~Angel Alchemy Healing ~

 ~ A Personal Transformation and Divine Love Healing ~

Lamanda collaborates with the power of Angel Alchemy to bring forth miraculous results for Divine love healing and a personal transformation.

Angel Alchemy Healing is a Divinely guided process governed by the Seraphim Angels of Light,  Archangel Metatron, Archangel Raziel, and other Archangels whom each brings forth special alchemic powers and Divine love healing qualities to assist the transformative and transmutational effect.  

Angel Alchemy is an energetic healing process that can help to transform what is considered lower vibrational forces i.e. the things that are holding you back or affecting you and your life in negative ways which can be considered as the “base metal” into higher light vibrations that are aligned to the frequency of the energy of “gold” within your energy field where you need it most to induce a positive change in your life.



The Angel Alchemy process can also include the use of Sound Alchemy Healing via a Crystal Bowl Sound Bath as an added bonus to the healing session that really helps balance the whole chakra system and the auric field. 

It also works at a soul level and transmutes areas of your personal energy space that are blocked or have been negatively affected by life experiences (past lives or your present life) so you can connect and fully align with the Divinity of your Soul’s highest frequency and Divine light.  This then enables you to tap into the magic of your own soul and use it to enhance your life in magical and Divinely inspired ways for greater health, well-being, more happiness, love, life satisfaction, prosperity, true purpose, and more! 


It is a Catalyst for Positive Change to Illuminate You from Within 


~ Angel Alchemy Healing ~ 

Love Infused, Transformative, Transcending, Magical, and Miraculous



~ Experience An Angelic Transformation ~ 

The angels see the bigger picture of your life, they literally connect the dots into your future, so they know what you need now that will help you to live a happier, healthy fulfilling, love-filled and prosperous life.  

They also see when you are becoming unbalanced energetically and if left for too long you may get sick, feel unhappy, or have other experiences such as blocks in your career, business, or life that are, holding you back or keeping you stuck in a place you don’t want to be. 

 Angel Alchemy can help you regain greater energetic balance, clear away the energy blocks in your chakra system and energy body layers that are causing issues, and then infuse you with High-Frequency Divine Healing Light to raise the frequency of your whole system so you are transformed from within for you to move in a much better light and love-filled direction.  

Angel Alchemy Healing can also help with;

Restructuring, and rebalancing your chakra system and auric field for a recalibration and a total reset! 

Releasing past energetic ties to trauma, pain, and abuse.

Repair any damage done to your energy body system due to past trauma, pain, and abuse.

Clearing any lower frequencies or entities that have attached to your energy field that are causing you problems with how you feel, think, or act. 

Clearing past life karmic contracts or vows that are causing blocks in this life.  

Plus more!

Angel Alchemy Healing is performed for your highest good and is fully governed and protected by the Seraphim of Light Angels and Archangel Realm. 



 Why Not Gift Yourself a Beautiful And Divinely Transformative Angelic Healing Experience? 


You Deserve The Best In Life And The Angels Want To Help You Receive That By Raising Your Mind, Body, and Soul’s Frequency To The Next Level With Angel Alchemy Healing.

Angel Magic, Pure Divine, and Miraculous 

If This Calls to You
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 Each session is approximately an hour long and can be done via skype, zoom, phone, face-to-face (if you live in Auckland, New Zealand) or just remotely. 

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Some Feedback Received 

Loved my Angel Alchemy session Lamanda. It was mind-blowing to finally feel the pieces of the puzzle glide into place. So magical. You are so good at what you do!  

Robyn G.


 I connected to you for a reading and it came about in the reading I was being psychically attacked with an “invisibility cloak” around my business which was going downhill fast. You suggested we do an Alchemy healing session to clear this block.   After having struggled for months with my business and I was seriously thinking I needed to bail out, my business increased by up to 30 customers and were different people we have not seen before. I am now getting back up. This is so exciting! 

Barbara B. 


 I was feeling really low and blocked and I had lost my spark! When I tried the angel alchemy I wasn’t sure what to expect. It’s quite different to other healing I have had.  I really like the clarity it brought me to work toward and what was given to me to use in the session to help myself afterward.  I feel very different about things now.  Something shifted for me in a big way and I’ve got my spark back!  Thank you Angels and Lamanda, it was amazing!

Jane B. 


Thanks so much for the Alchemy Session it was truly magic.  So much happened in the session it is hard to put it all into words really.   I came out of it with a real sense of clarity for my purpose. I know what I am here to do and it feels so good after feeling so confused for so long.  And I also felt very empowered to make a start on it which makes me feel wonderful as I have a real direction now.  I feel like I have had a magic wand waved over me that cleared my blocks and paved my path ahead for me to walk on.  I feel so connected to my guides who are there to help me too which is exciting and reassuring! 

Caroline S.


Hello Beautiful, thank you so much for our healing session yesterday. It was absolutely profound. Probably even more so than I can consciously comprehend! I feel as though I have received great healing for my heart. One thing that came up yesterday that we didn’t discuss was feeling broken hearted, time and time and time again. That’s what brought tears to my eyes. It is something I haven’t specifically worked on even though have worked on much else. Amazing how things unfold.!!!
Thank you from the depths of my feeling much better heart. 
Of course, I especially thank the Angels!!! And I honour you and your connection with them and the profound work you do. 
Diana D.

Recently Lamanda helped save my bacon with an Angel Alchemy session that was really life-changing. At the time, I was experiencing something of a financial crisis – accompanied by a profound feeling of unease – which went beyond what was occurring on the physical. As a clairvoyant, I am pretty sensitive to energy – and based on previous experience, this really felt like a psychic attack. What was also strange was the fact that it was very difficult for me to tune in to my Higher Self and the angels, so as to even get a clearer handle on what was going on, let alone remedy the situation. I already knew about Lamanda Brown and at this time, I felt strongly moved to get in touch with her about this problem.  Serendipitously – at the exact moment I contacted her, Lamanda had just recorded a video on a psychic attack – which at this time was being experienced by a great many lightworkers worldwide.     

During the Angel Alchemy session, Lamanda picked up on some aspects of my energetic protection that was not up to scratch and once these problems were healed and my energetic protection was boosted, things on the physical and mental planes improved dramatically.  I still had some more work to do, but this marked the turning point and in the months that followed things have once more returned to what I consider normal, with my life being in a real flow of much greater abundance, in synch with the angels and my life purpose.

I can unreservedly recommend Lamanda as a clear channel for Spirit and the angels – her readings are spot on and her courses are brilliant.

Mike W  / Lightworker and Clairvoyant


I can honestly say that Lamanda’s Angel Alchemy Session was unlike anything I’ve ever experienced!  I didn’t know what to expect from it – I just knew that it would be next level (literally!) and I was drawn to it like a magnet.  I totally feel like Lamanda took me on a magic carpet ride of healing and transformation. The things she guided me to see and connect with will stay with me always – because they have been with me always, I just didn’t know it!  It is impossible to put into words all that shifted and came to light during, and since, this experience. Every time I see symbols “in real life” of what we saw during the session, I smile and am filled with so much gratitude…  Thank you with all of my heart, Lamanda and the angels! 

Casey C.


There is an ethereal quality to Lamanda that is evident as soon as she comes into your energy field. I have done many of her workshops over the years and I have also worked with her as my therapist face-to-face and physically present for healing sessions such as Chakra Balancing, Angel Alchemy, and Soul Connection Therapy Sessions. Today was the first time that we have done an online Angel Alchemy Session and I am left in absolute Awe and Wonderment that all of Lamanda’s gifts and her multitudes of different energy healing layers and dimensions within which she operates are all perfectly accessible to her clients in an online environment. The first part of our session was an easy talk therapy Zoom session which progressed effortlessly to me setting up my IPAD and lying down on my bed whilst she was in her studio remotely but totally connected to me and the healing process. It felt like she was right there in the same room as me or as if I was actually lying on her treatment table surrounded by her presence and energy as I have previously experienced in person. 

Lamanda is one of life’s true gifts and it is lovely to know that she can connect with people wherever they are on the planet. It is great to know that globally, even in an online environment, her healing energy can reach whoever needs it no matter how remote their location. Thank you for your wonderful healing energy and the Angelic Connection that you bring into every area of your work which makes everything you do feel so very much needed and special 💚.

Cheryl H.

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