The Big Ask – For More Intentional Love For Greater Healing 

Here are some insights shared at the November Archangel Satsang at the recent Archangel Morning tea, Where I spoke about energy on the level of powerplays between individuals. And how when we find ourself in an energetic powerplay with others this can be a big call for a healing that needs to occur for one or both parties. Once this is done, it can be the catalyst to release “energy blockages” to then heal unresolved past emotional pain, abuse and trauma.  

In my experience of this, it came through via some guidance as “A Big Ask of Me” to take on. It was also a challenge the angels saw I was ready for and when I did this, it then led me to new levels of awareness for greater self-awakening and of course healing for myself and others. 

The big ask, at first glance, may seem simple but in reality committing to applying it in your life in all ways, is challenging.  This is because it can put you in a very uncomfortable place because it helps to break your conditioned programing to act in a certain way that can come from reactive responses from your Ego.  Plus, being an empath, you will feel some uncomfortable moments from the other person too.   On my journey doing this, I have felt some extreme uncomfortable moments but I have learnt to ride the way of “being uncomfortable” which has led me to enhance my own personal growth and levels of awareness. 

And like the saying goes at the end of our comfort zone, growth occurs and I have found this to be so true. 

So I discussed the patterns of how energetically sensitive people “ESP” or Empaths tended to attract their opposite in life situations. 

These energetically sensitive people will often find themselves in close contact with lesser sensitive people. And sometimes at the extreme end of the scale a sociopath, psychopath or narcissistic person.

It is like opposites attract and the giver usually the ESP or Empath will attract the taker and vice versa.  In these interactions the energy flow between these different types becomes unbalanced and the ESP or Empath is usually the one to be left drained and depleted. 

The ESP/Empath is a natural giver and the reason they are like this is because they like to bring greater balance into anywhere there is an imbalance. So, when there is an imbalance, they do not feel good in themselves, they feel off too and will want to try to do something to fix it so they can also feel better too. Most of this is done quite unconsciously –  it’s like it is hard-wired in their brain to take on this role help others feel better in order to feel better themselves.

ESP/Empaths are natural energy healers too. They can feel the imbalance and want to heal or fix it but for many how they go about it can be draining for them.

On many occasions they may also feel taken advantage of or even used to a point they lose their trust in other people and become quite guarded and disconnect from the world. I know I have at times in the past.

So let’s look at a powerplay between two imaginary people of different energy types to understand what is going on.

Jane is an empath, very caring, considerate, soft and gentle and her work college Bob lacks some empathy or consideration for other people’s feelings at times. He tends to blow off the handle a lot, likes to take control and is quite negative unless it’s about him. When Sue feels into Bob she can feel his disconnect from his emotions and his energy may be jagged, spikey or sharp. When he is at his worst he speaks at her (notice the “at”) and it may feel like daggers being shot into her face and body.

When Jane observes Bob with others, she notices he likes to be in charge of the conversation, sometimes he may talk over others and tends to be very negative and somewhat aggressive at times too. She can see the energy around him and the other person and notices it tends to shift over to him as he drains the other person’s energy field. He, therefore, has taken control of the energy and has the power over it. This will then leave the other person feeling very depleted and drained whilst he feels topped up and rejuvenated. The term energy vampire comes to mind here.

Sometimes in other interactions, Bob may sometimes trigger people, whereby he pushes their buttons and they end up in an argument. He is keen to win in order to make himself feel better so will always deal the upper hand with a swift blow of some personal attack aimed at the other person and this sometimes is well below the belt.

I expect you can recognise this kind of situation if you’re ESP/Empath either in your own experiences of it or seen it happen to others.

On my own journey of dealing with people like Bob, I discovered I had an innate ability to look beyond what was happening. I could feel into the person and get the insight about what was going on for them inside their emotional body. This for me was great as it meant I could understand people better and not take offense when they were acting up. I could see and feel the pain they were in, to be acting this way, even if they didn’t know it consciously themselves.

This enabled me to get on with most people I encountered in my life relativity smoothly, and where some others had failed. I wasn’t really sure how I did it but I just felt their personal wounds and could be empathic towards them, I could say the right things and not react to their outbursts aimed at me.

Of course on some occasions, I got stung and I would be taken advantage of.  Which led me to further inquiry about the purpose of this in life and what it was trying to teach me.

So, I could see in the power play that the person acting up and taking control was the one that was in a lot of pain and also had a lot of personal issues.  I saw these dominating and forceful people trying to take over situations because deep down, they felt really felt shit about themselves and it was also a deep inner child pain that came from trauma or abuse. 

And because these issues were unresolved the only way they knew how to deal with this was to feed off the energy of others (particularly the ESP/Empath) to feed their ego’s in order to feel better about who they were.

They also acted out in behaviors that they had learned from others, ie the adults they had around them when they were young. I saw that a lot of them had been; manipulated, coerced, abused (mentally or physically), neglected, tortured or rejected when they were children, and not just for this life but in previous past lives too.

Therefore, they were on full alert to survive any way they could. So this meant they had to get the power where they could take it and a lot of the time it meant they either manipulated, abused or was dominant over others which was also how they had been treated when they were younger too. 

It was a pattern of behaviour that was also hard-wired in their brain too.

These patterns of behaviour also hold quite a low vibrational frequency in their energy field and it dips even lower when they were being nasty, rude or dominating.  Now in my experience of life, I know fire does not fight fire, it only adds to the flame. 

So for instance, if I was in contact with someone like Bob whilst he was acting up and I chose to match his behaviour in retaliation, more fire would erupt between us until one of us was defeated. In the bigger picture, this situation brings no benefit to either one of us and I could really see that. We actually would have created a mini war between us and the energy built from that mini war, then adds to the energy of war residing around the earth, which many of us would like to end.

If Bob won, (which he likely would) he might feel better for a while but then he would be moving on to find his next target because his energy vibration would not have changed, it’s still low, because deep down he would still feel like shit because that was where all his unresolved emotional pain and abuse issues lay.

So with the help of the angels, my realisation about this was that I knew I was here to do something important. I had been given a gift to sense, feel and know what was going for people like Bob and I realised that I am actually here to help heal Bob or those like him in some way.

Because I could see if people like Bob could feel better about themselves, their vibration would rise and they wouldn’t treat others like this. 

In reality, Bob is at war with himself, whether he knows it or not. He doesn’t like himself, even if his ego inflates at times to give him a false sense of superiority, it doesn’t last long because his unresolved issues are not healed to enable him to feel truly good about who he is. 

Now this may seem like a big mission and a big ask and it is. It is the mission of the Empaths and the ESP’s to bring healing and balance into people’s lives like Bob, but they need to do it without the energy drain or harming themself.  

The big reason why the ESPs and Empaths are here to do this is that they are very evolved souls that are here on earth to help raise up the consciousness of humanity and to raise the vibration of earth and all its inhabitants too. This is the higher purpose to help create “Ascension” for us all and the earth. Not an easy task at all! 

However, when the Ascension occurs all life can experience a new reality that brings us greater peace, love, prosperity, and harmony on earth. And we “self-realise’ and know we are all, in fact “Divine Beings” as an individual expression of the greater whole. The reality of duality of our 3D existence will shift to greater unity consciousness and into higher dimensional existence and life will indeed be better for all!

I truly want this for our world as it calls deep within my heart.


That, of course, is the big picture! So coming back to the smaller picture. When we bring healing to people like Bob for his unresolved issues, it also brings healing to our own.

We are all connected and many of us have our own unresolved issues that lay dormant until we get a trigger. Which are shown to us via our own behaviors and how we feel too. And very often, anyone we meet that triggers us in some way is like a signal for us to look at ourself and see where we need to do some healing too. And when we take action to do that… we raise up in our vibration too.

When anyone raises up their vibration, it affects those around them too, very much like a butterfly effect…. it all rubs off and affects the bigger picture too.

We are all on this journey together and we all have a big part to play in the game of life and how it’s being played out.

I can see it is a very big game and the angels show me so much and are teaching me to play it better each day so that I can be more conscious and aware of how I am in my own energy field and how I use it wisely and for the benefit of all.

So how can we as ESP/Empaths bring forth healing to these kinds of situations with difficult people that are not full blown Narcissists, Psychopaths or Sociopaths, they can be everyday people that just blow off the handle easily and have a lot of unresolved issues.

Well in my own experience of playing with this, there were a few things I do.

Firstly I now know that someone like Bob is my flash card to bring forth this healing and I thank him for that!

This can be said either mentally or if I am brave enough I would tell him at some point. 

I then listen to what Bob has got to say or rant about. It may be about me or someone else and I can see his unresolved issues coming out to play. So, with this I can see how someone else has treated him exactly as he is treating me or being towards another, I see his inner child in great turmoil and pain over this. I notice what pain is being triggered in me too.

And when this happens I can be discerning enough to know if it’s his pain or if it’s mine or both but it doesn’t matter, whatever pain is there needs to come out.

Now rather than reacting to Bob via mirroring his behaviour, I say something to him that is nice or a comment to compliment him! 

This can be either about him or what I see in him. This is the challenge (for us both here)  and it’s where some of those uncomfortable moments lay and is where the healing can take place. Bob may then either react via sarcasm, disbelief or be stopped dead in his tracks by the comments I have made, but this shift of his energy and his mind state is where the healing takes place for him. 

Because the energy bubble that was created by his inner pain and abuse (that also may have triggered mine) was burst by an unexpected response from Me! 

I didn’t throw fire out at him, I threw out love, and the energy of love is the greatest healer of all. 

So by doing this, it likely shocked him and broke his state to be something different in that moment. The change of state is where the healing occurs. 

And to notice his state change is just a shift in his behavior. So, for instance, he may have been angry but my lovely comment towards him would have shifted this anger into something else….. He might return at me in sarcasm or even silence but whatever it is, this change creates an internal shift of vibration that can help heal an inner child wound. 

I also feel good by consciously responding in a particular way and not reacting.  At that moment, Bob might not feel better yet on a conscious level, but energetically something has shifted because his soul does and I can see that by the light it now shines.

Here is a recent example:  

Someone I had an interaction with was being very critical towards someone else, let’s call her Suzy (false name).  Everything that Suzy saw was wrong with the other person, was what I could see she felt was wrong with herself. I could see she was projecting her own insecurities and hang-ups big time!  It was really interesting to watch and I saw it as an ideal opportunity to bring forth some healing to the energy around this. 

When I got a chance to speak, I said.  “Wow! for that person to be like that she must have a lot of stuff going on underneath. How truly perceptive you are to notice that in her Suzy,  I think you are totally amazing!” 

This comment stopped her dead in their tracks because she didn’t really know what I was saying but she heard.  ” Suzy, ….You are totally amazing” and she didn’t expect that at all. 

And in that moment her vibration shifted up (and so had mine to allow a healing to take place on an energetic level). 

The thing was, I did see her as totally amazing and it came naturally to me to say that then.  However, if I am honest sometimes it doesn’t always come naturally and that’s where we have to see the best side in others to say something nice…… Yes, that is another challenge, but the more you do it the easier it becomes, it really does.  

Now Suzy and Bob could be anyone, you could meet him/her at the supermarket as they push you in the queue, he/she could be your boss on a bad day, he/she could be someone in your family who you can’t get along with, he/she could be the neighbour who is rude to everyone, he/she could also be you at your very worst moment of unconsciousness (think about that) when you feel so much pain inside, the only release of it is to take it out on others. And I also want to say this, if that does happen, don’t beat yourself up over this but do apologize to the person it was aimed at if you can and if you can’t apologize in person, do it in your mind like a prayer and it will be received.

Another thing I recommend with this is, in any interaction with the likes of a Bob or Suzy, is to send love to yourself anytime you feel in pain or have been triggered too.  Sending the love to yourself is the self-healing journey you can do at any moment when you need it.

All you need to do is to mentally or outwardly say “ I love the part in me that feels (add in what it is you feel) and place your hands on your heart” and even if you can’t seem to feel the love at that moment that’s ok. The mear act of doing this is enough because you are being totally honest with yourself and honesty has a very high vibration to shift things to help heal you there and then.

So if you enjoyed this blog and found this useful, it is just a snippet of what was shared at the Archangel Satsang but it covered the main points. The angels want to give us better options on how to live life in a better way. 

But the main thing I know that my purpose as an Empath is far bigger than just living a life for me, it has a purpose to bring forth healing and balance to the earth to help raise its frequency for the evolution of all of us. As I grew to know this over time, I keep getting shown how to do this without putting myself into situations that harm me or bring me down or drain my own energy resources. 

I am taking charge of my own power and using it with “INTENTIONAL LOVE” which is the greatest power and healing tool of all and it really works.

And on a final note… if you are an Empath or ESP and are experiencing any kind of abuse from a narcissist, sociopath or psychopath….. That is also a signal to move away from them. I am not talking about those extreme personalities types in this blog, even though I can see those people are deeply wounded. But for your protection and safety, you are not here to heal them directly….. They need professional help for that, (if they would ever take it). But what you do to help others as mentioned here will help them in the bigger picture of things too. 

In this blog am talking about everyday folk that can sometimes be difficult to deal, with and acts out in ways that appear a mean, unconscious and ego-centric at times. This is really just a call for healing their past abuse, pain and suffering. 

And from where I am looking every little bit counts in the bigger picture of things and the empaths have been given the Divine gifts to do this. 

Thank you for reading.

Lots of love to you 🙂
Lamanda X

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