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The Journey of the Rainbow Soul

~ The Journey of The Rainbow Soul ~

Back in December 2012 the day after my wedding in Spirits Bay, New Zealand, Archangel Raziel made a connection with me and guided me to look into the light of the soul.  His guidance led me to the understanding what the light of the soul was and how it can be used to help us to live a truly fabulous and amazing life.

I came to discover there were nine different colours rays to this light, very much like the colour of the rainbow;  red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet, plus magenta and gold. In each of the difference colour rays held information about the innate gifts and personal qualities that were available for our soul in a lifetime.

There was also a shadow of the soul too, which held information on the personal blocks, issues and ways of behaving that did not serve the soul very well. This shadow was the aspect of our ego and was there for us to overcome.

I was also shown that each person held four rays in their soul.   Each of the four rays could be one of the nine colours.   I got shown that these rays were held in the shape of a tetrahedron (four sided pyramid) with each side of the pyramid shinning out a colour ray.

What was also interesting was that each of the four rays had a particular role to play for the soul in regards to helping it achieve its overall purpose for a particular lifetime.

1.The first soul ray contains the personal qualities/gifts a person was born with, that were gained over previous lifetimes  through the soul’s karmic learning’s.

2. The second soul ray housed the tools a person has to use in a lifetime to help them with life interactions and to achieve their soul’s purpose.

3. The third soul ray has the soul’s purpose and its lessons and goals a person is here to achieve to evolve its soul in a lifetime, which then also assists the person to achieve their life purpose too.

4. The fourth soul ray is the overall vibration of the soul which shows what others see and perceive us to be as a person. It’s like an overall perspective that comes from the other three soul rays combined. 

So a person will have one of the nine colours in each of the four soul rays.

For example: First Ray – Red, Second Ray – Green, Third Ray – Yellow, Fourth ray – Magenta

Some people can also have two rays that are of the same colour. 

First Ray – Yellow, Second Ray – Blue, Third Ray – Yellow, Fourth Ray – Orange



After working with this over a number of months and a lot of interesting information finding me in curious and some what amazing ways.   I finally figured out that there was a soul reading to be done with this which Archangel Raziel confirmed. 

So as guided by Raziel I took a journey to look into the light of my own soul first.   What I found was very interesting. I found so many aspects I knew about myself but also many aspects that I did not.

I also saw a lot about my own shadow aspects which really woke me up.  Because what I saw was so true by how I was acting in ways which were not serving me in my life. 

It was so interesting, I saw my whole sense of self mapped out,  I could also see some of the light shining brightly but some of it didn’t.  I also saw some very dark shadows and some not so dark.  

When I looked into the third ray which was about achieving my soul’s purpose I found it was a yellow ray.

Some aspects of its light weren’t shining brightly and I could see these were linked to self esteem, confidence and self worth.  I could also see I was putting my soul into its own shadow by not valuing who I was, by having a lack of confidence and low self worth. It really made sense because at that time, I wasn’t confident, I did have low self worth and low self esteem but I could see on the flip side in the light it was all there waiting for me to have.  

Also when I looked into my second ray which was about the tools I had to use in this lifetime to help me achieve my soul purpose I could see it was orange.  It held a huge amount of creativity that was not being used and thus putting itself into its shadow.  This was interesting because as a child I was highly creative but after a certain age I lost my creative streak for some reason.

So these were just a few of the many things I picked up about myself.  I wanted to mention these in particular because when I realised what I was doing to myself, I immediately wanted to change because I could see that I was keeping myself from having a happy and fulfilled life.  I could see I was stopping my own happiness by not living in alignment and using what my soul’s light had to offer me.

So I asked Archangel Raziel to guide me, I asked him how can I change to bring the many shadow aspects back to the light.  He told me that an aspect of my life purpose was to teach and in order to be a teacher I needed to study.  And the yellow ray I have for my soul purpose was there to give me the intellect to study and be good at retaining information in order to teach it.  This yellow ray also likes to study about the mind and he said I knew that already because I had been doing it, even if I didn’t know why.

That was so true, because I have taken courses in London in behavioural psychology and read lots of books of why we are like we are to help understand myself. I also studied a particular type of yoga which had a slant on mind mastery and self awareness which also helped me.    Raziel also said it would be worthwhile to learn about how I can train my mind to behave how I wanted it too because that would create more light in my soul.  

So a year or so later I embarked on a journey to study techniques to help me to use my mind in a better way through Neuro Linguistic Programming. Over the years of studying it and using it myself, I found a way to help myself feel better about who I was, I also stepped into my creativity and my life started to become more purposeful. I finally had a direction and it felt so damn good.

This was one small part of my journey about finding out some aspects of my rainbow soul to lead me to do what I am doing today.

Another aspect is the overall vibration of my soul which is a violet ray. So this makes me highly intuitive, connected to the angelic realm, psychic, walks a spiritual path, drawn to things beyond the material plane, likes to delve into the deeper aspects of life and one that feels drawn to help and serve others.

This vibration has been a guiding light to help me find my purpose.  Had I not got involved with angels and to deeply connect to my soul, I am not sure if I would be here.

Because in the shadow aspect of the violet ray is a depression that is morbid.  I have felt this over the years of being alive and every time I did, I had to delve deeper into spirituality to help me get back to the light and use it as guiding force.   Because if I am honest I have in the past on occasions thought of ending my life but I know now that it’s not the way to go, as I have important things to do in my life that serves others. 

My life has not been easy, as many lives are often not.  I was bought up in a very verbally abusive environment, had an alcoholic father, I was abandoned by my parents on numerous occasions, I lost the connection to my heart and I endured years of chronic pain.  I was also highly sensitive to the outside world, which made me want to retreat from it because it seemed so cruel to me at times and I couldn’t understand why life had to be so hard.    

But in all those difficulties I could see how life had shaped me to be who I am now and how it was also guiding me to find the light of my own soul by what actually happened by all of those past events. 

So when I had my soul reading, I was taken back by so many “aha moments” as a lot of things that didn’t make sense before, now did because I could connect all the dots in a bigger way.  I also started to believe in myself and my soul too and life took a new turn for the better!

 I started to live from the light of my soul.  I worked on myself to overcome some of my own personal blocks and issues. I challenged myself to tap into my light and use it to be doing what I am doing today.  And every time I feel I may be dipping back into my shadow (I know the signs well now too), I check in with my soul reading and see where I can help re-balance myself to return to the light. I use it as a guide to remind me of who I am and what I am here to do to keep me on track by living from the light of my soul.

It’s been a great tool to guide me, it’s been a great tool to awaken myself to my own innate potential, it’s been a great tool to make me aware when I have not been serving myself so I can get back on track, it’s been a great tool to keep reminding me to use my potential to create the life I want.  

A life that is aligned with the light of the soul because that’s the greatest alignment you can ever have which will bring you the greatest joy and contentment. A life that is lived with deep purpose and meaning. A life all of us are meant to live, including you! 

Does this seem interesting to you?

Because I was guided to write this by Archangel Raziel who wants people to know about their own soul.  And a way to know is via the Rainbow Light Soul Reports I offer. 

I totally trust that the people who are ready for this will find me, but in order for the people to find me, I need to tell people about it.  I have done 100’s of these readings, every person replied with really positive feedback. So I just know they are something very special, unique and very useful! 


So if you are interested this is what it involves….

The reading comes via an 11 to 12 page pdf written report with detailed information about each of your four soul rays.  Plus you get information on the potential and qualities each of the rays hold (what I am shown as the light of the soul ) and also the shadow aspects and challenges and blocks you will face. Plus you get information on how to bring yourself back to balance to move you into the light of your soul when you need to.  

What can this reading help you with?

It can help you to see where you hold yourself back, where you let yourself down and where you are travelling through life unconsciously and it can guide you back to your light where…..

You can understand yourself a lot better. Where you can see what gifts and talents you have and choose to use them. Where you can help yourself awaken to the light of your own soul and use it in a way that really serves you to have a better life.   Where you can step onto the path of living your life with a real sense of purpose and one that will bring you the greatest joy and contentment.

It’s a life guide that you can use for the rest of your life to help illuminate and awaken from within.

Some people have asked me where does the information come from?

Well I’ve been told by Archangel Raziel that it comes from the Akashic records of a person’s past lives as well as from the intention of the soul for a life time. Also when you are born has a significant affect on your life purpose in regards to the planetary, star systems and the galaxy alignments in the universe on the same date of your birth.  

Interestingly too, Raziel is the keeper and protector of the Akashic records and he enables me to connect to a person’s soul angel (the guardian and protector of the soul ) to give me the information to pass on. Interestingly too Raziel has a rainbow aura too with all the colours of the soul rays. He also told me each soul ray colour is governed by a particular Archangel that is very connected to the person who has that ray.  I include information on that too in the reading. 

How amazing is that?

So if you feel ready to get a Rainbow Light Soul Report  click here for more info and how to book.  Or you can just email me and tell you me you want to book a soul report.   

It would be my honour and true blessing to help you step into the light of your soul and use it to create a beautiful life for yourself.

With Love 
Lamanda X

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