Are You an Earth Angel?



Back in 2010, I discovered I was an Earth Angel! I must admit at the time it took some getting used too! But it was confirmed by Doreen Virtue whilst I was at one of her courses in Australia to learn more about the angels and how to connect to them to help me in my life.

The very fact I was at the course was indeed a big sign of this calling my soul holds.

So what really is an Earth Angel? Well, my understanding of this has grown somewhat over the years as I have worked with the angels more and more in my life. What this means for me is that there is an essence of an angel in my soul. It’s almost as if I am an angel in training on earth as a human to understand life on earth and the human condition and to help and heal while I am here. So one day, I will become the angel in Angeldom to be the angelic guide to life on earth from that dimension!!!

There are many Earth Angels like myself on earth right now, we are not only here to learn as mentioned above. We are here to tap into our angelic gifts, use them as an Earth Angel and help others as we journey in our life. In fact, the pull to help others via a service orientation is often a key sign there is an angelic soul inside of our body!

Doreen Virtue wrote a very good book on Earth Angels called the “Realms of The Earth Angels” where she discovered different traits and characteristics of the Earth Angels which if you are interested in you can buy – I highly recommend it to gain a greater understanding on this.

I also wanted to share some other insights on what I have come to understand what being an Earth Angel is about and maybe you resonate with some of this for yourself:

Earth Angel Characteristics

So firstly, if you feel drawn to angels and love the fact they are your guides and want to help you in your life, this is a big sign you are likely an Earth Angel. Why do I say this, well we can be drawn to what we are like deep down. And through my life, I have loved angels and felt so connected to them. – they are like my best friends.

You may also feel or sense the presence of angels or other spirit guides around you and connect with them in your own way.

The pull to serve or help others can feel very strong. Deep down you feel a need to do this, even if you are not always sure why or what to do.

You may often feel that you don’t really know your purpose in life on earth is. This is interesting as you may feel you don’t quite fit into this world and can often see things quite differently to others and this can make you feel a bit disconnected and lost at times. You may feel misunderstood too at times.

You may often feel ungrounded and are very easily affected by the changing energies around the Earth. You are also very sensitive (empathic) to other people’s emotions and feelings too.

You may experience some long-term health complaints or weight issues that just don’t ever seem get resolved, even though you have tried many different approaches. Although these issues themselves are not life-threatening, they are a challenge to deal with and there is a reason why you have them too (I will share insights on this another time).

You may feel you want to do the right thing by others as you hold a huge amount of integrity and honesty inside of you and are often shocked or very disheartened when others don’t follow this path towards you or others.

Your emotions feel deep and heavy at times and can fluctuate from positive to negative. You have an understanding of both the light and dark emotions and are prepared to dive deep to understand yourself more as you go through your life.

You may doubt yourself a lot at times and feel like you are not as good as others. This can show up via low confidence, low self-worth, and low self-esteem. Which leads to an interest in improving yourself and working on this to gain greater self-empowerment.

You are very intuitive and connected to the spiritual realm and may also hold natural healing abilities. And at times you may doubt this too and think it’s all in your imagination. You may then hold back on what you are sensing or feeling or not offer a healing or share a message you receive for someone that you know can help them.

You can be very protective of nature, and children and will tend to stick up for “the underdog” or people in a vulnerable position because no one else is.

You may be interested in philosophy, alternative methods of healing, alternate realities and the metaphysical – it’s a natural fascination that may have started when you were very young.

You may sometimes find it hard to be here on earth, as it seems so harsh and painful. And at times you feel like you are carrying the weight of this on your shoulders and may feel you want to leave to return home.

You would like to do something important and purposeful with your life that makes a positive impact in the world. But you might not be sure what that is or even if you can do it. But something calls deep from your heart and soul to find out what that may be because if you don’t you might have regrets when your life is coming to an end.

I hope you found this interesting and if it resonates with you and you would like to connect with me see below 🙂 

With love and Angel Blessings 

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