An Incredible Sign On Lions Gate Portal Opening!

On August 8th 2018(the opening of the 2018 Lions Gate Portal), I had what I felt was an important dream. It was a lucid dream where I was witnessing a completely black space, no stars, nothingness, a complete void. It was if I was suspended in space in this void.   Then at the distance, a single bright star appeared and shone the most incredible loving light out towards me.   I had this dream three times on the same night and I feel it was a good sign in some way and then some guidance came through about it too. 

Upon waking and remembering this reoccuring dream, I heard an angelic voice whisper the 5th Dimensional Matrix is now fully overlaid on the 3rd Dimensional Matrix on Earth. 

So I then heard that this means we can fully operate at the 5th Dimensional frequency level if we choose.  However,  we will flick back and forth from 3D to 5D until we get used to our “new self” at the 5D level because there is still some lower fear-based energy anchoring us to the 3D frequencies of which we will still require to work through and let go off.

I then got a clear message about how to tell whether we are operating from the 5D energy frequency or a 3D one and that it will also be very easy to determine as we move through this energetic transition.

Some pointers here to help…

If you are feeling a fuller love consciousness you are living in the 5D frequency. Your heart will be open and you feel as much irritation to the circumstances you face in life. I found the concept of less irritation interesting!   

This also includes how other people act and behave towards you or out in the world. Your reactions towards others will automatically respond with loving kindness even if they respond to you in the opposite way or with any kind of negativity etc. Other people’s energy won’t be able to affect you either, it will pass right through you and they will not be able to bring you down.  However, it will take your awareness to notice how you “are being” to hold its frequency at the beginning by choosing a more love-filled way of being you.  And by choosing to do this often you then create a new habit for it to start automatically because you have learnt it off by heart!

So if you catch yourself responding toward others like a mirror to reflect back any of their negative reactions, just know you have slipped back into your 3D energy frequency. 

This journey will be a bit up and down, some days it will be easy to be in 5D frequency than others. But the more you hold the 5D frequency of love with your conscious intention, the stronger bond you hold to the 5D Matrix mapped around us on earth.    Do be patient with yourself too as it’s not all going to happen overnight and it’s not going to happen to everyone at the same time too.  However there are many souls, now ready through the previous work that has already been done in this life and in past lives who are able to fully anchor in the 5D frequencies, and you may be one of them. 

Also, it’s worth noting your awareness of your state of mind going forward is important too, as what you think affects your feelings. So if your thoughts are creating less than good feelings, you will need to learn to remember to change them to better thoughts to break another 3D habit of being. 

Loving yourself more in all ways is another practice to attain to help keep you anchored into the 5D. So if you are beating yourself up in any way over anything you have done or not done, you have slipped back into the 3D Matrix but you can immediately change that by just loving who you are in that moment and all the mistakes, mishaps or perceived shortcomings.  There is no punishment in the 5D reality so therefore, you are to learn to stop punishing yourself too to anchor to its vibration

If you do you catch yourself beating yourself up, just stop it and send love to yourself and tell yourself it’s OK.  Things will then shift for you as you re-enter the 5D Frequency.

Just to let you know,  life on earth will still go on as it does right now around you, the changes to be noticed will occur as we all get used to anchoring ourself to the 5D Matrix more and more.  And by consciously choosing to do that for yourself first will help impact your own life and the life of others and Mother Earth in a positive way.

Some of the benefits of living from a 5D reality are:

  1. Your life will flow better, and you will be fully supported by 5D source energy, you won’t have to try so hard at anything for it to be a success.
  2. Your manifestation abilities will increase but “your wants and desires” may change and they won’t always be about your own personal needs, wishes and desires as you will want to manifest for the greater whole for all and this, in turn, will positivity affect you too.
  3. More miraculous healings will occur, so lifelong illnesses or other chronic illnesses will be healed – your guidance will become strong on what to do to catalyst this miracle for yourself, if you have been carrying an illness or disease in your body.
  4. You will be connected more to others around you, and you will be able to see and feel their highest potential. You will want to help them achieve that by encouraging them and supporting them, this then helps you to achieve that for yourself too.
  5. There will not be any competition or winners in life and no hierarchies of being better or worse. All will be equal, respected and honored.  And all will know their true position of importance for the greater whole with anything that they may do in life as a job, career or just serving (it actually doesn’t matter what anyone does in this way as all actions in the 5D reality are equally important). So as an easy example to understand; a shop assistant holds just an important place in the 5D world as a Prime Minister!
  6. Your intuition will be a lot stronger and profoundly accurate in ways you have not yet experienced. It will help your decision making and teach you how to navigate your life in quite a different way than you currently do. With this, you will become less afraid of walking into the darkness of the unknown…… your trust and faith will also deepen and this will guide you through like beacons of light.
  7. Your judgments of others and yourself will cease, you will have a deep compassionate understanding that everyone is doing the best with what they have got in any moment and you will know if they had more they’d do better. This helps you to understand where they (or yourself) are currently “at” without you wishing them (or you) to be different or anywhere other than where they (or you) are. You understand with deep compassion and love that all of us need to tread a very personal path to learn and grow in a way that is unique which positivity impacts the greater whole.
  8. Your reactions/responses will be love based, this deeply softens your approach to life and all situations (good and bad) as they arise, and brings forth healing blessings for you and those around you. You walk a lot lighter in life with this 5D love-based frequency. It will feel totally amazing and your happiness levels elevate too. 
  9. For some time you will still experience life’s duality as we still have the 3D Matrix in operation, but you will be able to step back and see and understand a lot more about the bigger picture unfolding in its diverse and polarised way and you will ride the waves of duality with joy and enthusiasm for just the game that it truly is.
  10. Your creative abilities will be enhanced in a big way and you take ownership of creating something wonderful for life by being who you are and how you choose to use this creativity.
  11. You will feel “Good Enough” in all ways. 
  12. Love, Ease, Grace, Peace, and Contentment will be your natural and long-term state of being.


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