~ Awaken to Your Soul and Life Purpose ~

Many people ask me why they are here and what is their reason for being here.  Often this occurs because someone feels off track in life, or their life lacks meaning, or they may behave in certain ways to sabotage their self and their success and can’t seem to get on in life for it to feel purposeful. 

Each and every one of us has a purpose in life that stems from our divine essence our soul which wants to express its potentiality.   This divine spark is like the light that is held within us that holds the key to our personal gifts, talents and unique qualities that can be tapped and used at anytime to co-create a fabulous, meaningful life and a life with true purpose.

On my own journey I awakened to my own divine light and soul’s potential to help me consciously co-create a life with true meaning, purpose and greater happiness.

When I tapped into my own Divinity and lived my life through it in a conscious way,  it led me to be doing what I am doing in my life now to help others do the same.  One part of the work I do is to help people understand and learn about their own soul’s potential via soul readings or what I call Rainbow Light Soul Reports. These reports provide information on the soul ray vibrations that I can see were incarnated in a person’s soul soon after conception. 

The soul ray vibrations I see are like colour rays that have a particular frequency that affect our behaviour, shape our personality and even affect the health of our body.

You could view them as the colours of our Soul Print.  Every person has their own unique soul ray frequencies and this is due to the date of birth on earth, the influences of the planetary alignments, the star systems and the galaxy alignments in the universe on the same date/time of your birth.

The Rainbow Light Soul Report gives information on the full potential of light that your soul rays can have in order for you to achieve your soul purpose and to over come and master the ego personality – the shadow aspect all of us face.  Each person’s soul carries four rays which could be one of nine colours;  red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet, magenta and gold and each ray has specific function for you. 

The first soul ray shows the personal qualities you were born with that were gained over previous lifetimes and lessons through your soul’s karmic learning’s.

The second soul ray shows the tools you have to use in this lifetime to help you with your daily life interactions and to help you achieve your soul purpose and life purpose.

The third soul ray shows your soul purpose and its lessons, challenges and goals to achieve in this lifetime and to further evolve itself in preparation for future lifetimes.

The fourth soul ray shows the overall vibration of your soul and this can be like how others perceive you to be and what you radiate out to the world as a whole. 

The report also provides information and references of the shadow aspect of the soul ray which shows up when there is an imbalance of the energetic frequency in the ray and comes through as the ego part of our personality.  When this occurs this may be highlighting to us that one or more of our soul ray vibrations is out of balance,which can make us feel off track in our soul purpose (and in our life). We may suffer a lack of life’s meaning, not really know who we are,  feel empty, lost, depressed, constantly hit personal road blocks and have other life challenges.  When this occurs there is an imbalance in the light of the soul and action steps need to be taken to re-balance it.  

It is worth noting that as each of us journey through life, the circumstances, the lessons we encounter and the choices we make along the way are there to show us something about ourselves.  Often we may get similar situations (life patterns) repeating over and over until we learn the lessons needed. Once we have learnt the lessons the life patterns end, enabling us to move forward in our life towards achieving our soul purpose for its own evolution.

Activating the full light potential of our soul depends on the development of our own awareness of who we are.  In that awareness we need to become our own witness to our feelings, thoughts, reactions or responses to what life brings us and what choices we are making in our life.  So,  by knowing the full aspects (light and shadow) of our soul rays, we are able to have insight to determine when we are encountering the light or the shadow side of soul rays. With this awareness we can then make changes that allow us to regain balance so our life can flow freely and move in the direction that serves us well and keeps us on purpose. 

How are these soul readings useful?   

Many who have received these readings have reported to me that they felt a a lot more empowered to know what gifts and talents the have got to help them have greater self belief and self worth to improve their life.  Many tell me they use the reading as a continued life guide to review on regular occasions especially if they are hitting a block in order to know where this is coming from, so they can take the steps suggested to help them bring them back to balance to move forward again.  Many have also told me that their reading highlighted issues they had faced for a number of years and they didn’t know why and they gained clarity around why this was happening and it really helped them to face those challenges head on to overcome them for good. 

Some others have also said they feel like this is like receiving a big message from God about who they truly are (it is by the way because it’s not from me). 

How did I come to do these readings? 

I had a personal connection with Archangel Raziel the day after my wedding in 21/12/2012 in Spirits Bay New Zealand. Spirits Bay is a sacred place where the Maori tradition believe all departed souls leave this earthly plane of existence to travel to the other side or what many of us know as Heaven.  Raziel is known as one of the Archangels who name means “The Secrets of God”. He is like the wise wizard of the Archangels and is the record keeper of ancient wisdom, secrets and our personal book or Akashic records which includes soul contracts and past lifetimes. On our connection he guided me how to do these readings and continues to do so. 

The angels tell me the month of March is a particular month for soul awakenings, there seems to be an energy around March that is finally leading us into a new energy frequency that does not have the residue of last years energy (or of the last 9 year cycle’s energy) so we are finally moving into this new energy frequency and with new energy we have personal transformations and more soul awakenings. 

So with this in mind I was called to write about these Rainbow Light Soul Reports.  I have completed 100’s of these readings over the years, and in that time they have also evolved.  Also these readings seemed to have happened when the right person who it ready hits my website or through a recommendation or my brief discussion about the soul on some of my workshops.  I trust people will get them when they are ready for them. 

Here is some feedback from two previous clients whom have received a soul report (I have a lot more).  

Lamanda, Your “Soul Ray” report is extraordinary!!! I am so impressed; I was compelled to write you this letter thank you for all that you do. I’ve met a lot of people who claim to have the gift to look into someone’s soul and give a report of what they see, you don’t need to claim anything, you deliver everything you promise, and so much more.  At first, I was unsure as to what I should expect, but I always kept an open mind. I had no idea I was about to read something so profound, that described me so deeply, that I would be learning more about; the good and the bad parts of my past, future, and present soul mission.

For anyone wanting to learn; what makes them who they are, what their balance is between good and evil, what to study deep within their soul afterwards – then you NEED to get this “Rainbow Light Soul Ray Report by Lamanda Brown!”, No substitute will do.

When Lamanda presented me with my “Rainbow Light Soul Ray Report”, I was excited and curious to see what she could find about me since so many have tried and failed in the past. This report is so “bang on”, I still re-read the entire report regularly, and it still amazes me to this day.” Love everything that you do for people Lamanda!  Martin L. 

Every time I come back to read my Rainbow Light Soul Report by Lamanda again, I gain more insight, more wisdom and more understanding about how to navigate my life, and to how to love myself as I truly am.  What stood out to me most was how Lamanda explained that the rainbow light rays contain “both light and shadow aspects which require self-awareness and self-acceptance in order to be whole.”  This helps me to be more compassionate with myself, and more open to new possibilities for myself and my life that I hadn’t thought of before.  My Soul Report made me feel truly seen and appreciated ~ as Lamanda so beautifully and accurately outlined my heart, my soul, and my purpose. Thanks to Lamanda and my Soul Report, my vision of myself and my life are forever transformed! Thank you, Lamanda!”  Casey C

So my question is are you curious to know about your soul?

Is this something you would want and are you ready for it?

Are you willing to step into the power of your soul and use it to co-create your life with greater purpose, fulfilment and happiness.

If your answer is yes to any of those questions, you might be interested that I am doing a special very offer price for March 2017 for the Rainbow Light Soul Reports. 

Instead of $188.00 NZD they are reduced to $122.00 NZD  (offer ends 31 March 2017 )

With each 11 -12 page written PDF Rainbow Light Soul Report you also get a chance to work with me for a complimentary 30 minute soul coaching session where we go over the report and I can help you where you may need it,  (aside from what is written in the report) to give you an extra boost.

This is all part of my service to help you dive deep into your soul and awaken to your own Divinity like I did.   The time is right if you are ready?

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With Love and Angel Blessings
Lamanda X

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