~ The Empath Awakening ~


Over the last 7 to 8 years I have seen a big rise in the awakening of many people to the realisation that they are what is termed as “an Empath”. When I first discovered this term years ago, so much clicked into place for me. Then a bit further down the line, I realised that having a highly sensitive nature to life in all manner of ways was nothing to be ashamed of and was truly everything to fully embrace!

(FYI : If you are new to this term “Empath” please check out this link by clicking here to find out more)

My journey of embracing the qualities/gifts that came along with being an Empath was initially challenging. I had a natural tendency to want to cut myself off from the world due to my highly sensitive and introverted nature which left me isolated and misunderstood a lot of the time. However, on my journey, a few things started to become clear to me about being an empath that changed how I lived my life.

The first thing I understood was that in my ability to sense and feel so intensely, along with having a highly attuned intuitive ability was to stop rejecting aspects of who I was and learn to fully accept myself. 

For me, being an Empath meant life was painful at times but in the painful times, I could see how it was actually trying to help me to rise up in personal power, own the gifts I have been blessed with and use them in some way.

I had a big realisation that, to hide away was not an option anymore, my place in the world was very important. There was work to be done, that led me to use these wonderful qualities and gifts to help others and also assist the bigger Divine plan that was destined to unfold for humanity too.

Also around that time, I fully committed to working with the Angelic realm too. They were pivotal guides to assist my soul’s journey of being an Empath. These celestial friends provided encouragement, guidance, and support to help and guide me to master my empath abilities and also transcend some of the difficulties of being an Empath so I could be out in the world more and not be so affected by it.  As I progressed on my journey they also showed me some interesting truths about why at this point in time, a lot of Empaths were awakening to who they were too.

My first real insight from them was that the Empaths were on earth to help raise the consciousness of humanity.  I could also see that the “awakening of the empaths” to know they were empaths was the first stage of this process.  And as the awakening swept around the world, I saw it like “An Empath Revolution” as many people could relate to what being an Empath was.

I could see by being able to “empath” in the many different ways was a step in our evolution to actually start to experience “Unity Consciousness” and a deeper connection to each other and the world even beyond our physical senses 

However, for many this ability is often experienced as more than a hindrance than a help as many feel so much pain with this, it can be quite debilitating at times and hence “the shut off” many empaths tend to choose to protect themselves, myself once included.

However, in my understanding, our soul is destined to guide us on a spiritual journey to self-realisation, which is the remembering of our own god/source like quality that encompasses all and everything via a greater sense of Unity Consciousness to truly know we are in fact all individual expressions of a much greater and Divine whole.

And being an empath is a part of that process because we can connect so deeply with others to empathize and feel what was going on for them.

I also recently revisited some channelled writing I did years a few ago where it had expressed, that the Empath soul has already awakened in a previous lifetime, to reach a level of “self realisation and inner llumination” and therefore they had very evolved souls and had chosen to return to live again at this particular time because of their soul’s mission of service to help humanity as a whole to evolve.

Many would have forgotten all about that past illumination and self-realization (myself included) and therefore many empaths may feel that they still have a lot of work to do on their spiritual path towards self-realisation and may spend a lot of time on spiritual practices that they feel they need to do to help awaken themselves all over again.

But the reality of this is, many empaths have been there and done that in previous lifetimes and were initiated as a self realised soul. So that they don’t actually need to do all the spiritual practises to get there, they are already there.

So an example of this is someone thinking that meditating for long hours each day will get them further on their path or maybe some are taking on board some diligent spiritual rituals and practices toward gaining enlightenment.  Well, the fact is, many don’t need too do this anymore and some of these practices just keep those that are doing it caught up in past spiritual paradigms that will not advance their souls any further in this lifetime. It’s almost as they are holding themselves back by continuing.  A lot of the spiritual practices still being done today are built on very old ancient systems and will still be useful for those that have not yet awakened, but for those that have, a new way is needed to help further advance their soul. 

Also, this is not to say that these practices have not bought benefit on some level but now is a time to release some of the old spiritual ways, that can be quite constrictive and regimented, to help us step into our true power and pave a brand new way for ourself (that also can lead others too). This is the forward momentum that leads to greater evolution and a stronger conscious co-creative ability.

Also, I discovered for many Empaths, this lifetime holds the key to a different type of awakening… it’s an awakening to who they truly are as Divine beings and understand their true value and worth of that!  

This path then shows up for an empath via their soul’s purpose to transcend any inferiority complexes of the lower ego aspects of self,  such as low self-worth, low self-esteem, and low confidence. And once this is transcended the empath feels empowered to take on the world and use their gifts to the best of their ability to help others.  They become awakened to their own power and can truly value it and therefore use it.  

It has been pretty evident in most empaths I have worked with or done soul readings for, to have quite a low level of self-worth and value about themself. In fact, for many it is so low they tended to hold themselves back in many areas of their life. Outwardly this could often show up in jobs/careers where they would often choose roles that were not matching their true capacity and skills they had to offer, or they made bad choices in personal relationships (with narcissists/psychopaths) and introspectively often thought about themselves in negative ways. They would give their power away to others via people pleasing, or have a tendency to be walked over or be manipulated.   Which then led them to feel bad about themselves, not as good as others, or feel like a misfit in life.

By being this way, their life would often be a struggle as their life would then match what they felt they were worth. And it wasn’t until the Empath, awakened to the fact they are to value themselves at a much higher level, by gaining a greater sense of self-belief, higher self-esteem and self-worth then life could then offer them better opportunities and relationships to match the higher value they put upon themselves. 

Why is this so, well in the big picture of things, we do create our reality with what we put out into the world, via what we think and very importantly how we feel especially about ourselves, and the law of attraction then operates to give us what we are projecting out into our life. 

So, for instance, someone may have an inspired idea of what they want to achieve but if they don’t believe or feel they can ever have it or feel they are not good enough to get it, they likely won’t even make the effort towards achieving it. By being this way, they shut the door on life to be able to offer them the right conditions and opportunities to help them create it.

So you can see it’s a very internal thing that triggers the co-creative ability to manifest in life. 

For years, not believing in my true value and worth was also part of my journey. I had held myself back because I just didn’t feel good enough on so many levels. Then one day something in my soul was activated that led me onto my path to help me to transcend my own inferiority complexes and to believe in myself a whole lot more. That then lead me to feel more empowered to feel good about who I was and also confident enough to use my empath qualities/gifts with conscious intention. I then connected to my true purpose in life to do what I am doing today to help others in various ways with intuitive work, healing, coaching/mentoring and teaching.

Also, I learned to handle my empathic abilities to discern what was good or not good to do, who to hang around with, and who not. I also could be in the presence of a narcissist/psychopathic person and see them for what they are and not be affected by them. I also understood that even in their self-centred and often “superior way of being” they were teaching me to more self-aware and conscious of who I was. They didn’t affect me in a negative way anymore because I no longer felt inferior and they could not manipulate me at all. I felt empowered to set strong boundaries, stand tall and grow a set of wings to fly higher in my life.

What is also very interesting along this journey I encountered many Empaths’ with specific abilities and have shown 12 main ones below which you might relate too.

1. The Emotionally Receptive Empath
The empath feels a person’s emotional pain much more deeply than other empaths. Almost all empaths are receptive to emotional states, but the emotionally receptive empath will be able to feel the emotions in people even before the moment it starts.

2. The Physically Receptive Empath
For these kinds of empaths, they can feel the physical pain of others very often it can and will manifest itself on their bodies as well. So If someone hurts their back this empath will literally feel it on some level in their back too.

3. The Precognitive Empath
These empaths can feel something is going to happen before it does. They can have insightful dreams, visions, and premonitions about events happening before they do.

4. The Fauna and Flora Empath
These empaths can communicate with plants and nature. They are able to feel the signals being sent by them and often feel passionate to protect nature and the plant kingdom too.

5. The Psychometric Empath
This type of empath can receive impressions and energy from things and objects. For instance, if someone focused their energy on a piece of jewellery that belonged to someone, this empath would be able to pick up impressions from it. 

6. The Telepathic Empath
This kind of empath can read the unexpressed thought patterns of others. This can show up in ways when they express something they are thinking to a person, and the person tells them I was thinking the exact same thing. 

7. The Claircognizant Empath
This kind of empath has the ability to know something things about people without knowing how. Their mind is open to receive messages like downloaded information. They also know when certain things need to be done via “great timing” for maximum benefit. They can also tell easily if someone is being misled on purpose.

8. The Geomantic Empaths
These kinds of empaths have the ability to read the signals sent directly from the Earth itself when something catastrophic is going to happen. They may feel when an earthquake is about to hit or a Tsunami or other severe weather patterns.

9. The Fanna Empath
This empath type can interact with animals on a deep, emotional level. They often can be animal whisperers and healers.

10. The Medium Empath
This kind of empath is directly linked to the spirit world, and can feel the presence of spirit guides,  the deceased and can often see, feel and hear them.

11. Prudent Empath
This empath is able to figure out what needs to be done for the future in order to maintain its care. They will not allow something to happen without making sure the outcome will go over well.

12. The Angelic Empath
This empath has an innate ability to communicate with the “Angelic Realm” and will feel drawn to work with these Angelic guides to help themselves, others and the world on the whole. These Empaths can often have a number of all the specialties listed above too.

So my journey as an empath came under the “Angelic Empath” and over the years I have met many others like me that fall into this category too.

A few of the traits of an Angelic Empath are: they tend to be the carers, the helpers,the healers, the supporters of others and feel called to serve others and the world in some way. They often feel drawn to a spiritual path, are very intuitive, will feel drawn to angels, and want to communicate with them, to help bring balance and peace to others and the world in some way. (Very much like what an actual angel does). They tend to give without wanting to receive, will feel to always want to do the right thing by others, offer love and life guidance and can often be told “that they are an angel in passing comments by others as they go about their daily life.


So as you can see there are many empathic abilities and you may find yourself recognizing some of them for yourself. 

The journey of the Empath for this world is an important one and has great purpose. In our abilities and gifts to connect with others in all manner of ways is a part of the evolutionary process of humanity to reach a level of “Unity Consciousness” to bring greater peace, love, and harmony to the world.

The empath revolution has begun for sure and in my experience and recent insights the “Angelic Empath” will be coming out the closet a lot more now too, because they are here to help the other empaths believe in themselves, understand their true purpose and be more empowered by who they are and use the gifts they have to serve themselves and others without fear.

Lamanda connects the with angelic realm in all her work. She offers angelic guidance/readings, soul readings, angel alchemy healings, transformational mind, body, and soul coaching. She is also is a spiritual teacher and guide to help people to connect to their deepest truth and purpose to live a happy, prosperous and fulfilled life. To connect with her to get the latest updates about her work, special offers, and teachings you can subscribe to her website by clicking here.


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