Spiritual Flu






The spiritual flu, also known as vibrational flu, is a result of what can happen when we go through a vibrational frequency shift and the increase in Chi or Pranic (energy). This shift can result in a clearing of toxins which have been held in our cells and energy channels in our body.

What Causes it?

Very often when we have reached certain levels of personal awakening or self-realization about something, our self or our life our energy frequencies can shift up and this causes our energetic, physical and mental bodies to do a detox and release what no longer matches the new higher frequency.

And/ or we may have experienced an energy upgrade as our earth’s cosmic energy shifts to higher frequencies – we are part of the earth and go through what she does too, so as she evolves so do we.

Or we may have experienced a sudden change in our lives, this could come as a loss of something, or moving to a new location, or a complete change of lifestyle in some way –  any major change in our life can initiate a detox to occur. 

Spiritual flu can have very similar symptoms to the normal flu as it travels through different parts of our body to clear out the old, and it can also show up via other symptoms too as shown below.

Common Spiritual Flu Symptoms

  • Ascension, or the act of raising your personal vibration. Your vibration is getting lighter, faster and higher – so you may feel out of sorts for a while until you adjust.
  • Mood changes, you may feel very low depressed or it could be the opposite, these extremes should pass to come back to balance mood wise.
  • High pitched ringing or buzzing in your ears: Your body is adjusting to the higher vibration and the ears tend to sense this. And sometimes the angels then send a lot more messages in this way too, and they can come on when the angels want you to be aware of something going on in your life that is all part of your change.
  • Bodily aches and pains – which can in weird places too – your physical body is letting go of heavier, dense energy that needs to move out.  Wherever the aches and pain are, they can often hold a message from the body for you and you can ask what your body wants to tell you about it.
  • Emotional outbursts (crying, anger, grief, irritation, etc.) – Your emotional body is integrating new frequencies and letting go of old emotional energy ( this could even past life trauma and pain).
  • Headaches – these can be at the center of your forehead between the eyebrows at the third eye chakra to heightened intuition. Or at the crown of your head – your crown chakra is opening to connect you to Divine Angelic Insights and Cosmic Guidance. Or your whole head may hurt, indicating crown and third eye upgrade and recalibration at the same time!!!
  • Heightened senses – so you may have increased light sensitivity where everything seems brighter and more colorful or the noises seems louder and more defined, or your taste is more intense, etc.
  • Increased levels of overall sensitivity and empathy: Your intuitive gifts are expanding to connect and feel into others – if this gets too much, ask for some extra protection from Archangel Michael to calm it down a bit.
  • A change in sleep patterns: You might sleep a lot (day and night) or not much at all and feel quite wired at times. Or wake up a specific times i.e. 1.11am, 2.22am, 3.33am, etc – the wake times are all part of your personal growth and often insights can come through at these times too for you.
  • Outgrowing relationships: Over time, you realize that lower vibrational relationships don’t serve you. You may feel quite different to who you want to share your energy with.  Certain situations or people who seem very caught up in gossip, drama or victimhood are quite repelling.  So you may notice your relationships fall away naturally and gradually or have a dramatic end!
  • Vivid and crazy dreams: Your subconscious might be processing and letting go of stored trauma. You also might be getting downloads of information to help you too – it is good to keep a dream journal so you can reflect on the dreams and gain insights from them.
  • Skin sensations: You might have rashes or itching for no reason. Or you might have a tingling feeling in your whole body. You might also be able to tune into your chakras system and feel them vibrating as well.
  • Feeling scattered and ungrounded: You might feel quite spacey in your head and even clumsy and bump into things.
  • Change of food preferences – you may only want to eat certain food and beverages your body craves, or you decide to give up certain food’s beverages for good.

During spiritual flu, it is important to support your physical and energy bodies, otherwise, the symptoms can worsen and become more substantial.  Things you can do are:

  • Drink lots of water, particularly with lemon to clear and detox your system
  • Get out into nature, connect to the trees, plants, water, and earth to ground yourself.
  • Take supplements, specifically vitamin C and B and D – if its winter and you don’t’ get a lot of sunshine
  • Use natural products, such as essential oils or all-natural toiletries/makeup
  • Sit in the sunshine to get a boost of natural vitamin D (15 mins per day without sunblock)
  • Write/journal on your thoughts for self-expression and release of pent up emotions.
  • Meditation or some form of relaxation therapy where your mind can slow down completely
  • Stimulate the lymphatic system with massage, yoga, walking, etc.
  • Rest and where possible and sleep when you need it. Short naps in the day are fabulous!

During a period of spiritual flu and inner change it is important to give yourself a time out to process and appreciate the hidden gifts in the whole experience, which is a transition to a more aligned you – your higher and true soul self too. 

In most situations the symptoms can last for three to seven days, however sometimes due to a number of blockages, there can be a damming up effect.  If symptoms persist more than seven days, you could undertake additional energy work. 

If symptoms worsen or if you are concerned please see your medical practitioner of course.

If you need extra support in shifting your energy to help the process and regain greater balance connect with me to book an Angel Alchemy Healing session – Click the link here for more info and how to book.

Angel Blessings

Lamanda x




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