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Archangel Zadkiel

Archangel Zadkiel name means “The Righteous of God” and he’s considered to be the archangel of mercy and benevolence.  His halo and aura are deep blue indigo and you may see this color around you when he is nearby to help you or to get your attention.

His gentle presence helps us to forgive our self and others and heal from past emotional trauma and pain.   He can help us to release old anger, feelings of victimhood and negativity linked to past situations with others.  This function is to set us free from the pain and hurt so that we can remember who we truly are as a “Divine Being” and walk boldly forward on our life purpose path and Divine Mission.

If we cling to the past pain, we are actually trapping our self and holding our self back from living a truly wonderful and blessed life.  It’s like we create our own prison by doing this.

By working with Zadkiel he can help to shift us away from painful memories that are creating internal suffering and move us toward remembering the good times in our life.  He loves to assist us to look for the good as this lifts our spirits up and aligns us to manifest more of the good to happen in our life.

Zadkiel has been an influence to do this for myself, on occasions when I have felt caught up in hurt and pain from my past, he has whispered in my ear to guide me to come back to the present moment and to step aside in my mind and just see how that past experience shaped me to be who I am today; to see the positives that came out of it, how it helped me to be independent, strong, to be able to cope with a lot and very importantly how a deeper compassion and understanding of others blossomed in my heart because of it. I also learned how to forgive more easily when I could see the bigger picture of what played out.

One of his messages to me was forgiveness is the greatest healer of all and when we can forgive our past (self and others), we keep our heart open to love and then the energy of the heart helps to heal and bring us back to balance.   He also says forgiveness is not about making something that has happened to us ie ‘a wrong’ that caused us pain into ‘a right”, forgiveness just means we can release our self from the toxic energy linked to the situation/people to free our self and heal.  

Zadkiel also acts as a great counselor to pour your heart out too when you need him and he can provide useful advice on how you can move forward when facing life difficulties. He is such a gentle angel that loves, comforts and brings peace and compassion into the situation and helps you to gain clarity in regards to what you need to learn.

He also brings guidance that we are in charge of our own happiness and can choose to be happy at any moment. He can help heal parts of our mind that may want to dwell on the sadness/pain so that it no longer does. Even in the most awful of past life circumstances, there is always a blessing to found and Archangel Zadkiel can guide us to discover what that may be.

Over the years Zadkiel has been pivotal to help me see many blessings in disguise in my life especially those times when I have been hurt by others and questioned why it all happened.  He also helped me to see that that “hurt people tend to hurt people” which helped me to step into a greater understanding with compassion towards those who had hurt me. I could see that most of it was not really about me at all. It was more about them and how much pain/anguish they were in and how they just didn’t know how to deal with it at the time and hence they took it out on others (including me) as a way of the release of this pain.  This happens a lot in life with others in all sorts of ways and Zadkiel can help open your mind to see this and to not take things so personally if this sort of thing happens to you, so you can keep greater peace in your heart and stop a chain reaction occurring so you don’t do the same to others. 

Another great skill he can offer is with helping our memory to remember facts and figures. To some he is known as the Angel of Memory. So, he can help you retain information if you are studying for exams and tests or other important information you need to recall. 

In my experience of working with him when I was studying certain subjects a few years back to help get me onto my true-life purpose, I found he really helped. I could easily recall what I needed when being tested on certain subjects.  And then I could remember information in my work with others going forward, as the right information just seems to drop into my mind when it was needed. 

I hoped you enjoyed reading about Archangel Zadkiel, he is not too well known as an Archangel but if you are reading this, I feel this is an opportunity of getting to know him as he can really help you in so many ways to improve your life and to open your heart to feel good about your self on all levels.


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