you so much for taking the time and effort of putting it together. I gained some great insights along the way about myself.  Love and Hugs x 


What a great gift to give away Lamanda, I really enjoyed the journey. Some of the exercises were so useful in highlighting where I am holding myself back and I love the tips you shared on how to make improvements which I am applying and they are helping me a lot.  


I really love how you managed to include various exercises that in themselves were important to focus on but how well they all connected together to help to bring greater harmony into our lives during the whole 11 days which we can then carry on doing to help ourself even more.   I also loved the fact that you didn’t over complicate any of it and that you could go at your own pace to do it too.  You are such a support to many with your work and this was wonderful to do I really enjoyed it and got a lot out of doing it. Thank you so much!  


It was a fantastic experience and  I highly recommend taking the time to do it.  I will keep doing some of the exercises to help me in my life going forward as its really grounding and balancing.  Plus very enlightening on so many levels for me. Thank you so very much!