Archangel Raguel

Archangel Raguel’s name means “Friend of God.” and his chief role in the Heavenly realm is to manage all of the other archangels and angels. He ensures that they’re all working well together in an orderly and harmonious way, according to Divine order and will. As a result, he’s often referred to as “The Archangel of Justice and Fairness” as he works in harmony and balance understanding all the different roles and needs. On an Earthly level he also brings forgiveness, peace, and calm between people and heals misunderstandings in relationships. 

His presence is very balancing and healing for all the relationships we encounter in our lives from family, friendships, romance and day to day interactions at work and business, plus very importantly the relationship we have with our self too. 

His energy and vibe is very enthusiastic, friendly, honest and open, very much like a best friend who has many gifts and talents to help you. He can act as a mentor, coach, guide, counselor, therapist to be as helpful and supportive as possible.

His main quest is to bring peace and harmony into our life through love and acceptance in our relationships. 

He totally understands that humans need interaction and connection with each other to make life worthwhile,  easier, loving, fun, purposeful and interesting. He also understands that as a human condition we have ego’s that sometimes gets in the way of this, especially when conflict arises over differing options, belief systems, and perspectives.  So, he can help and bring forth instant healing where any conflict arises, or he can bring forth intuitive guidance to help those having troubling times with relationships, so they know what to do to help the situation.  He can also act as a mediator for disputes to bring forth peaceful resolutions that serve all involved.

His aura color is a pale blue and has very cooling energy to counter-act hot and heated situations in relationships that are in conflict.    You may see flashes of pale blue light around you to let you know he is helping you if you are having a difficult moment in any of your relationships.

One way Raguel helped me, was to help me firstly build a better relationship with myself, so by that, I have come to love, accept and respect myself and all my unique quirks and extreme sensitivities and I have realized that I am a Divine being beyond the human mind conditioning, thoughts, and behaviours. With this realization, it has helped with all my other relationships as I can see the truth of who people are beyond how they behave at times to see the good and Divine in them too even in the difficult times. 

Personally, I  am not one to ever want to be around drama or conflict after having been bought up in that kind of environment in my childhood, so Raguel has helped me to lay firmer boundaries with people who are addicted to this type of behavior, so I don’t get drawn in.   There have been many occasions where people have tried to drag me into their arguments or to take sides and I just refuse to do that now, as I feel they can sort things out for themselves.  This does not mean I won’t intervene or help if I find a situation that is causing harm or damage to another, I just don’t’ get involved in petty drama (and gossip) as I have found the energy to be very toxic and not good for anyone. 

Over the years I have become a very good mediator in the face of conflict between opposing views/opinions as I am able to hold the space for all involved for peace to arise and for resolutions to shine forth which has helped me in my work with people having difficult times in their relationships. 

On a personal level, Raguel has become like a very good friend to me and guided me through some difficult times with people and family so I can be in a place of balance and peace whilst others may be losing it.  He told me that this is “the angels’ way” and thus some of us have to do this kind of work on earth to help bring forth greater peace and balance.  He has really helped me to see through the eyes of love and look beyond the illusion of what people do to each other and see the bigger picture that is often playing out that often holds a lot of lessons and many blessings.

He is also a very supportive angel to those that have been treated unfairly and will give a boost of empowerment to people who are being used or abused, or have become like as scapegoat or underdog!  

Having him around me in my life has also helped me see many perspectives of what’s going for people and their relationships so I can offer advice on how to handle things in a peaceful way for all that bring healings and harmony.

Building up good relationships with others makes life so much better for everyone – compassion, compromise, love, forgiveness and understanding are key to creating that.    We all have our moments of madness especially if we are having difficult times, and hence we don’t come from our best place,  By being able to see beyond those times and make an effort to understand people (starting with our self) can help build up better relationships with people from all walks of life – This has been so helpful for me because I do encounter many different types of people with the work I do and I can come from a place acceptance for who they are beyond any situations, social status or personas!  We are all the same deep down and all experience the ups and downs of life too that can affect how we behave and act.

I hope you enjoyed reading about Raguel and do call upon his help if you are having difficulties with your personal relationships or if you want to work on yourself to have a better relationship there too!

Next time I will talk about Archangel Jeremiel – who can help us develop and understand our spiritual visions and improve our clairvoyance skills and take stock of our life to make improvements, plus more!!! 

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