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A Series on How the Archangels Can Help You in Your Life  – Starting With Archangel Michael 

The Archangels are very powerful celestial beings that have been assigned by the Divine, God or Universe to help life on Earth evolve and to bring greater peace, love, and harmony onto our planet and into our life.  Their mission is to connect with all of us, and those who are willing to open their minds to this possibility of being assisted by Heaven’s greatest helpers to anchor a higher level of love frequency on earth.

The Archangels are higher dimensional beings filled with love and light that emanate a very high Divine frequency, which can turn on our own inner Divine frequency to be like an angel in our own life.

It is my plan to write a little bit about each of the 15 Archangels who have been a very positive influencing factor in my life to help me awaken to my own truth to be authentic and integral and to do the work that I do on behalf of the angelic realm. I hope the information I share can help you in some way too.

Just so that you know there are more than 15 Archangels in the whole of existence but the 15 I will be talking about are the ones that have connected with me in my life at the moment and perhaps one day more will come through when the time is right.

My journey with these Archangels has also opened up a part of my own soul that is also angelic, to be an Earth Angel. Although at first I found the  concept of being an Earth Angel very hard to believe, because it seemed a bit far-fetched to call myself this (I also tend to reject labels) but after many years of working with my guardian angels and Archangels I have gained greater trust in this aspect of my soul, I do now know I am Earth Angel and also what that really means.  I will write a bit more on what that as I go along; and it really isn’t that farfetched at all.  There are also many other Earth Angels like me too and I have a habit of finding them 🙂 Which I have been told is part of my life’s journey to help them also discover who they are and what their life mission is too.  

Looking back by what has happened in my life with all of this, the dots connect well for it to all make perfect sense to me now.  I have been on a long journey of “initiation” and I am still am on that journey, as each new day takes me closer to something that is filled with “Divine Empowerment” to be able to stand tall and feel into my angelic soul and know that it wants to be expressed and fully embodied to be like an angel on earth to anchor heaven’s energy here too.

So let us begin this journey about the 15 Archangels with some information about Archangel Michael first, who has been a big influencer in my life because he was the very first Archangel I came aware of that assisted me in taking my first step onto the path that was truly mine – it was always mine I just didn’t know it until I did!

Archangel Michael’s name means “He who is like God” and he holds a very high vibrational light frequency in his celestial body that is indeed God like. He can use this power to help guide us with finding our true-life purpose and can give us greater courage to move through any fears in regards to stepping onto that path and to continue to walk it. 

He also helps us to move through other life situations where fear arises, which for many is often such a habitual way of being because many of us experience fear on a daily basis about one thing or another and he has been assigned to help us transcend those fears as they arise in us to move us towards its opposite – Love.

He can also offer a loving protection over us if needed. So if you are going into an environment or situation with others that may be toxic or negative and who have a tendency to drain your energy you won’t be as affected as much if you ask for this protection from him. He can also clear away psychic chords of attachment with his sword of light, to set us free from self-sabotaging life patterns we may have with people, places and things that do not serve us.

Archangel Micheal is very tall – I often sense him about 10 feet tall. He holds a strong presence and will often emit either golden, royal blue or violet light sparkles or light orbs to let you know he is around you.  So call upon him if you need extra need strength, courage, determination to walk boldly forward in your life through any fear-based energy.   Ask him to guide you if you feel lost in life towards finding your true life purpose too and be open to the suggestions he provides because he really can help you. And if you want some protection for you or your loved ones, home and possessions call upon him to place a shield of protection around them for you.

I also want to mention that Michael is omnipresent (all the Archangels are) which means he can be with all of us at the same time to help us. He is a light energy being and he can move to anywhere and in all dimensions of time and space.  So if you ask for his help, and there are others with a greater need than yours, who are also asking for his help, he is able to assist all at once, so don’t worry about asking for help however big or small, he will go to work for you to assist you. 

Over the years my experiences with Michael has been quite profound: He has been pivotal in helping me gain greater strength and courage to move through my own life’s adversities and given me guidance as to what my true-life purpose is. He has continually guided me to take the necessary actions to walk on that path too and move through any fears that arise from doing that. He has even guided me to write this series because he says I have an important message to share on behalf of  Archangels that can help those reading it.  

I am so connected to him, he feels like a brother to me and has often held my hand when I have wanted to shy away from fearful situations and when I have felt at a loss in my life as what to do next.  He has taught me to embody his power within my own body, so I can feel his presence inside me, I can feel his strength, courage, and conviction about doing the right thing for myself and by others too.  He has also mentored me to handle my own ego tendencies that may not be serving me at the time –  he gives me signs when it’s getting out of hand which is great! 

He has also cut some psychic ties to others that were abusive towards me or who were taking advantage of my sensitive nature, and he has given me signals to keep away from certain people because they are not meant to be in my life.   He has helped me to have greater self-belief in my abilities be it of a spiritual nature and of an earthly nature so I can have my feet well planted on the ground to do what I need to do in life and also have a strong connection to the spiritual realm for higher guidance when needed.

I am a very strong woman now and even though I may look a bit delicate, I am a lot stronger than I look in both the physical sense and on a mental level and not much gets past me anymore as I see through the veil of people illusions (BS)  because he has taught to look and see through the veils of my own!

I have learned that the power of love is the strongest power of all to use in life and that humility, kindness, compassion, and understanding is the way to go to help integrate my human ego to a higher level to meet itself as an angelic soul.   My journey is a continual “work in progress” as it is with all of us and I understand that we are all on different levels which is perfectly ok and really how its meant to be which brings forth a greater level of acceptance and less judgment too for all the levels.

His presence in my life has also helped me to learn about what his name “He who is like God ”really means too, it’s to do with our own awakening to who we truly are too as Divine beings along with a freedom to do it in our own unique way, because everything in life is Divine, as the Divine wants to express itself in all shapes, sizes, and forms including us, the birds, the trees, everything, and the angels!

And importantly, as mentioned earlier we are all on different levels, and not one level is better than another. In my vision of this, it’s a bit like a never-ending spiral staircase that we climb as our soul gradually ascends.  We shift up a step each time we awaken more to who we truly are which happens over many lifetimes and some life’s times more steps are taken than others.  But we never go backward – there is always a forward momentum up!

All aspects of life are Divine and all aspects of life have a soul too that is on a journey of transcendence upwards.  It’s a wonderful game of life where we as Divine beings and all of life as unique souls get to chose what interesting adventures to take and what characters we play.

More info will be coming on that later in the series with another friend of mine Archangel Raziel who was pivotal in helping me understand all about my soul and my soul’s purpose and he also guided/taught me how to do soul readings for others too to help them uncover their true soul and life purpose in life too via the Rainbow Light Soul Report Readings.

Thank you for reading, I hope you enjoyed it 🙂

With Love and Angel Blessings 
Lamanda X


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