Archangel Jeremiel

Archangel Jeremiel is very much like a spiritual teacher and mentor who can guide us to look at our self and others through the eyes of love. 

Jeremiel name means “Mercy of God” and he can help us be merciful, compassionate and understanding towards our self and others in our life situations. He can also assist us to develop and understand our spiritual visions and develop greater clairvoyance and psychic skills. His energy is very gentle and soft and his aura is a violet color.  He seems to bring forth visions and insights into our mind’s eye when he is around to help us. 

One big function he performs is to help newly crossed over souls review their human life before they ascend to the Heavenly plane too.  In this process, the soul can review all their life experiences to see how well they lived their life as human and if they were aligned to their soul purpose to master/learn about certain aspects of themselves.  When I connected to Jeremiel to get more information about this, he tells me that there is no judgment to be laid upon this review. So by that if the person/soul did not achieve what they set out to learn in a particular lifetime, it’s not punished or looked down upon in any way, the soul can then chose to do it again in another lifetime to carry on from where it left.  The reason for this is for that many of aspects of life’s learning can actually take a multitude of lifetimes to actually master, and this is all part of the choice to live on earth and embark in the game of life on earth to do this.  Time doesn’t exist beyond the earthly plane, so at the level of the soul it doesn’t matter how long it takes or how many times it takes.  Once a review is done Jeremiel can help the soul gain insights, heal and recover from its life experiences and prepare it for what is coming next on its soul journey.  

So in an extreme example which might be good to understand and also comforting for some. If a person decided to end their own life because they couldn’t deal with it anymore for whatever reason, there is no punishment for that choice made (unlike what may have been written in some religious texts).  Jeremiel would be there to meet the soul like a welcoming big brother and console them and together they would do a review of their life to see the journey and learnings and gain insights on how to do it better if they wanted to descend to earth again in human form for another life experience.

Also very importantly Jeremiel can also help us review our life when we are living so we can make adjustments on a better way to live if this is wished for.   This is particularly useful if we feel stuck, blocked, unhappy and discontented in some way, which can happen to us all at times.   By connecting to Jeremiel, he can guide us to look back in our lives and see what has not been working for us and to be very honest with our self where we have not been serving our self, so we don’t deny certain things. 

He is very gentle and compassionate when doing this as he understands that the human nature may not always want to look at things or our self at times because it can be too painful to bear. So he gently coaxes and encourages us to look at the past experiences, memories, choices, and patterns that have led us to our current emotional state and life circumstances. 

He also teaches us that honesty with our self is the best policy and makes no judgment either about what may be seen or what has happened as “good or bad”. He knows it’s all part of the life experience living on earth in a dualistic plane.  He can also help guide us to make a plan to change things going forward for the better if need be and if we are willing to do so. 

Jeremiel also likes to encourage us if things have been going well to take a look back to see how far we have come so that we can map our growth and expansion and celebrate our successes too.

In reality, life is one big self -mastery journey of learning and expansion, and along the way we have so many experiences, which our ego mind will label good or bad depending on our conditioning and personal beliefs.  Well, Jeremiel can help us take a much higher and wider view and see all our experiences as good, because everything we go through was meant to happen because everything we go through shapes us, helps us to understand our self-better and most importantly promotes soul growth, and personal awakening. 

Jeremiel has been one of the Archangels that has really encouraged me to always take a big picture view on my personal life situations and in the difficult situations see the blessings in disguise.  Like almost everyone, I have had some really challenging times in my life, ones that I would not have wanted. By looking back and being able to see the bigger picture about it all,  I can see how it all mapped out perfectly to get me where I am today, and to be the person I am right now.  I can connect the dots backward to the present time and feel thankful for it all (good and bad). Which helps me to feel more empowered because I do not become a victim to any of my life circumstances and I can walk forward boldly knowing whatever is coming is what is meant to be too. 

One particular experience I will share that may throw a bit of light on the subject.  There has been situations where I have found myself encountering “narcissistic” abuse and bullying. Being an Empath, I was radar for that as many Empath’s are, however, I realized with the help of Jeremiel that these encounters occurred to help me stand up for myself and lay firmer and stronger boundaries with some people.  At the time during those encounters, I felt quite powerless and doubted myself a lot and always thought that I was the problem. However, after doing a review of my life after an intense situation I had with someone who been manipulating me for some time in various ways.  I realized that I needed to make a life change and I had to change my behavior and stand up for myself and learn how to lay stronger boundaries that could not be overstepped.  Since that big life lesson, so much has changed for me, I am no longer a “doormat” or people pleaser and I have raised my standards on who I want in my life and who I don’t.  It was a massive life lesson that occurred over time and through various narcissist encounters until this one finally taught me what I needed to learn.  Now I can take a big picture view on the whole situation and see all the blessings in disguise and thank them all for teaching me this and send them to love too!

Their role showed me something about myself that was very unbalanced and helped to teach me what I needed to do to regain that balance.  I can also see how this kind of interaction has played out for others in similar situations and have helped them move through that too with some of the healing, coaching and mentoring work I do.

In my understanding everyone has a role to play in life and those we can end up not liking the most, so very often can be our biggest teachers as I am sure you know.

Jeremiel is truly like the best kind of heavenly support you can have to help teach, guide and mentor you through all of life’s ups and downs, to come out the other side shining brightly. And he is also there at the end of our life to guide us then too, how truly wonderful is that?

And as mentioned at the beginning Jeremiel has an innate ability to help us develop psychic and clairvoyance skills if we choose too. Which is a useful skill to have as we can learn to trust our self, and our intuition as we journey through life.  At the most basic level, it’s just like a development of “ inner knowing truth muscle”  that is aligned to our soul that can help us make decisions if to do something or not, or even protect us from harm.  Jeremiel has really helped me develop greater skills in this area and guided me to teach others how to do this too on the angel workshops I teach.

I hope you enjoyed reading about Archangel Jeremiel, next time I talk about Archangel Chamuel who the main role helps us to have greater peace in our lives and help us find what we are looking for plus more!

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