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Ascension and Mental Health Issues

Ascension/Awakening Process and Mental Health Issues

It’s been known that the Ascension process can trigger some mental health issues, and I have been feeling the pull to write about this for a while, so you might find some tips to help yourself and others you know who may be going through this.

Briefly, the Ascension/Awakening process is: 

The process of letting go of old ego-serving patterns and pursuits to advance toward raising our level of consciousness. It is akin to a “system update,” but one in which you let go of your past self and raise your vibration to enter a higher frequency.  This process can last for weeks, months, or even years, and it can occur in cycles coming and going throughout a lifetime.  

Symptoms vary and may include the following:

• Unpleasant physical sensations (empty, weighted down, broken, anxious, panicked, etc)
• Frequent sadness or tearfulness
• Loss of interest and pleasure in life
• Loss of meaning and feelings of hopelessness
• Loneliness or loss of connection
• Foggy thinking or poor concentration
• Thoughts of death or suicide
• Low energy states, no motivation

Some of the language to describe these states has been “life seems like a drag”, ‘I can’t seem to get my act together”, “what I used to love no longer interests me” “I feel like something is missing”, “ I feel so empty, unhappy, lost” etc

Not everyone will be experiencing this right now but it’s worth understanding it, as it is showing up more as time goes on as more people awaken to their inner truth.

(I want to add that if any mental health issues are becoming a concern and have gone on for a while, it is wise to consult with a mental health professional for additional support).

Many who are ascending and awakening to themselves (and the world events), can often go through periods of experiencing mental health issues.

On an energetic level, it’s being shown that the Crown, Third Eye, and Solar Plexus Chakras are the main chakras being affected to trigger some mental health issues.

The Crown Chakra is the energy center that links us to our Higher Mind or Cosmic Divine Mind giving us a connection with the Universe. The Third Eye Chakra is linked to our inner mind’s eye for intuition and insight. The Solar Plexus Chakra has a link to the mind via the intellect and how we digest our life’s journey. When there is an imbalance of energy in these energy centers our mental health can be affected initiating symptoms such as apathy, sadness, grief, depression, guilt, shame, resentment, anger, etc. Also, physical symptoms can occur – such as headaches, migraines, neck problems, back aches, shoulder problems, joint aches, digestive issues, and adrenal problems.

During the Ascension process, any lower denser energy is cleared from our energy field and body linked to past experiences that caused us suffering. This clearing helps to get us into alignment with the new higher frequencies flooding the Earth now. We are letting go of the old to welcome in the new!

In the process, these higher frequencies infiltrate the energy centers or Chakras and stir up lower denser 3D energies linked to any past trauma, and difficult life situations for release and transmutation. This also occurs in our light body, and at a cellular memory, and DNA level.  As the lower energies leave, sometimes symptoms linked to past issues can arise in tandem. Therefore we can experience symptoms on a mental, emotional level, and physical level.

In this process of this clearing, the higher frequencies can then penetrate the Chakra system at an even deeper level and we may become more aware of some very old wounds. Basically, It’s shining light onto our deepest shadows (that comes from what has been hidden, what we have pushed down, denied, or even forgotten).

This process often occurs in stages which can be likened to peeling away layers of an onion that happen over a period of time.

For some, it can involve the need to heal some past issues from this life and even past lives! When the healing is in process, many can feel the levels of pain and suffering that are linked to the past. The state of our mental health can be affected as we open up more to ourselves to be more authentic and honest and very often our sensitivity increases too. We tend to feel more and life situations can seem more intense. This can be a somewhat overwhelming and confusing time to manage, as the slightest thing can upset us.

The Ascension process can also put us into deeper modes of reflection, and self-analysis of our past. This too may bring up thoughts and lower states of feelings such as sadness, disappointment, guilt, shame, etc. All this can lower our mental and emotional states whilst a release is occurring for the healing to take place.

Another aspect that affects mental health can happen when a big clearing has occurred and the empty space left behind can then leave a person literally feeling like they are in an empty void. Feeling like this can lower mental states because many are not used to feeling so empty. It’s a hard one to deal with and life seems to lose its luster for a while too. Some things that once held important meaning don’t anymore which can be disconcerting and confusing.  Some personal belief systems are challenged too which can make us question so many things!

And as much as some speak of the Ascension process in a very positive light (which it is and can be), with the higher vibrational frequencies/dimensions, more love, and understanding, and more gifts to tap into creating a better life/world – the journey getting there is not an easy one by far and we need to give ourselves some serious slack when the going gets tough and we are experiencing personal challenges with our mental health.

So, if you have been struggling on or off, or more on than off, I want to reassure you that you are not going mad and you are not alone with this. Many are going through similar. 2023 has been a challenging year with this for so many. However, the good news is you can do things to help yourself to ease the journey, and even better news…. You will get through it! 

Therefore, I wanted to offer some tips I’ve used to help you if you are going a bit up and down mentally or are hitting a few hurdles, or even coming to a complete stop and feeling very blah about life in general!!!  Help is always at hand and sometimes we have to initiate that help for ourselves too….. I know I have on many occasions and like to teach by that example 

Tips to help:

1. Get a journal and write all your thoughts down regularly. Allow what may come through to just be free flow without any judgment…. This helps you to do a mental mind dump and can help you to gain new perspectives too. I often write a question “What do I need to know about this situation I am going through” and then allow something to come through the writing to help me gain more clarity.

2. Work on letting go of comparing yourself to others and be fully accepting of where you are at on your journey…. It’s exactly where you are meant to be, even if it feels so hard.  

3. Write down all the things you love to do that lift you up and make sure you choose at least one to do a week, if not more!!! If you feel resistant to taking action because you feel so “off” in yourself, that is an internal sign to do something anyway!!! The mere act of doing this, can shift a state for a while and set you off in a better direction to give you a break!!

4. Watch your diet, because as you go through these changes your body may start to reject certain foods, this means you may get some food sensitivities, and/or your overall eating patterns change.  You may even feel the need to detox, if this is the case look into doing that in a safe way, you could even get some help and advice on that too. 

5. Connect to nature a lot more because nature gives you an instant “nurture and rebalancing experience”. 

6. If you are struggling, do contact a good friend/family member, healer, or therapist for a chat to help release any pent-up energy from any troubling feelings or lower thoughts. Or to gain new perspectives on any situations bothering you. 

7. Arrange an outing/date with some friends/family to give you something to look forward to – this helps you to let off steam, experience some different energy with your friends/family, and uplift your state just for the fun of it.

8. Commit to attending to your own healing journey when needed. Do not put this off, this is not the time of avoidance or running away, it’s a time to face things and clear things away that will benefit you so much in the long run. You are ascending and you can’t take the energy linked to past pain, hurts with you. 

9. Move and stretch your body, to work and care for your energy  – do some regular daily exercise to keep the energy flowing, even if it’s to dance around your living room for 5 minutes a day!   

10. Find 5 unusual things a day to be grateful for!!! So you are going to appreciate life even more than you have done in the past :). Today I was grateful for my lampshade, the full stop key, the swivel action on my chair, bubbles from the washing up, and the reflection of light shining off my car :).

11. Join a group to do an activity, such as fitness, dancing, arts, and crafts, or something else of interest to get you connected with others and experience some different energy that can shift your state for a while. 

12. Work on being much more present in your life. “Now is where it’s at” really. So notice the details in life, slow down, to take more of it in. Master this and you will be so surprised how it changes your outlook on life. 

13. Connect with your soul more, through personal meditations, personal readings, healings, and contemplations. Your soul wants to guide you through this time and help ease any difficult mind and emotional states!

14. Clear your energy field and the spaces and any clutter around you, as you do this you will feel lighter inside too. 

15. Own your own healing and transforming process!  Be very aware of any projections of what’s coming up you may put onto others – this is the ego’s way of keeping you trapped in a type of blame game and staying a victim to your circumstances – a very 3D holding pattern. The Ascension process wants you to transcend those lower aspects and holding patterns to become your own champion and step into greater 5D power, that can initiate many blessings and greater self-empowerment.

16. Make a commitment to maintain a good work-life balance! Ask yourself what you need regarding self-care and listen and act upon what is required. You could do a mini-life review to come up with ideas on how to help yourself make some important changes to serve you in a better way.

17. Call upon your Angels for guidance, ask for help, pull some cards, and get a reading/healing etc. They really will give you the answers to help you.

18. Learn to be okay with not being okay at times – this helps with your self-mastery and self-acceptance of the process. You can help yourself to be okay with not being okay by using the following three strategies:

  • Let yourself feel your feelings. Do not run from difficult or uncomfortable emotions. It is ok to feel them and they will pass.
  • Always be kind and patient with yourself, life is hard enough so there is no point in being your own worst enemy!
  • Be honest with others about what’s going on for you. People will pick up on it even if you try to hide it. And remember most people do actually care!! 

19. Remember that others could be going through this too and may not know what’s happening to them on a spiritual level as you do. So don’t take any “off or harsh” behavior towards you too personally, so you end up feeling even worse. Choose to let it go over your head as this will help you to stay centered, balanced, and in your own power.

I want to add that as hard as this can be at times, getting the support you need is important, even if it’s talking to a friend, family member, healer, coach, or therapist.  Suffering alone with this is not a good option, especially if it has gone on a long time, remember help and support are available from others who have experienced this too, and come through the other side shining!  

I hope this has helped if you need it. Feel free to pass this on to anyone you feel it may help. Sharing is caring 🙂 

And feel free to contact me to help you too if you feel the call for this.  Just click here and let me know what is happening for you and we can take it from there for a chat.  I offer various sessions from intuitive readings, energy healing, coaching, and mentoring that can all help the process.  But I want to add there is no obligation to work with me after that initial connection.

With Love and Angel Blessings

Lamanda x


Lamanda helps people all around the world with her work as an angelic guide/intuitive, coach, mentor, teacher, and healer.  To find out more about what she does please visit her services page by clicking here



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