~ Angelic Perspectives On Working With Energy For Manifestation ~ 

Recently I have been getting a lot of insights and guidance from the Archangels about how to live our life in a better way to bring forth extra blessings for ourself and others. As you likely know we have all been going through huge energetic shifts for quite a few years now and this year has been exceptionally intense in regard to these shifts.  It has been said that the shifts are literally changing us from the inside out in an energetic way. And some speak of our personal DNA upgrades and what was once dormant DNA is being turned on to help us evolve spiritually to awaken to the fact we are Divine beings to become more “conscious” and aware of our co-creative abilities.

Many sensitive souls have been feeling the extreme side effects of these changes with various symptoms, some good and some not so good. A lot has been written about the so-called “awakening and ascension symptoms” and you can search this on the internet for this via “ascension symptoms” to get a general idea if you have not seen this before.  I have not written about that here,  but I do want to say it does have a part to play on how we can work with the new energy we now find ourself in now, and work it in a way that serves ourselves and others well.

The angels also want to assure us we are headed in a very good direction and although things can seem tough at times, a new way forward is being paved.

This new way is somewhat still unknown but certain souls are getting glimpses of it and are starting to share what they have come to know to help guide us on what we can do to help ourself as we go through these changes and spiritual evolution.

Over the last few months, my head has been swimming with new ideas and new ways to look at things in life. It’s been a very interesting experience as some of it is hard to put into words to explain, but I am seeing things differently and I am making sense of it as I go along and will do my best to share what is coming through when I am ready.

I have been told by the angels that what is being shown is to help me pave a new way too.  For some, what I may share, might also seem quite controversial because it turns a few things upside down which might challenge a few peoples beliefs on spirituality and what it is.   The times have changed now as we have,  and some of the old spiritual systems need amending/updating or left behind completely.

I have been guided to be brave and share these perspectives and those that are ready may consider them and even want to try these approaches out for themselves to find out for themselves, this is highly recommended.  Anything I do share I will also have had the first-hand experience of, so I teach by my own experience of it which is the best approach I feel. 

So below I have shared some insights that were relayed to the people on the last Archangel Morning Tea via the Archangel Satsang. 

This is quite a simple perspective that is easily understood.   You might not agree with that I have to say and that is ok, as I am not here to change your mind over this, but I am here to give you an opportunity of a new perspective to open it further if you chose too.

It has to do with manifestation!    Now since the book “The Secret” came out many of us have been on the path of working with manifestation tools and techniques to bring forth blessings in our life.  We have been using techniques that I would consider “direct manifestation techniques” whereby we have an idea in our mind of what we want for ourself and apply the tools we have been taught to help manifest it.   There are a huge amount of techniques (which we can spend ages doing) that literally sends an order to the Universe to help us get what we want.  

In my experience, it sometimes works, and sometimes it doesn’t!   The reason why we might not get certain things is quite elusive, but I tend to think, maybe we are not meant too but that’s likely another piece I can write about on another day.

So, what recently came to me, via an angelic teaching was how we can use energy to help us be better manifestors so we don’t have to do all the other stuff that in reality is a bit hit and miss at times.

In the past, I have  worked with angels on manifestation and held a few workshops in this subject too, and in my experience, things seem to come through better when we work with the angels, but it takes a bit of time as the dots have to line up and the angels will never assist in the manifestation of anything that is not for our highest good.  

Plus, our highest good is not always about getting finanically rich which many get attached too for manifesting, in fact, for most is it about something quite different and is more to do with our true purpose in life that brings blessings and prosperity to us in other ways.

Anyway, it doesn’t mean that the direct manifestation techniques don’t work, they do at times, we just need to be aware of a few other things that could help us even more, which this writing might help to do that. 

Over this last 6 months I have been working with energy in a much closer way with Angel Alchemy Healing and during that time I have been shown some interesting things and gained some new insights about energy on how it works and likes to be used.  And by some of the results from the sessions proves to me, something magical is occurring because great results come from it.  And these results are not always what we may expect or wish for, but they are always for our highest good and on that level they will be much better for us in the long run.

So what I want to talk is what I am seeing in the energy that has led me to gain a greater understanding of how to work with it to manifest in a different way.  An indirect way! 

So with this, I am not putting an order into the Universe about what I want, I am just allowing the Universe to give me what is actually waiting to come down for me that is often a lot better than what I want.  What I get is what I need, and it comes when I need it the most which can mean, I feel so supported in my life. And my trust and faith in the Universe and Angels have hit higher levels than ever before.

So, at the last Angelic Satsang, I discussed three different ways energy can be and how we can work it to our best advantage to help bring forth blessings in our life:

Blocked/stagnant energy

Flowing/circulating energy

Integrating/assimilating energy

Blocked energy is easy to understand. When we are in a pattern of blocked energy we feel stuck in life, things are not flowing, and we keep hitting roadblocks.  We will likely feel very off in ourself.  We can be angry, argumentative, feel victimised, lash out at others and ourself, think life is against us, lay blame for things when they go wrong, are easily upset when things don’t go our way.  We are not very happy, and life seems hard.  

Flowing energy, is when we are in the flow of life. Things in are going well, we seem to have a “midas touch” and attract and manifest great things and added blessings to our life. We can’t seem to put a foot wrong. We feel great, on form, in the zone and feel very happy, inspired, creative and upbeat. Life feels very good!  Many seem to love life to the max when they are in this zone!  

Integrating energy, this is when we are moving out of one of the other two energy phases. So what is occurring is actually a very healing phase.  So, our body is literally assimilating what we have previously gone through in either one of the other two phases.  So when this occurs we literally pull back from life and want to be alone, rest and recharge to allow our body to recover so we can feel better and regain greater balance. 

The way I can relate to this is when I feel the need to go into “hermit mode” I literally don’t want to be around anyone, I just want time and space to myself and will retreat to do that.  

So this is just a brief description to give you an idea the different energy phases. I expect you can relate to it and know where you are at by how you are feeling right now too. 

Now each energy phase has its purpose of course, as energy is continually transforming from one form to another, because it cannot be lost or ever destroyed.  And at the core of who we truly are we are also energetic beings and thus we act in the same way.  So even though we may appear solid to look at, the electron microscope has proven to us what appears as matter is really a lot of space filled with energy, and some minute electronic particles

What is very interesting were the insights shared on how to shift our energy into a more flowing phase if we feel we’ve been stuck for too long.   None of us likes to be stuck too long, and amazingly for us, we have the ability to shift out of blocked/stagnant” energy to create more flowing energy quite easily if we know how. 

And the way to do it is all about changing our patterns of behaviour/habits and how we live our life to do what we do!  

This is so simple you will totally get it, you may even know this, but you may not have actually thought about it enough to know how to work this to your advantage. 

So for instance, we all run on patterns of behaviour. We all live our lives in certain ways, doing the same thing, at the same time and day etc. We are creatures of habit, we run a lot on autopilot too and it makes life a lot easier most of the time, our brain is wired for this, so we can’t help it unless we chose not to be like that.

Well, there is a better way of being ourself and it’s a more “awake” way of being and it brings many benefits aside from being extra aware in our life. 

So what we need to do is to break a few patterns of how we live our life on a regular basis, not only does it wake us up because we are doing something different, this also creates more flowing and circulating energy. The vibration of this energy is higher too and it connects to the unseen world or force where the things that are just waiting to be given to us are being held in an energetic way.

So, for an example maybe we always eat a certain food for breakfast and after some time we would have created a pattern of behaviour/habit with it and after some time it starts to create a blocked field of energy around us and in us. It’s like it’s locked in place flowing in the same way without any diversions in a set pattern and the energy can’t flow any other way.

And if we do a lot of other things in our life in the same way for a long time, we then create even more blocked energy fields around us. 

We may then start to hit some quite extremes periods feeling stuck in our life and we don’t feel that happy.   If you think about a serious addiction, this is an extreme case of having a very blocked energy field and it takes over a person’s life in many ways to keep them there unless they act to change it.

Or maybe a person has stayed doing the same job for far too long, they are bored, fed up and feel stuck and don’t know what else to do, this is full of blocked energy too. The bordom is the first sign that change is needed!

So, what we need to do to unblock the energy and get it flowing again is to change what we have been doing to something different.  Very simple!

So below are some simple life examples of making a change which can be applied straight away to help get the energy flowing : 

If you always drink tea or coffee for breakfast, drink something different for a while.

If you always drive the same route to work, take a different route if you can.

If you always walk for daily exercise, take up something different such as swimming or running.

If are on Facebook a lot stop for a while or reduce is considerably and read a good book.

If you eat your dinner in front of the TV, chose to eat on a table and don’t watch TV at all whilst doing this.

If you always sit and meditate for an hour every day, stop doing it for a while and take a walking meditation instead.  

Now, this may seem a bit challenging for some because breaking patterns of behaviour, can put us in an uncomfortable zone. But as the saying goes, all growth starts at the end of our comfort zone and we want to grow and keep in the flow, don’t we? 

So some other examples of changes I chose to make were: 

I completely shifted things in my home, I changed the décor and furnishings. I also changed my diet, so I ate some new and different things.  I made sure I did something different each week which I had never done before or hadn’t done in a long time. I mixed up my spiritual practices, so I didn’t always follow the same pattern with them and stopped a few all together for a while (that was a challenge).

And when I noticed and felt I was getting into a bit of stuck pattern with the some of the new things I shifted again, to keep the energy flowing.  

Now, this may sound a bit crazy to you, but it doesn’t have to be taken to an extreme. You can choose one or two different things to try a week. I assure you that after a while you will feel better, be in more flow and start to manifest extra blessings just waiting to come down for you.

It’s like you receive the good stuff through the back door in an indirect way! 

Now, these blessings are meant for you, so it’s not like you would be taking them from anyone else, you are meant to get them and believe me there are lots of them that want to come through. You may even line yourself up for a few things you asked for via the direct route of manifestation you tried a while ago but didn’t come through but it does now because you are in the zone and if it’s meant for you, it will be given. 

So here is what happened to me whilst doing this: some new opportunities came my way, I got asked to be part of a mind, body and soul event.  I got some paid work helping out someone with their website – they needed some help and I could help them with the knowledge I had on websites – this was a brand-new thing to do in itself too!

I got given little gifts, useful stuff that I had wanted for a while but hadn’t got around to getting myself.  I got an unexpected refund from my insurance company, a loan got paid back to me too. I’ve met some amazing new people and friends.   All the things I wanted to do with my personal work, did well and I got inspired to do some different things like the Archangel Satsang.   I got given a diamond ring (this I had on an old vision board I had done years ago… I must have been due it 😊).

What was also very interesting, not only did this affect me in a positive way, it affected my husband and he wasn’t even doing it!

But as he was in such a close proximity to me my energy field rubbed off on him (he works from home too).  He also started to get extra blessings too, a lot more work came his way, he made some amazing new connections and opportunities came out the blue.  He also enjoyed that fact that things changed a bit at home in our routines and he enjoyed the changes and seemed really happy in himself.  A sure sign of the energy flowing is happiness in itself. 

(I didn’t tell him about doing this at all, I just wanted to see what happened without him knowing). 

Also, I was always very grateful for anything that appeared in our life and thanked the Universe as it came, and I kept the flow going, by being extra generous towards others too, whether it be my time, money or effort in any way I could.

Now one thing I do want to say with this is, there will still be times when we hit a blocked energy phase. In my experience, this can also be to do with overall energy forces around the planet that can affect us all.  I get really affected by that because I am so sensitive, but I know I can just ride those waves knowing how to get out of it if I feel I have been there too long.  We can’t always be riding high on life, can we? Life has its ups and downs and we need to accept that it is all part of the game of life. But we can learn to play it in a better way once we know how.

We also need to be aware of the integrating/assimilating energy too. Because we do have to experience this quite a lot too I may add. 

So after a big period of flow, we will often experience the slowing down phase, and we want a rest or need to retreat from life for a while and we need to allow ourself to do this.  One big example I experienced from this was the length of time it took me to recover from jet lag after the last trip I took to the UK.  Normally I would take about a week but this time it was three weeks!

But when I was in the UK I had a very different experience to what I would normally do in my everyday life and this created a lot of flowing energy and it was also the time I got given the diamond ring, so I know I was in the flow big time!

So allowing yourself the time to pull back and rest after a big flow period is a must. 

And if you have been in a blocked period, you can also experience this integrating phase before you get back into the flow, so be aware and allow yourself the time to do this. After a while you can then start to shift a few things around to ease yourself in gently to greater flow again.

So that is more or less of what I shared at the last Archangel Satsang.  Since then, I have been making more changes to my routines and my life has taken on a whole new meaning too. It feels exciting, I feel more awake and aware, I say yes to things I have never done just to keep the energy circulating for fun and it really has been amazing by what is showing up by the blessings that have been occurring for me and my family. Just this week I was asked to be part of an event coming up in 2018 to around Mental Health, which is amazing! 

Also, I would like to say is “play” with what I have shared if it calls to you.

Do also give it time and watch out for the magic of life to show itself. It comes in little ways at first but once you notice them, more comes through and you will want to continue doing it to keep the flow. 

And remember “indirect manifestation” is not about getting what you want like the old manifesting ways of placing an order to the Universe, it’s more about letting the Universe give to you what is actually yours already and wants to give you.  And also what the Universe sees you need to help you have a better life, in the moments you need it the most 🙂 . 

And how it comes through is like is pure angelic magic, that’s why I call them blessings!

I hope you enjoyed this sharing  🙂 .

Lamanda X 

Lamanda connects the with angelic realm in all her work. She offers angelic guidance/readings, soul readings, angel alchemy healings, transformational mind, body and soul coaching. She is also is a spiritual teacher and guide to help people to connect to their deepest truth and purpose to live a happy and fulfiled life.  To connect with her for any of her services Click Here

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