Don’t Struggle – Divine Help Is Always At Hand

Recently during a time of contemplation I got some  insights about how so many people struggle in life trying to do everything they need to do alone without the support of the Divine and in the bigger picture this not how life intended it to be for us.

I also got insight that it was partly our ego self that has made us believe (through social conditioning) we need to do it all alone on a human ego level, because the ego loves to take the limelight of any accomplishments or success and sometimes through a competitive nature too.  It loves to say I did this, I did that, I was the best, it was me that made this happen etc. This in itself is not always a bad thing, doing things for ourself can build up great self-esteem and confidence but sometimes it can keep us locked into a strong ego mentality that separates us from being truly supported by life’s Divinity to make our journey easier especially through the most difficult moments. 

Plus on the flipside if things go wrong our ego can at times step into a mode of blame as to why it did not work well which can sometimes come through in a way that puts us down with a mindset mentality of  –  I failed because I am not good enough, I am stupid, I am useless, or any other limiting thoughts,  or it may even blame things outside itself as to why things didn’t go well, such as thoughts along the line as ” it was their fault it went wrong or the things I have are not good enough, I don’t have enough of this or that to do it etc.

In my own experience with this, It’s all very much about the “ego’s mind identity ” either overly inflating itself or deflating itself or even becoming a victim by blaming something as to why things are not as they should be in its own opinion.  The feeling I got about this was the ego’s energy is mostly very insecure about itself.  It lives on tender hooks and can easily be set off in destructive tendencies especially when it doesn’t get what it wants and/or when we least expect it to create inner suffering for us.

I then got shown a vision of how many people live a life of being in a constant losing battle with themselves by how their ego tends to be.  The battle is like a conflict or war that swings from pillar to post that never leads them to any long-lasting satisfaction or inner peace.  They just can’t ever win because if they get what they want, after a while it’s not enough or satisfying anymore and they then chase after the next thing and if they don’t get what they want, it can then make meaning that  there is something wrong with them or even others because they haven’t got it.  

I found this very interesting because it made sense to me at the level I am at with how I feel at times too.  Over the years I have done a lot of work on myself in understanding how my own ego plays out in my life to create my own suffering. Once I became aware of its guises, tricks and self-defeating habits that didn’t bring me any inner peace or satisfaction, I could if I was aware enough at the time choose to break those ego patterns to help myself shift through them and teach myself a better way to handle the situations I was facing.   I also realized that there was no getting away from my ego, so I decided to make friends with it, I loved it for all its quirks, I even allowed it “at times” to play out as it wanted too in full awareness of what was going on (if it was bringing no harm to myself or others) and at other times I chose a different way to respond to my life by connecting more to my Divine soul to help integrate my ego with my soul which then seemed to serve me better in the long run.  By doing this I didn’t suffer as much for starters and I could feel a greater sense of ease and peace about any difficult moments I faced too. 

I just want to say as well,  I have not mastered this fully and I don’t want to pretend I am further along my path than I am.  I may have insights on what to do etc, but the proof is always in the pudding and sometimes the pudding turns out a bit sour for me at times too. But even so, I choose to learn by what happens as it happens as much as I can.  So, at the moment I consider myself an ongoing work in progress by learning how to do this.  I have also noticed that my ego also loved the fact it was being trained to act differently and shifted into a new a gear with spirituality, which I learned was termed as a “spiritual ego” by anoher very wise soul and teacher.  A spiritual ego is one that walks and works with spirit which is part of the journey all ego’s go through eventually over one lifetime or another towards its own transcendence. However, I have also learned that if we are not aware that the ego takes on a “spiritual persona” which mimics or trys to mimic the higher self or soul it can end up preaching a whole heap of stuff to others to make itself look good, appear to be very spiritual and wise because it loves to think it knows all about spiritual things and the right way to go, live and be.  It thinks it knows it but really isn’t’ it because it doesn’t yet truly walk its talk. 

And in my own experience of my spiritual ego coming out to play I had to see it, experience it to understand it, I am now mindful of keeping it in check as much as possible, hence the work in progress that I am!!! 

I do work on myself a lot and are constantly questioning my motives as to what I doing and why too.  If I notice it’s because I feel the need to look good, or feel good, to appear wiser than I am,  I stop what I am doing because underlying that is the spiritual ego needing to get something from others to make it feel secure. When this happens that’s a red flag giving me a signal I need to back off and chill out a bit. I also feel it in my gut, it can feel a bit tight/twisted. So to help this feeling subside I send love to it and reassure it that I understand what it needs and the love I  send it will help it feel more secure.

Also on my journey, I have come to know that our infinite soul just quietly witnesses all of our life experiences and whatever happens as our ego leads the show. It doesn’t judge it or condemn it, it just watches and waits. For it knows that the ego is also on a journey of evolution towards something greater within itself eventually.  It is as if the soul quietly waits for us and our ego to “wake up” to the fact that we can actually ask our soul to help and live more aligned with Divine support on all matters of life as we face them.   Which in my experience, when we do ask for Divine help, can put an end or greatly reduce the inner conflict to lead us towards greater peace and relaxation about how things are in each moment. We can hand the weight over to make us feel a lot lighter. 

One big thing I have learned from my soul is a fundamental teaching that can be often overlooked in many schools of thought is about the simple aspect of learning how to relax about life and everything happening in the moment. Relaxation is the innate quality our Divine soul holds that can really help us. Relaxation is also the innate quality of the Divine Source all around us too.  Does the Divine Universe / Source worry or fret about life and what’s going on?  No, it just lets it get on with it and allows it to play out for it knows it’s on a big journey towards something else which is something our little minds can’t even comprehend.  However, we are also made of that source too and our soul holds the key to unlock the same quality through the art of relaxation.

So, as we continue on our life’s journey, many moments in life may not be how we want them to be (or how our ego wants them to be) but they are as they are, because it if was meant to be different it would be, the soul knows this because it understands the bigger picture of life is playing out for us to help us grow and evolve through the moments we don’t want, and that is part of our ego’s learning to realize this. 

Also if you think about it we all know that if we surrender to some of our most difficult circumstances and step into a place of relaxation, things then start to shift in a better direction as if by magic and we can then get insights or ideas of what we can do to help ourself too.  It’s like we hit a turning point when we just surrender, relax about it and accept the moment for what It is.  I am sure you have experienced this yourself.

Plus, it’s very good to remember that all of us have been born with the ability to ask for Divine help and that Divinity is inside each and every one of us. It is also who we truly are at our core.  It is the most powerful force that is likened to the creation of everything in life, a source that links us to everything else too.  So often we can forget about this or may not even know we hold this power but when we remember or realize it, we can then use it.  Below are some simple ways to do this which I have found very useful and have worked well for me.

We can ask via a prayer to our Divine helpers our Angels because it is easier to ask something our ego can perceive as outside ourself to assist any situation until we get used to grasping the concept of our own inner Divine Power or Soul.   When I do this and ask my angels to help I can see that they then shine a light into my soul to ignite the Divine spark to turn it on into action to help me.  It is this connection to Divinity that does the work to help us.   Or we can also ask our Divine soul directly or do both, it doesn’t matter.   

In my experience with handling any concerns, issues, problems by asking for help I often just repeat a short and simple prayer such as Dear Angels (and/or Soul) please help me with (I name the issue), I don’t’ say how it is to be remedied either, I leave it up the Divine to sort out and then I just let it go.  By doing this I am connecting to the Divine Source that has been given us to assist our journey on earth to live it in the best way we can.

And I want to assure you my prayers are always answered.  Sometimes they come through via an insight on what to do next to help myself, or someone or something comes into my life to offer a solution, Sometimes the solution is so simple I often wonder why on earth I have not thought of it myself. Well, the reason is, my ego was in the way blocking it from coming through because it loves complications.  So, this has taught me to ask for Divine help in some way via a prayer to the angels or just a direct request to the Divine (which both ways overrides the ego) to put us into our own power of Divinity.  I also accept that the help may come in a somewhat mysterious way too that at first glance may appear to have nothing to do with what I am asking but it is usually the first step to take that leads me to the resolution to take me towards the next steps to help me.  I have learned to trust this process. 

We have all been given this power to ask and all we need to do is to remember to do it.  We are not meant to do our life all on our own.  Life on earth is not always easy and we have outside heavenly helpers and the Divine infinite source inside and outside to help it make it a lot easier if only we choose to align with it by asking. 

So do yourself a favour if you are struggling,  be willing to ask for help from the Divine and be open to receiving the guidance however it comes through and do act upon it if this is calling you to do something, and know its not just you (or your ego) doing it, you are giving your Divine self your soul a chance to lead the way for you too with its unwavering faith and inner knowing that things are going to get better and the problems will resolve in the end. 

It may happen pretty quickly or it may take a bit more time, do what you can to just trust the journey of however long it takes as it is the way it’s meant to be, because along that journey of time, others things can often unfold that are helping at an even deeper level to give you chance to learn more about who you truly are and how powerful you can be.  Remember its the ego that demands it all to happen now, as it doesn’t understand the concept of things having to line up first before it can get what it wants. 

On a side note:  I just want to add some extra insights as I was writing this. The ego is also Divine, (everything is).  I got shown the other day that the ego energy is a very very young spark of soul and we as humans are like the conduits or carriers living in this beautiful world of duality for its birth, its rearing, its schooling, its learning, by growing up and out towards its own self-realization and Divine light.  

To me this makes a lot of  sense along the many lifetimes it does take to get there, and many egos are now are on the cusp of their own transition into a purer Divine soul frequency where they are ready to know their true self as a soul and connect to their inner older “soul mate” who has always been guiding it over many lifetimes, to eventually live aligned as Divinity and combine like in a holy matrimony sacred union or marriage.  

When this happens, ascension occurs to new levels in our life inside both inside and outside ourself which also affects those around us and the planet as a whole and is part of our life purpose for being on this journey as spiritual beings having a human experience. 

We were all born to be the way we are to do this or we wouldn’t be that way…. its the biggest ego trip ever! 

Acceptance of this fact generates greater ease, grace, and inner relaxation. 

Which to me is so perfect, so Divine, so mysterious in the miracle that life is! 

Thank you for reading 🙂

Angel Blessings and Love 
Lamanda X 





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