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Archangel Azrael

Archangel Azrael is a powerful, all loving angel who guides souls to Heaven after their passing over.  Archangel Azrael name means “Whom God Helps” and is also known in some traditions as the Angel of Death in the most benevolent sense of the word.  His purpose in guiding souls from earthbound reality is an important function, and Azreal brings love and kindness to assist the transition to be very uplifting and comforting.

His aura colour is a creamy white or very light golden colour and when he is around you may see eggshell coloured twinkling lights in the room.

As Azrael is omnipresent which means he can be with all souls passing at the same time to act as a guiding light to lead them towards their personal soul group (who have already passed over) who are in waiting to welcome them into the realms of Heaven.

Many people often report seeing an angel just before death, and it’s likely Azreal making himself known to bring comfort, love, and reassurance of the path towards Heaven that lay ahead.

So very often when people are on the brink of death, the veil thins between this earthly reality and the heavenly reality for the angels to be seen. Many report seeing their guardian angels along with Azrael and sometimes their passed loved ones who are waiting too. 

For many death can seem like ending, but in reality, it’s just a new beginning and Azreal is the angelic guide to help leave the old and start the new with ease, comfort, and grace.  And he also helps us to let go of things in our earthly life to start afresh when we need too.  

And also very importantly he also consoles those left behind grieving the loss and can act as a great counselor, giving comforting advice, love, and support.  Grief affects us all differently and he seems to know what any of us would need on an individual basis to help us get through it.

When my mum passed a few years ago. He told me that this was a time to be strong as I was to lead my family so that all the arrangements could be made.  The death of my mum deeply affected my Dad and I could see Azrael’s energy of twinkling light around him, shining love towards my Dad to help him come to terms with the loss.

Interestingly enough, my Dad said that just before my mum passed away, she was looking up at the ceiling and her eyes lit up brightly as if she was seeing something beautiful just for a moment or two and then she passed away.  I couldn’t help but think of her angels around her and Azrael guiding her the way for her to go.

During that time I had quite of lot responsibility in organizing my mum’s funeral arrangements and I didn’t really give myself a chance to truly grieve for the loss until I was back in New Zealand.  When I was home Azreal made himself known to me to remind me, it was time for my own grieving process to occur.

During my own personal journey of grief, Azrael seemed to just be by side and was constantly reassuring me that all is ok, my Dad would be ok and that my mum was doing great and I kept feeling her presence around me too which bought great comfort. She also sent a few signs that made me think of her the moment I saw them.

I also had a very interesting experience one night just before sleeping.  I was starting to drift off and I saw a very vivid image of my mum looking directly at me. She was a lot younger than she passed. She looked as I used to remember her as a young child with the sun shining in her golden hair, truly beautiful and filled with loving light.   She spoke to me to say, I know now Mandy (she always called me Mandy even though I was named Lamanda). I said or thought in my mind “what do you know Mum”. She replied, “ about Heaven I had forgotten what it was like”. 

Just to let you know my mum was an atheist when she was living, we didn’t ever speak of spirit or angels or anything like that as she felt very uncomfortable and my inner guidance told me not to discuss it with her… I just knew that one day she would understand. 

She then said to me that she was sorry that I couldn’t tell her about what I believed in, but it was part of her life journey not to want to know and that made sense to me a lot. 

She then asked me if I wanted to be present at part of her life review!  I said of course if that’s what you want.  She then took me on a journey to watch her life review, I felt her sadness and regrets about a lot of things and mistakes but also the love and happy moments too (cutting a very long story short here).  She then took me on a journey around the cosmos, we visited star systems, galaxies and other planetary systems, it felt so totally off the radar of any blissful feelings I have ever felt on earth. 

She told me anything can happen here if you want it too, I’ve recently met Charlie Chaplin and we are going to have afternoon tea!  I laughed because she loved watching his movies and it just made sense she would want to meet him.  Then it was time for me to come back.  And just before I left, she said, promise me you will do what makes you happy darling, you can do anything you know that don’t you?  I looked at her and next to her were lots of angels looking at me too, they were like bodies of iridescence light, with wings of light almost like flickering iridescence flames.

I remember feeling so incredibly honored to have experienced that, whatever it was. It was very mind-blowing, I kind of woke up at that point and was back in my room but it wasn’t like I had even been asleep and the even though the vision lasted for ages, not much earthly time had passed by.

The next morning after actually sleeping, I wondered if I had imagined or dreamed it all and asked my angels if that experience was actually real?

The message I got was yes I had experienced a glimpse of my mum’s Heaven!  And all through the following week I had white feathers left outside my front door and kept finding them where ever I went and also I kept seeing sunflowers (her sign for me) because to me she was the sunshine. And I was given a bunch of sunflowers from someone that didn’t know any of this, so I knew it was from her to console me.

I’ve not had any kind of experience like that yet again. I really wanted it to happen too, but I expect if its meant to happen again it will.

And still to this day, she still connects to me every now and then, I hear her voice in my head and she tells me things about what she is up too and even speaks to me to give me guidance at times too if I need it.  Pretty amazing. 

Azrael was very much of that experience for me too, I felt that he helped me to let go of any preconceptions about what death was about to help me truly belief Life After Death is real. I have lost my fear of death now too.

And interestingly, Azrael’s other important purpose is to help individuals transform human life to spiritual life. His core responsibility is to ensure that the process is as less painful as possible, and less effort is required for a person to transform from the human to the spiritual world.

And the whole experience of my mum’s death really kick-started my journey of working with spirit in a professional way to create a spiritually based business that aligned with my soul frequencies and my innate potential and talents to do all that I now do today……  It really took off just after my mum died and Azrael came into my life for that time too to guide me onto that path and what a blessing that has been.

I hope you enjoyed reading about my experience with Azrael and how he can help you too. Ask for his help if you need too at any time to connect to your passed over loved ones, and further help with any kind of grieving process you are going through and even for your passed over pets.  In the vision, I saw all of my mum’s passed away pets with her, so they all go to heaven too and they all looked happy and well. 

Next time I will be speaking about Archangel Haniel… a beautiful feminine angel who is very connected to the moon cycles and balancing and healing our emotional bodies.


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