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Archangel Sandalphon
Sandalphon’s name means brother or brothers and he is said to be the brother of Archangel Metatron. Sandalphon like Metatron was said to originally been human who when passed over ascended to become an Archangel. It has been also said that Sandalphon was the biblical Prophet Elijah. Elijah was a holy man who lived before Jesus was born and many compared Jesus as a spiritual prophet to Elijah.

Sandalphon holds a big tall presence, with a turquoise aura; he is very kind, gentle and supportive. He is almost like the best big brother you could ever have, and he will help you to feel loved, supported and guided by the Divine when you need it.

One of his main roles is to deliver our prayers to Heaven/God to make sure they arrive to be answered. I have often called upon his power when I am doing healing prayer circles for people, by giving him all the prayers to be delivered.  I feel this service he offers gives people a greater peace of mind to get their prayers delivered, as it can seem quite difficult for some to fathom even speaking directly to Source/Divine/God to ask for help, so Sandalphon acts as an interim or bridge to deliver the prayers on our behalf. Often after I have connected with Sandalphon to deliver prayers I will get a sign shown to me, like a feather on my path, or angel or a wing cloud appears in the sky to let me know the prayers have been delivered or are on there way.

Another function Sandalphon holds is to look after Earth by helping us to live in peace and harmony with her. He can also remind us of the importance of being grounded to Earth too and can help us to establish a secure link between Heaven and Earth to help us in life. As you know we all need to be grounded to feel connected to earth and live our lives in a balanced and harmonious way.  And thus, with Sandalphon’s help, we can have our feet well planted in the ground to be fully grounded and secure and we can also reach upwards towards the heaven’s and the stars to pull down inspiration, insights and Divine wisdom to help our self or even others.


Another aspect many know Sandalphon for is his connection to music. He works with the angels who continually sing praises to the Divine, creating a melody of celestial music that provides protection for us all.  Sometimes we can hear this music if we are in deep meditative state or even when we are dropping off to sleep as we generally need to have a totally relaxed mind with little thought going on to hear the celestial melody playing in the background. 

Musicians can also call upon Sandalphon for help with their music, whether it be to improve their musical abilities/talents or write new music or lyrics. He really loves to help in this musical aspect of our life as he knows music brings us so much joy, love and also healing.

Sometimes some speak of a Heavenly DJ playing in the background of their minds, it could be a time when a tune pops into their head (for no apparent reason) and the lyrics are just what they needed to hear…… If this happens to you know that Sandalphon working his angelic powers to give you this message to help you in this way, he is the Heavenly DJ!

Sandalphon also loves to let us know that when we are powerful and aligned with our own Divinity we will be filled with self-assurance and belief that we can trust in our skills and ability to achieve our dreams and desires. This is a true blessing for us all.

He will often remind me of this when I need it,  to help me move through any doubts or fears that are blocking me in some way.  He also recently requested (this year) that I bring “sound” into some of the Healing Angel Alchemy sessions to help the healing process for people with what they need help with.  This has proven to work so well and it has definitely added another deeper healing dimension to the whole Angel Alchemy Healing process.

Overall Sandalphon is here to remind us of our Divine Power and will assist and guide us to tap into the power of the Divine when we need it and this can be done with a simple prayer or just by connecting to his essence by asking for his help.  Plus he is here to help us anchor more of Heaven on Earth for the benefit of Greater Balance, Harmony, Love, Joy, and Happiness for all – so do call upon him to help if you need that in your life. 

I hoped you enjoyed reading about Archangel Sandalphon, next time I will talk about Archangel Azrael who helps us heal from grief plus more!

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