~ Transformational Coaching ~

Are you struggling with that voice in your head that is holding you back from the things you really want to achieve?

Do you have life long fears or behaviours you know are not serving you and keeping you from the things you really want?

Or perhaps there are traumatic memories that won’t leave you alone causing you great distress?

Or are you just are stuck in your life which is making you unhappy and you can’t seem to shift yourself out of it?


Maybe you suffer from anxiety and this is really affecting your life and your personal relationships. 

Maybe you have difficulty in taking action on the important things in your life to get the results you want, or to succeed in your career. 

Maybe you don’t have the confidence to aim higher in your life to do some of the things you would love to do.  

Maybe you are dealing with low self-esteem and self-worth which keeps you stuck and settling for a second best life with little joy and contentment.

~ The Good News is Things Can Change!  ~

I totally understand how difficult these kinds of challenges are to overcome.  On my own personal journey I came to realise that sometimes we need a little bit of outside help to gain new perspectives, learn some tools and techniques that can assist us to move in a new direction, so we can feel more empowered, happier and purposeful and achieve better results in life. There is nothing wrong in getting help when it’s needed and this is an important purpose in my life to help others as others have helped me, so I trained in the field of NLP and Multi-brain Integration techniques to do just that. 

When people work with me I teach them how to rise above their challenges to attain greater, joy, optimism, freedom, and self-empowerment which can make them feel transformed from within.  I share practical tools that can be applied easily to enable them to achieve better results and to gain greater success in all they want to do.

It has been totally life transforming for the clients I have worked with by the feedback I receive. 

I love to work one on one with my clients, as this builds up a great relationship and trust for some amazing transformational work to take place.  I work with a gentle yet powerful intuitive coaching style and use all the resources and tools I have learnt that can get to the heart of the matter very quickly to help them get the results they want.  My sessions can also be tailor made to suit individual needs and can be arranged over shorter or longer periods of time depending on the issues and how the person wants to work.

 The sessions can be done in person for Auckland residents or via Skype.  


If you are interested in making some changes in your life and yourself but are not sure where to start, let’s get to know each other first.  I’d love to talk with you on a free 30 min connection session, where we can look at what is holding you back to help you get clarity on how you can move forward.  Plus I can leave you with something that would make a positive difference in your life right now irrespective whether we work together in the future.

I went to see Lamanda on the recommendation of a good friend. At the time I was feeling lost and overwhelmed and very stuck in my life. The work I did with Lamanda gave me clarity, purpose and returned my self-esteem. She also provided practical steps to follow which enabled me to navigate the way forward. My personal progress has been so swift after just three sessions with Lamanda, I’m actually amazed. The changes in myself and in my circumstances are real and measurable and I feel joyful and optimistic for the first time in ages. There is no doubt in my mind that guidance I’ve received from Lamanda was divinely sent. Thank you, Lamanda.  

Jo McLean – New Zealand 

I can thoroughly recommend Lamanda as a great coach and truly caring and inspiring guide. She combines her mastery of NLP with so many other great and insightful life learnings to enable you to grow to your potential. In addition to helping you find the right answers for yourself, she embeds you with positive emotional energy and a great sense of hope for the present and future. Lamanda is a light bringer and game changer!’ 

Marc Fisk – New Zealand

Lamanda thank you for all your guidance and support – I have loved working with you. You have an amazing gift and you really have made a difference, in my life and I’m sure many others who have been lucky enough to work with you. You have inspired, motivated, given hope, taught me skills that will last me a lifetime and replaced doubt with belief!!! …. I look forward to working with you again too. Thanks for being the wonderful person you are!!! …. Love & light heading your way”

Lisa Hampshire – UK

There are a few people you meet in life, that you remember with immense gratitude for the positive impact on your journey. Lamanda Brown is one of those people. Lamanda exudes unconditional love and immediately puts you at ease. She is an incredibly intuitive and insightful coach who has helped me to achieve breakthroughs on several personal and professional challenges over the years.
Lamanda’s coaching and yoga nidra training have played a significant part in increasing my physical and emotional resilience, gaining a promotion at work, and building a fantastic relationship with my new partner.  I continue to value Lamanda’s respectful, gentle and caring support and I’m inspired by the bravery of which she is living out her purpose by supporting others to rise above their fears and challenges and achieve their dreams. Thank you so much Lamanda.  
Monique Lund – New Zealand

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