~ Divine Destiny Readings With The Angels ~ 



Are you ready to know what 2023 will bring for you?


Would like to know what’s coming up for you, what challenges you have to face, and how you can handle them well?

Or are you at a crossroads, or feel stuck in life, or lack true purpose or meaning to your life and need some heavenly guidance to shift you in a better direction for 2023. Plus get a boost of angelic inspiration to get you there? 

 A Divine Destiny Reading Will Give You Some Great Insights To Help With All The Above.

Plus More! 

So What Does a Divine Destiny Reading Offer:

You will get an insight into your year ahead, and some great information on the energy/feel of your year to navigate it really well. Plus you will gain insight into what challenges you may have to face, and what you can do to help yourself move through those to have a successful year in all your endeavors.

Sometimes the angels see a particular life experience you are destined to go through to help you grow and evolve that can be good, exciting, or somewhat challenging!  So, the angels offer advice on how to move through those times with ease and grace to come out the other side shining brightly and even more empowered.

We can also look into your soul vibrations to give you a mini soul reading to see if you are fully in tune with your soul purpose and life purpose and if not, we can discover what you can do to re-tune yourself. This helps you to live your life authentically from your soul and in a way, that brings you the greatest life satisfaction, success, purpose, and meaning to your life!

(I am an adept soul reader and have done many soul readings for people all around the world that have brought them great clarity and instigated personal transformations) 

(If you have had a soul reading with me in the past via the “Rainbow Light Soul Report” or a “Divine Destiny Reading”, we can spend more time delving deeper with some general angelic guidance to help you as per the below). 

You can also receive general angelic guidance you may want to be answered in regard to specific areas of your life. Or if you are aspiring to achieve or improve something for yourself your angels can help you with what you may need to know to help yourself do just that.

The angels provide great advice, guidance, and action steps to help you move toward your dreams and desires if they see that they are aligned with your highest good. Plus, a check can be done to see if those things you may want to do are truly aligned with your highest good, which means if they are not you can save yourself time and energy to focus on the right things that are!

I can also tune into your personal energy body and give you insights on how to tune up your energy field if needed to keep your personal vibration high, so you feel happy, and in your inspired zone to co-create and manifest well.



If a Divine Destiny reading calls to you, then don’t delay in getting one. It’s not an ordinary psychic reading, it offers you so much more, plus you get some really helpful Divine guidance to empower and help yourself in more ways than you can imagine.

I tap into the Divinity of your Guardian Angels, the Archangels, and your soul vibrations so a Divine Destiny Reading truly serves your whole mind, body, and soul.  And you also get some wonderful guidance from Angels in other ways as we go through it and we don’t know what they want you to know until that happens….. So Exciting !!! 

The Divine Destiny readings are for an hour and can be done online via Skype, Messenger Chat, Zoom or I can record it without you being present and send to you. 



Recent feedback on these readings…

I felt so lost Lamanda, and am so glad I reached out to you! What a great reading loved it and feel so inspired for my year ahead now!  Rachael C.

“You are very good at your readings Lamanda, you are one of the best that I have ever had” Julie W.

Thank you so much, it really helped me gain the clarity I needed. What great insights you shared. They resonated so much. You are amazing!  Laura B.

I really recommend a reading with this amazing, insightful beautiful soul. She is truly gifted and extremely accurate. I came away inspired, and uplifted, and was really blown away by her talents. Thank you Lamanda you are a true earth angel x  Leanne S.

I have had a “soul report” and “angel reading” with Lamanda and have found them both to be perfect for me in my journey. They helped with both confirmation and support and included great information and insight which helped me achieve my dream to be a Marriage & Civil Union Celebrant. I also value the daily readings posted, which can often be pertinent to what is going on in my life at the time. I cannot recommend Lamanda enough for accurate and insightful readings. Lamanda, you are indeed a special angel. Much Love xx Wendy G. 

Highly recommend Lamanda! Reading was fantastic, you are amazing at what you do, really insightful & useful information. Thank-you xx Lisa 

This is one of the best things I have done recently- was such a beautiful reading thank you Lamanda, Liz

Do yourself a favour! Getting a reading from Lamanda I was blown away – her tapped-in, tuned-in accuracy – straight away picked up on what was in my vibration – confirmed EXACTLY the Archangel’s I have been working with – also showed illuminated more of my AA team for me – and I finally found out what I suspected but have been wanting to have confirmed for so long now – what Soul Ray Colours exist within my vibrational field. So much confirmation. So easy to talk to, and communicate with, so gentle and loving is Lamanda’s vibrational frequency – it’s like meeting an old friend – and catching up! So special, and such a divine favour to do for your soul – to have this Wise Mystic show your True Divine Nature – to propel you – as you connect with your highest and best version of who you really are! Thank You Lamanda, Infinite Gratitude.  Donovan G.



These very unique and information-packed readings are of great value! 

Investment of $111.00 NZD for approx 1.5 Hrs

Plus as an added bonus, you will receive a free written report as a special gift to cover the light frequency information you have for this year and is a useful guide to refer too.


This reading can be done via Skype, Zoom, Messenger, or recorded without you being present.

To book your reading today click the button below which will take you to PayPal to pay via credit card. As soon as I see the booking I will be in contact with you to arrange a time and day to arrange the reading. 


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