~ Beyond The Ordinary Event ~

Come join Lamanda and Tracey Coleman for a fabulous experience to take you “ Beyond The Ordinary” for a mind, body, and soul healing and transformative journey into your extraordinariness!.

An uplifting experience where you can enjoy working with your unique Divine frequency and innate gifts to help energize, balance and transform your mind, body, and soul. Step into your mind’s superpowers and connect you to your genius for greater self-mastery which can help you to overcome any fear-based blocks. Gain a connection to spirit to receive insights and guidance that serve your highest good. And to finish enjoy a deeply relaxing and transformative healing journey through the crystalline world of sound and higher frequencies to elevate and inspire you.

Below is a brief outline of the Journey Beyond the Ordinary:


~ Energise Mind, Body, and Soul! ~

The journey begins by working with energy using simple body movements and alchemic hand gestures to transform, clear, cleanse and energize your whole body, auric, and chakra system. Your hands can be activated for self-healing and healing of others!

Theme: clearing, balancing, energizing, empowering to prepare you for the rest of the day.

~ Activate Your Mind’s Neuro Superpowers to Awaken to Your Genius ~

We then journey into the dimension of the mind to connect you to your innate mental superpowers that can serve you on your journey to help you to be your very own best friend to align to your higher and best self for greater empowerment, confidence, and courage.  And then you will create a personal switch to turn these superpowers on so you can use them when you need them to help you break through any barriers or just to awaken your genius when you need to use it.

Theme: Illuminating, Self-Mastery, Super Power, Genius!

~ Going Beyond the Veil ~

We then journey to the angelic astral plane to connect to your spirit guides and guardian angels to gain divine insights, guidance, and advice to help you in your life. Lamanda will also be offering an open reading session to help you with this process.

Theme: Angelic, Protection, Guidance, Support, and Assistance

~ Heal, Transform, and Transmute ~

And for the finale, we journey through a deeply relaxing experience into the crystalline world of sound and be bathed in these deeply profound healing vibrations for elevation, healing, and transformation of the whole mind body, and soul.

Theme: Relaxation, Visualization, Healing, Transformation, Transmutation


It’s going to be “BEYOND THE ORDINARY” 

Energising, Insightful, Empowering, Healing, Transforming 

~ Date and Details ~

Your hosts: 

Lamanda Brown – Mind, Body, and Soul Intuitive, Healer and NLP Coach, and Tracey Coleman – Crystal Sound Bath Facilitator Holy Fire and Usui Reiki Master. 

Date:  Sat 13th November 2021

Location: Oratia Hall – West Coast Rd, Oratia  NZ

Time: 10.30am to 5.30pm (aprox)

Refreshments and afternoon tea will be provided. 

Early Bird Investment Only $99.00 NZD (till the end of August) 

Click Here to reserve your spot today!  

Limited places!