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Beyond The Ordinary Event - Oct 2021

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Building Great Resilience When Life Sucks!

  Building Great Resilience When Life Sucks!  Right now in these uncertain times, we are all having to dig deeper into learning about becoming more resilient to cope better in the challenges we face that can show up big or small at any moment. Some of the biggest life challenges we can go through that… Continue Reading

“The Power of Letting Go and Letting God” I wanted to share a little story that happened to me when I was younger. The memory of this rose up in me when some repressed grief was being released during a healing session.  In my soul frequencies (known via my  Rainbow Light Soul Report) lay an… Continue Reading

Archangel Ariel Archangel Ariel is a healing angel who works closely with Archangel Raphael especially when it’s to do with healing nature and animals. Her name means “The Lion or Lioness of God”. Her main role is being one of the Archangels who is the leader of “The Virtues” in the Choir of Angels. The… Continue Reading

Archangel Zadkiel Archangel Zadkiel name means “The Righteous of God” and he’s considered to be the archangel of mercy and benevolence.  His halo and aura are deep blue indigo and you may see this color around you when he is nearby to help you or to get your attention. His gentle presence helps us to… Continue Reading

Archangel Chamuel Archangel Chamuel name means “He Who Sees God” and can see all once via having an omnipresent vision. So, this means he can see all the connections between everything and everyone.  His aura is often seen as light green or pale pink which brings to us healing energy filled with peace, love, and… Continue Reading

Archangel Jeremiel Archangel Jeremiel is very much like a spiritual teacher and mentor who can guide us to look at our self and others through the eyes of love.  Jeremiel name means “Mercy of God” and he can help us be merciful, compassionate and understanding towards our self and others in our life situations. He… Continue Reading

Spiritual Flu           The spiritual flu, also known as vibrational flu, is a result of what can happen when we go through a vibrational frequency shift and the increase in Chi or Pranic (energy). This shift can result in a clearing of toxins which have been held in our cells and… Continue Reading

Archangel Raguel Archangel Raguel’s name means “Friend of God.” and his chief role in the Heavenly realm is to manage all of the other archangels and angels. He ensures that they’re all working well together in an orderly and harmonious way, according to Divine order and will. As a result, he’s often referred to as… Continue Reading

Archangel Haniel Archangel Haniel is very much like a Mother Goddess Archangel. She holds a lot of loving feminine power that is attuned to the energy of the full moon in its power of transformation and transmutation. Archangel Haniel’s name means “The Grace of God” and in her name this grace is very healing, balancing… Continue Reading