How Not Feeling Like It Is Not Only A Passion killer, It Kills Dreams Too!  - Lamanda Brown
How Not Feeling Like It Is Not Only A Passion killer, It Kills Dreams Too! 

How Not Feeling Like it is Not Only A Passion killer, it Kills Dreams Too! 

I found out an interesting fact the other day that on a scientific study the odds of us being born, against all the possibilities of war, natural disasters and anything else that could stop it happening was 1 in 400 trillion! That’s pretty amazing, we actually beat a lot of odds to be born and live the life we’ve now got. This got me thinking about life and how much a lot of us take it for granted and so many of us are not always happy with the way our life is going.

There was a time when I was not that happy with my life.  I tended to look outward to fill the emptiness and sometimes I just felt so damn stuck in a rut.  I also noticed if I thought more deeply about what I needed to do to change things, it all seemed so hard and I didn’t feel like doing what I knew I needed to do, so I didn’t and stayed stuck.

I can see now that I actually sacrificed my own happiness by not taking action until it became quite unbearable, which then forced me to do something or life did! Those were moments when I really woke up and realised that no one can do this for me, I had to do for myself.

Have you ever been in a place of knowing you need to change or do something and you don’t feel like doing it?  Have you noticed that not feeling like doing it stops it from all happening?   Have you noticed that there are times in your life that you will never feel like doing somethings ever?  Most of the time we are not going to feel like doing a lot of stuff we need to do, especially if it takes us out of our comfort zone, or into a place of the unknown.  

Not feeling like doing it was one of my biggest barriers for a long time.  I am a very feelings based person – an empath, so not only do I feel my own feelings I also feel what others are feeling who are near me too and if they are feeling rubbish I do too.  That at times is quite hard to break through. If you are an empath too, you will understand this.

Also, I remembered as a child I would often say to myself that I don’t feel like doing something.  I would say it to my mum, when she was trying to get me to help her.  It was a weird pattern of behaviour that became a “bad habit” but guess who I picked that up from? My mum, because I also remember her saying “I don’t feel like doing that today” a lot!   

On delving a bit deeper into this I have also learnt that this is totally natural because our brains are hard wired to keep us in our comfort zone or do what’s familiar to us and when we are faced with a challenge or something new… we tend to flip to our feelings to check if we feel like it doing it. So, if you feel scared or uncomfortable you won’t want to do it and our brain says no and often we don’t or we delay things.

Have you noticed that when you feel really good that you can do a lot more, than when you don’t ?

Can you imagine if the Universe didn’t feel like creating one day…….none of us might not be here!

I took me a while to figure out how I was stopping myself from doing things I needed to do because I didn’t feel like.  When I decided to move through those feelings of not feeling like it and just do it, afterwards I felt so much better. I felt accomplished, connected, inspired and a lot happier.

The thing is on my journey of changing my life to live it how I want to live it now, I really didn’t feel like doing a lot of the stuff I have had to do, but I knew I had to do it to get more of what I really want. And even now I still get plenty of those moments where I don’t feel like doing a whole heap of stuff.

However my inner wisdom always tells me if I don’t break through this habit because that is all it is “a habit”, I’ll stay stuck and that is not going to make me happy and I really want to be happy.

Also it’s not like we don’t have plenty of ideas or dreams that we know could make our life better and generate more happiness, we all do.  I also noticed in the past and what others have shared, a lot of those dreams and ideas just never seemed to happen because we just didn’t feel like taking the action to at least try to create them.

There will of course be times when we are not feeling up for doing things because we might be sick or we need to rest and we have to listen to those ones.  But for a lot of people (me included), not feeling like it, is a habitual behaviour of not wanting to be uncomfortable. 

I also realised I’ve got to move past that “not feeling like it” and just do something, even if it’s just a baby step to get me closer to where I want to go.

Because when I look back and see when I’ve done this before, it’s led me to some quite extraordinary places where I not only felt totally amazing, it grew my confidence and I was proud of myself that I did it and it also helped others too.  Seems like a no brainer really doesn’t it?

It’s funny, I would never say I don’t feel like helping someone, that’s not in my nature, but if I say I don’t feel like acting on my dreams or idea’s and I know deep down these are also going to help someone else, then I am saying that I don’t feel like helping others!  That’s a thought that can get me out of bed to get going on it.

Just to let you know, I really didn’t feel like writing this blog, I really bloody didn’t (oops for swearing but it’s true).  But I did want to share something that I face that has held me back a long time, the very thing I didn’t feel like doing. However I’ve done it and I feel great and what I have shared may have helped you in some way to understand yourself better too. 

Also not feeling like living your life how you really want to live it or taking action on your dreams is like saying a NO to the Universe and kills your passion and those dreams. We can be born against the odds of 1 in 400 trillion of not being born; I wonder what the odds are of not living a life of our dreams because we didn’t feel like doing anything about it.  That’s a scientific study that needs to be done I reckon!

So take a moment now to ask yourself what do you want in your life that could make a big difference to it? 

In reality you probably will not feel like doing over half the stuff to help you get that, but if you listen to those kinds of feelings, you will not get any of it will you?  They don’t even have to be big life things you want to do, because so often it’s the little things in life that can actually make a whole heap of difference to how we feel about ourself and what we have in our life for greater happiness and contentment.

Here are some examples that you might recognise in yourself or others you know…
You want to get fit, but you don’t feel like exercising.
You want to do something new but you don’t feel good enough to start.
You want to lose weight, but you don’t feel like starting a healthy diet.
You want to get a new job, but you don’t feel like updating your CV.
You want to stop an addiction, but you don’t feel ready yet.
You want to expand your business, but you don’t feel like doing the marketing today or making a call to a potential client.
You want to meditate daily but don’t feel like it.
You want to meet the love of your life, but you don’t feel like socialising.  
You want to change your life, but you don’t feel like doing it today!

If you want to make some personal changes but you also catch yourself not feeling like it  then you may be interested in my next workshop in May, which is not based on Angels, (because it’s about time I shared some other things I do), but it can give you wings to fly higher in your own life to be like angel !



I am going to teach some pretty cool neuroscience tools that you can apply when ever you need them that can literally change the way you think about yourself and how you live your life, so you do take the action when you need too, or just do all those things you have been putting off for ages  and you know deep down if you did them your life would change for the better.

A time to learn to fly in your own life!

What I will teach is being used by myself and my coaching clients who have changed their life to do amazing things that has bought them greater success, happiness, and contentment.  I’ve a client that wanted to increase their confidence and when they did they moved to the USA and landed themselves a fabulous job, another that started their own business, but found themselves over thinking and procrastinating a lot and now they are have tools to over come this to take inspired action to grow their business. Another who couldn’t sleep at night but are now getting a better nights sleep and this has transformed them in so many ways.   Another who suffered with so much anxiety and fear they were totally immobilised, they are now out in the world living with greater courage and trying new things and loving life!… I could go on.  

Consider this an opportunity for some personal development to get you unstuck and off the ground to help you get you more of what you really want  and to beat what ever the odds are of not doing it. 

It’s time to fly higher! 

Date: Sat 27 May 2017
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This workshop can help you:

1. Beat procrastination and get shit done!  
2. Curb your anxiety / move through your fears.
3. Gain more confidence and courage to fly higher in your own life to do those things you dream of.
4. Connect to your highest potential and use it to get what you want.
5. Stop your internal saboteur in its tracks so you can be happier!
6. Stop over thinking things and make quicker decisions.
7. Plus more!

Do you feel like this could help you, if it’s a YES……
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Thanks for reading

Lamanda X


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