Archangel Chamuel

Archangel Chamuel name means “He Who Sees God” and can see all once via having an omnipresent vision. So, this means he can see all the connections between everything and everyone. 

His aura is often seen as light green or pale pink which brings to us healing energy filled with peace, love, and harmony.

One of his main roles is to help manifest universal peace for all and helping individuals who are having turbulent times to regain a peaceful state of mind and heart. He understands that peace can bring us greater clarity around any life problems or turbulence we may face. When we gain greater inner peace in any challenging situation, the situation starts to change for the better. 

The essence of peace is accepting and allowing what is happening at the moment and not resisting it – as resistance to anything causes inner conflict/more suffering which is often mirrored in our outside life as difficulties/problems.   

When we can surrender to “what is” in the moment, peace enters into our energy field and often along with the solutions and ideas that could help us move through the challenge.

How many times have you faced a massive challenge and you have just given up or surrendered to it because it’s too hard and then it starts to sort itself out on its own, or someone comes to help you out of the blue?  This is how it works!

So by generating greater inner peace about things, we are being taught to trust that life has our back to work its magic to help us when we need it. 

All the Archangels have a mission to bring forth greater peace on earth for mankind to lessen the conflict and wars for all inhabitants and life and Chamuel leads the way for this. It’s a big mission as mankind has been on a path of conflict for eons but Chamuel says that times are changing, be it a slow process. However many people are waking up to the fact that living without peace is not the way to live. And greater peace for all life starts with generating more peace for our- self first and Chameul helps us with that. 

When connecting to Chamuel, his energy seems very humble, wise, practical and down to earth. He is filled with compassion and love to truly help us in life.   And although he is an Archangel of a quite high status there is such ease when connecting with him for his help and support – so ask him for help if needed. 

Another great way Chamuel helps us is to use his powers of omnipresent vision and help us find what we are looking for.  This in itself brings greater peace in our heart if we have lost something or are on the search for answers to things going on in our life.  He seems to take the stress away.

There have been many occasions I have asked him to help me find lost items and he definitely helps me to find answers to my questions on any life matter big or small.

Just recently I noticed my driver’s license was missing, I normally keep it in my purse, but it had disappeared.  I looked everywhere and tried to retrace my steps on when I last had it out but I couldn’t locate it.  I was about to apply to get a new one and tuned into the angels to ask for help to find it and Chamuel came through and guided me to look in a handbag I do not use very often and there it was!  I had used the bag a few weeks earlier and had not remembered and it must have fallen out of my purse. 

So Chamuel can help you find your lost items, a new job, your life/soul purpose, a good relationship, goods friends, and anything else including answers to your personal questions around spirituality or esoteric information that can help you in your life. 

Another great thing about Chamuel is,  you can ask him to help others find something too, very often I have asked him to help my husband find a lost item or a solution to a problem he faces and it just seems to materialize if it’s aligned to my husband’s higher good.  Or I have asked for a lost pet to be found for others and the pet gets home safe and sound.

When connecting with Chamuel to help you find something to pay attention to your thoughts, ideas and visions as this is how he often sends us guidance to help us find things. He may even tell you to look in unusual places or even places you may have looked before but could have missed it.  He can help you to find anything as long as you are able to listen and follow his guidance.

Another thing I have found Chamuel can help us with is if we get lost or are uncertain of which direction to go in.  This can be applied to be literally lost whilst traveling somewhere or to find our life true purpose path.

Many people connect to me in my sessions wanting help in regards to what direction they should go in in life or if they should switch directions as they feel lost in life or are not happy. I often call upon Chamuel to get some guidance to towards the best path that is truly aligned to their soul for greater life fulfillment, happiness, and success!  

I hoped you enjoyed reading about Archangel Chamuel and how he can help you in your life, next time I talk about Archangel Zadkiel who can help us remember facts and figures for exams and tests. Plus healing painful past memories, choosing forgiveness to release us from toxic energy and remembering out true Divine origin, plus more!

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