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An inconvenient Truth and Its Not What You Think

An Inconvenient Truth and It’s Not What You Think



Oh life, you always try to show us how to become more than we think we are capable of, through the difficult moments to live through. 

If I am honest on my own journey, many difficult moments slipped by that were there to really help me in some way, but I was not conscious enough to see them.  So what did life do, it kept sending me more of the difficult times until I did see. I then got the message it was trying to tell me.

All the things showing up in my life were there to help me to be a better me. 

In the past the questions that arose in my mind in those difficult times would often be along the lines of; why me, why now, why is this happening?

I looked a little harder into the “whys” and the “whys” did not help much.

Yes, I could understand there was a reason for things to happen,  but it didn’t change anything when I knew what that reason was.

Yes, I could understand that I am here to grow like all souls are and life will always give opportunities for that to occur, but most of the time when I knew the “why” things were happening it still didn’t really help me do that. 

So very often I ventured down the paths of asking why, asking it often and finding many reasons as to why things happen as they do, but then one day life gave me something else that came from a voice of a very wise earth angel.

It was a moment of real clarity that lit up my soul from within. It was not anything to do with a “why question”, it was more to do with a “how question”.

How is what I am facing going to help me be better at being me?

It was a bit of an “Aha” moment, that shifted me into a new higher dimension of thinking about the issue I faced.

That was a moment when the “whys” got left behind because what I found more satisfying, more empowering, more enlightening was the insight I got from asking that “how question”.  It was quite a revelation, and it lead to a new way of approaching difficult situations and even challenging people!

So when I was dealing with a difficult situation or person I asked myself “how is this helping me?” Remembering that it was helping me in some way to evolve to become a better person. So I understood in those difficult situations life was giving me a chance to respond to it in a better way to improve myself. 

So I kept asking that “How question” at times when things turned up in my life that I didn’t really want. 

So in those moments of challenge I just asked “How is this helping me?”

Life is really hard for me now –  how is this helping me?

People are being mean towards me – how is this helping me?

I am feeling very sick  –  how is this helping me?

I can’t go on any longer with this situation –  how is that helping me?

I realised in the struggle and hardship of the things I didn’t want, were really showing up in my life to help me to wake up and grow and evolve from deep within my soul.  Also when I realised how that was occurring the game of life took on a whole new level of meaning and I played it in a different way.


Life sucks sometimes and that’s an inconvenient truth, isn’t it?

We can be going along swimmingly well, happy as a sunbeams and then something happens to disrupt the flow and we find ourself in a place we don’t want to be. 

Or, we may just be in a big long-term pattern of “sh..t keeps happening” and we can’t get out of it!

So, as an example here are a few answers to some the “how questions” on certain life situations we may face.  (I have used some of my own examples and examples coming from others) 

How is this constant physical pain helping me?

It helps me to realise I have a body that really needs my attention, a body that should be more respected by what I do to it and how I feed it.  This then can lead me to new ways to assist its own healing and reduction of pain.   I  also asked the pain what it wanted me to know because it was trying to get my attention in order to tell me something and it did!  It also helps me to become more compassionate towards another’s pain so I can be kind, caring and loving towards them because I know how challenging dealing with pain is. 

How is this abusive relationship I find myself in helping me?

It helps to show me that I must value who I am a whole lot more by raising my self worth, so I can walk away and chose someone better for myself the next time. It can also help show me that I need to stick up for myself by growing a stronger voice to speak my truth. Which will enable me to lay stronger boundaries with people I interact with, so they know where they stand with me and I am no longer a push over or a door mat to be walked upon! 

How are my financial problems helping me?  

They are helping me become more creative in matters around handling money.   I could sell unwanted items to raise some extra cash.  I could take some work elsewhere to help clear any debt. I could learn to put some money aside regularly for a rainy day or emergency fund.  I could become a lot more mindful of my spending habits and learn how to manage a budget and really stick to it. I could use all my inner resources (talents) to expand my business and what I have to offer to help others to bring more revenue in. 

How is the unkindness of another towards me helping me? 

This can help me be kinder than I have ever been towards my self and towards others so I start to set a new example to live by.  This can help me discern the type of people I want to hang out with, so I can make wiser choices with that and chose to have friends that treat me with respect and the love I know I deserve.  

How is not having a romantic partner I yearn for helping me? 

By being alone right now can give me the time to really get clear on the type of person I want for myself in my life. It can also give me time to love myself more than ever, so when the right person arrives I am not looking to them to fill a hole in my heart in my own neediness to make me feel good, because I already feel good about who I am. And thus I can love them for who they are and not for what they can give me and the relationship is well balanced and lasts the distance.  


So, can you see by asking “the how is this helping me question “ is able to move you out of feeling like a victim to your own circumstances into a place where you can respond differently and  find some solutions to your own problems? And also, more importantly help you grow wiser in how to live life in a better way to become better at being you?

I know it’s great to know why things happen as they do, but when we are not getting anywhere with the “whys”  we can choose to switch gears in those difficult times and ask ourself  “How is this helping me? Along with having the understanding that whatever difficulty we are going through, is in fact showing up in our life to help us grow, evolve and become better at being who we are. 

You might even wonder why on earth would the “sh…t hitting the fan” be helping you in your life when everything is topsy turvy and may feel like you are carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders. 



And just maybe in all of that, you can’t even figure out one “how the heck it is helping you” at all.

Well, in the big picture of things…. there is a Divine plan playing out, call it God’s plan if you don’t mind that G word (but you can call it what you like).  Well God does have a plan to help you and in that plan is also Heavenly assistance that goes by the name of your Angels who can help give you the answers to the ‘how is this helping you’ question, if you can’t find that for yourself. They can also give you an answer to any of your “Why” questions too if they see you are meant to know why. (however, sometimes you are not). 

So on that note please know you are never alone in your life. You wouldn’t be left alone to deal with life difficulties without some kind of help that can offer you a solution to your problems, however hard the problems may be. 

In the big picture of your life, everything that shows up is here to help you to grow and evolve in some way.  You might not always be able to see that for yourself at the time, but your angels definitely can.

And luckily for me, I can hear what the angels want you to know about how you can help yourself get through the toughest of moments and I can help you to come up with a solution based plan to move through them so you can feel a lot better and learn more about yourself along the way too.  

This is one of the “hows” I can help you if you ever need it 🙂 

So if you need help on some difficult situation now feel free to connect with me by clicking here  so we can have a chat about what you are going through and to find out what I have on offer that could help you move you through it.  

I would love to help you gain some real clarity on how to learn to play your game of life in a much better way that can bring you greater well-being, happiness, life fulfillment and of course become the best version of being you too!  

Angel Blessings, Love and Light

Lamanda X


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