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Archangel Haniel

Archangel Haniel is very much like a Mother Goddess Archangel. She holds a lot of loving feminine power that is attuned to the energy of the full moon in its power of transformation and transmutation.

Archangel Haniel’s name means “The Grace of God” and in her name this grace is very healing, balancing to heal our mind, body, and soul and illuminating to help grow our own inner wisdom to know who we truly are at a deep level. 

Archangel Haniel really helps us all connect to our deeper feminine side (even if you are male) to honor the aspects of this loving, powerful, intuitive and creative force.  By connecting to her energy you can improve all those power aspects within yourself and also develop a stronger intuitive and clairvoyance ability too.

Her connection with the full moon also honors the female menstrual cycle and assists women to balance their hormonal and emotional bodies during this time of their monthly menses.  So very often women notice their menses can fall upon the time of the full moon or new moon (no moon) to align with the Moon’s energy of purification and release. – it’s amazing how this works. 

Haniel can also assist that those times be less painful (for the menstrual cramps) and less emotionally reactive too if you ask her for help with this.  She often brings forth a cool pale blue healing light over us like the full moon’s glow – the same color as her aura to cool, nurture and heal our emotional bodies, and thus this also has an effect to quieten and calm our minds which then also allows our physical body the rest it needs too. 

One thing I have noticed when working with Haniel who has been and continues to be a supportive guide on my own personal journey is to help me release old negative patterns (linked to repressed painful emotions) which are not serving me.  And during the full moon, her power to do this is magnified too.  So, you can connect to her at the time of the full moon for your own cleansing and purifying process if you need this. 

As Haniel is very good at balancing our emotional bodies at all other times too and she is very helpful in the process of healing any emotional pain, past trauma and abuse (physical and emotional) for us at a deep level. 

Haniel has been one of the Archangels I connect with when working with clients who want to heal aspects of their past which may have been rather traumatic or abusive (in any way) in the Angel Alchemy Healing sessions I offer which has quite profound results and this process can also  include past life healing too if that comes through that it needs to be done.

In my own healing journey, Haniel has been very helpful to me by guiding me to first to realize that holding onto any issue/trauma from my past in my mind, was, in fact, creating greater suffering than necessary in my day to day living. This can apply to any of us as so often we can continually relive our past issues/hardships in our mind by over thinking about them and this can then bring up the same kind of inner pain as the past events as what we think about deeply affects how we feel. 

She was pretty clear to me that in order to move forward and let go of any feelings of victimhood about what I had gone through,  I had to make peace with the past with the energy of forgiveness and come to see the whole experience was all part of my life journey to make me who I am today.  This really helped me because I could see that without going through what I have gone through, I wouldn’t truly be able to do all that I do today and fully empathize with others going through similar things in order to help them too.  She really helped me to see all the blessings in disguise from past events that had hurt me in any way – it was a very awakening process!

Haniel also is a great supportive angel to assist us to develop greater intuition and clairvoyance abilities too.  She can firstly assist us to quieten our mind of all its chatter and tune into our bodily feelings which are often the first point of learning to develop greater intuition. And then when the mind is quiet, and we get a sense of our feelings about things, pictures or visions can then pop into our mind in alignment to what we have been feeling which is thus developing our clairvoyance abilities to help us have a clearer psychic vision. 

And to finish off with Haniel the crystal associated with her energy and power is the moonstone, which has magical, nurturing energy associated with it.  I have one of these crystals and they are great to use to connect to her especially at the full moon time.

I hope you enjoyed reading about Haniel and how she can help you.  Next time we connect to Archangel Raguel who helps us to have better relationships with others, and even our self!

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