Using Our Moral Compass To Guide Us To Live Better

Using Our Moral Compass to Guide Us To Live Better

Everyone has a moral compass inside of them linked to the soul or our higher self.  This compass guides us to act in ways that serves our highest good for some good consequences to come from our actions.  Using our moral compass is a choice we have to make. It will guide us but it can’t make those choices for us. 

If you go against your own moral compass you will experience consequences that will bring experiences in life to teach you how to behave in a better way.  These consequences can occur in the future, or even straight away.  

This is like a simple law that has been placed in our personal reality, to help our soul grow and evolve that not only serves us well in this life it actually also prepares us for our next life incarnation to help us continually to develop more conscious awareness of the truth of who we are.

Also our current life circumstances can act like a mirror into where we are now by all our previous choices and behaviours that we’ve made using our moral compass as far as we know how to use it now.

It is worth noting that the measure of our life circumstances to inform us how well we are doing using our moral compass has nothing to do with wealth, health, fame or what appears as an outward success. 

The insights received on the truest measure of how well we are at using our moral compass is more along the lines of how we are generally thought of by others, how we keep relationships working well, what kind of person we are when we are not in the presence of others and how we behave towards ourself and others in regards to integrity, love, self respect, honesty, caring and empathy.

Below is a list of some of the things that work ‘against’ our moral compass and will bring about challenges in our life to help wake us up to listen to our moral compass more and thus act in ways to serve our self and others in a better way.

Lying, cheating, manipulation, unkindness, harm towards self and others, abuse, stealing, selfishness, doing the dirty on another (however that occurs), deceptiveness, not taking responsibility for one’s own actions, using others for your own personal gain, pretending you are something you are not, and other negative behaviours that do not serve you or others in some way.

As a soul evolves over many lifetimes it will go through phases of adopting those behaviours because it is here to learn and has to experience absolutely everything to know what serves it and what does not to finally know itself in its truest sense. 

In our past lives, we have all been cheaters, murders, liars, thieves etc and acted in ways many of us would never do now. 

In the younger stages a soul will make many mistakes with these types of behaviours because its ego side will be more in charge and it can also be very influenced by others who behave in these ways too.  Maybe this is because a mindset was adopted (or even programmed) that makes it ok at the time to act in these ways…it’s just the norm until they know better. On another level this could also be to do with the journey a soul has with their personal “soul family group” whom they have chosen to connect with, to help themselves all evolve together over lifetimes. A soul group may go down a certain track living against their moral compass, until maybe one or two souls choose to break the chain of behaviour and adopt a new way to be and then act as a “wayshower” for the rest of the soul group to change too.

The education our Earth School provides,  helps to teach us to live a better life as we go along. And the growth in our soul’s evolution is made as more self-awareness occurs in each lifetime in order to know ourself more and take responsibility for our own actions.

 All souls go through stages of maturation from young, adolescent, teenager, adult, mature, old to advanced and is also very much like how we age in our bodies but this happens for the soul over 100’s if not 1000’s of lifetimes. Also,  humanity as a whole will evolve together in a larger “group soul age” and will have a general age of where most souls are.

At the moment on earth we are moving from the late teenager stage to a young adult (about early twenties), so lots of mistakes are still being made.   There are of course all levels of souls on earth, young through to some very advanced older souls to teach and show the younger souls a better way to be.  

These older more advanced souls are our “wayshowers” to help reach the masses to help change and evolve mass consciousness.

Some of the more advanced souls that come to mind that we can relate too are; Ghandi, Mother Teresa, John Lennon, Wayne Dyer, Dr Martin Luther King…. etc. All passed away now but they have left a legacy for us to learn to live by using our moral compass more.  There are of course others who are still alive and many of us are following their teachings in some way that helps us understand our self better and live in a better way. 

All these people mentioned above had highly evolved old souls and whilst living shone a very bright light from their moral compass to do the right thing by others and help humanity in their own special way that inherently comes from goodness.

They were also not necessarily living their life just for themselves either, it came from a place of serving others which they chose to do before they incarnated.  Hence why they also suffered in someway, because by showing their suffering actually helped us to open our hearts more to know right from wrong and to use our moral compass.

It is also worth noting that our ego side brings contrast into our life to help us know the opposites within ourselves and in the world and we have it to help us learn about that.   Because without any contrast, how would we know the difference between good and bad, dark and light etc.

It is also interesting for many who have already stepped onto a path of awakening, the ego will also love to tell us we are an advanced old or mature soul because it likes to make us feel more important than we are.   Unfortunately, I have seen some so-called ‘spiritual folk’ who even tell others they are an advanced old soul but then act behind the scenes in very un-moralistic ways thus showing that maybe even in their old soul age, they haven’t learned a lot yet!!!!

I have even experienced a hurtful episode with someone who portrayed that they were very wise and advanced! 

However deep down I sensed this person was not who they were portraying, but I wanted to see the light in them and still do because it is there of course and they will eventually learn the lessons their life is giving them to grow and behave in a better way. 

Forgiveness toward their actions has occurred, because I do understand the soul’s journey about all of this, but I still had to draw a line in the sand and set a stronger boundary with them. Because what they did not only affected me, it affected others I loved around me. Therefore I have to show a way to them by standing up for what I believed is right that comes from guidance received from my own moral compass.

I also know there is always hope for a better way for them too.  As this person and others like them are indeed beginning to work towards gaining more advanced soul maturity because they have started to “desire it”. They are starting to see how it benefits them when they act in better ways for things to go smoother for them. 

Once any of us have the desire to work with our moral compass, the more it will reveal itself to guide us. We will feel we want to be a good person and act in better ways towards ourselves and others. And the desire to do this is so strong it overtakes some of the tricks of the ego because we are more aware of what those tricks are and chose to not act on them as they come up.   We actually cannot get rid of the ego, it has a purpose for us on earth, but we can always choose to live without being dominated by it. 

This all starts with developing greater self-awareness of what we are doing in our present-day living which affects ourselves and others.  We can then start to take more responsibility and also become more mindful of the consequences of our behaviours and actions.  We then understand that if we go against our moral compass will likely have consequences we might not want.


For example, if we steal from another, we could get caught and have to deal with the shame and consequences of that.  Or it would make suffer with guilt. Or maybe something could be taken away from us at some point to show us it’s best not to act in this way.  Many know this as karma,  and basically it’s just cause and effect which is just another law that works in our reality to help us wake up to what we are doing in our own life right now.

Learning to navigate our lives in a better way is not always easy and also takes a strong commitment.  Firstly we must truly want to be a better person and this acts as a burning desire to do so. 

Staying awake and aware of how we behave takes practice too. Because 95% of our behaviour is driven from our subconscious mind with only with 5% operating from our conscious mind most of the time!  So this means we live our life behaving in an automatic way, without always being fully aware of what we are doing. 

So the odds are quite stacked against us for some reason, but I sense this is all part of how the game of life was set up for us as human beings.   It was never meant to be easy because if it were, we would not get much out of it. We don’t actually gain much wisdom from things being easy, do we?  We need challenges to make us learn and grow. So that’s why we get caught acting in ways we don’t want to do and feel we can’t help it sometimes. This is because we go against our moral compass driven by our subconscious mind like an uncontrollable habit. And in order to change any bad habit, we need to do it by using our conscious mind first. 

Learning to be more aware is the first place to start to be more conscious of what we are doing in order to use our moral compass which is always there, just waiting for our conscious mind to connect to it.  The more we use it the more the subconscious mind connects to it too and over time it just uses it automatically.  And when this happens we’ve built new “habit” to serve us all better. 

Also when we decide to be a better person and set some commitment in our mind to do it, this can often raise a question around how can we serve our self better and be a better person? 

Ways of acting in alignment with your moral compass are everywhere you can find if you search for it. We can then choose to use it by adopting certain behaviours and repeating those behaviours over and over to create a new habit.  

It’s more about being kind, considerate, loving, honest, forgiving, compassionate, empathetic, integral, respectful, and being responsible for one’s own actions etc etc –  all very positive behaviours that serve us and others well.

Some of these ways are easier to adopt than others of course, hence the challenges that pop up out of the blue which reminds us to use that moral compass as much as possible to help us grow and evolve our own soul. 

Our moral compass works by sending signals via our feelings to know if we are aligned with it or not. 

Feelings are key indicators to know if we are on track, any misalignment to our moral compass will often be felt deep in our gut… it feels off, its uneasy, its prickly, sharp and can also be painful.   It can be feelings of dread, a drop down, a kick in the guts, a sick nauseous feeling, a strong NO signal.   

We can feel this if we are going against our own moral compass and we can feel this if we are around someone who is about to go against theirs or has done so already and we find out about it.

When we are aligned with our moral compass, it feels good, at ease, we likely feel we have an inner knowing about doing the right thing. 

As for the experience I had with the person that was acting in ways I was not happy about, I will no longer have them in my life at the level they were. I still love them because they taught me a lesson that I needed to learn and I thank them for that but if I am honest I am better off without them. 

I was also told by another I was too nice a person and hence why this happened and yes I am a nice person but I am not a pushover by any shape or form, I wanted to give them a chance.   I could actually see something was going to happen sooner or later as I saw the pattern of the way they behaved over time with others and it was just a matter of when it happened closer to home.  I was hoping they might change their ways before it did. 

However, I can let it go! The whole experience turned up my moral compass even more and that is most important for me because I do have a desire to be a good person and although I am not perfect and am not preaching perfection with this to anyone either, I am working on keeping myself in check.

And also growing more courage to stand up for my beliefs too, to not be a doormat and let others who are clearly not coming from their best place walk all over me, which I hope can help others do that too.

Thanks for taking the time to read 🙂

Love and Angel Blessings

Lamanda X

Lamanda helps people all around the world with her work as an angelic guide/intuitive, coach, mentor, teacher, and healer.  To find out more about what she does please visit her services page by clicking here

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