From Pain to Peace to Purpose

~ From Pain To Peace To Purpose ~


I was guided by my angels to share a little bit of my story on how the angels have helped me in my life, from overcoming adversity to living the life of my dreams. 

From the age of about 23 I started experiencing migraines. I remember my first full blown one and seriously thought I was going to die, as it was completely debilitating.  Back then they would come on around once a month, but because they were so severe and knocked me for six I sought advice. I saw a neurologist who confirmed that they were just migraines and nothing more sinister, which was the good news about them!   However, as I got older they got worse. Instead of once a month, I started getting them once a week and they would last for 3 to 4 days. Then some weeks I had more pain days than pain free days and on the pain free days I was just trying to recover so I wasn’t really functioning. On quite a few occasions, I also experienced three week long migraine’s that I just couldn’t shift!

 The worst thing about them, apart from the pain was that my life got put on hold a lot.  I couldn’t really commit to anything much because I didn’t know if I would be well enough to do it.

This made me feel pretty useless and had a knock on effect of lowering my self esteem.

I carried on the best way I could. Luckily some new migraine drugs came out that gave me some relief. But they were very expensive at that time and my doctor restricted how many I could have. So I resorted to asking some one I knew who lived overseas to buy them and send them to me. So for quite a few years I was taking a lot of them so I could function enough to hold down a job to survive.  I also managed to study to be a yoga teacher which got me onto my spiritual path. I also thought Yoga was going to help me heal them in someway, however on many occasions I would be teaching with a migraine and I even did my final assessment on a migraine in India and passed with relief! 

I felt like I wasn’t really living in my life. It was just a cycle of pain and recovery. I sought a lot of treatment from alternative health therapists. I changed my diet, did some past life work but nothing really helped apart from the drugs. 

I started to dip down in to bouts of depression.

As an evasion tactic I hid what I was going through a lot, but this made me feel like I was living a double life and not being true to who I was.  I would pile on the makeup to hide the dark shadows under my eyes and my sallow skin. I put a smile on face and try to count my blessings by remembering that there were others in the world who were a lot worse off than me.  

People thought I was a happy soul, always bright and bubbly, but a lot of the time I felt like I was dying in my own life.

Thankfully I had one dear friend whom I would pour my heart out too about it. She understood where I was at, because she was going through a similar thing.  We would share our stories, talk about the next possible cure we could find and the failures of not finding one.  We were up and down like a yo yo, but we had each other and that was a Godsend.

There came a time where I realised that this pain was a big signal for me to delve deeper into myself to learn something from it.  That’s when the angels really connected to me! 

In 2004 I emigrated to New Zealand and interestingly got a job working at a Holistic Doctors Practise.  At the time I knew this was going to help me, but it was not in the way I expected.  The job was stressful, it was a new set up for the Doctor and I was running it.   I didn’t have any medical experience and all the systems were new and all the previous staff were gone. I was well out of my depth and my stress levels and migraines went through the roof and I got seriously sick. 

I had to come clean and tell the Doctor what was going on as she could see it happening and I then became her patient. 

Along with the migraines she also diagnosed me with a seriously under active thyroid and adrenal burn out which had been going on for a long time.  I had been ignoring the symptoms because I thought it was the migraines making me feel this bad or the fact I was getting older….I was in my mid thirties!

During that time I met a massage therapist at the clinic whom I booked in with.   After the massage she asked me if I wanted to have an angel reading, which was new to me.  I loved angels (and fairies) but had never had a reading done or ever been to a psychic so I was very intrigued and said yes.

What she told me blew me away.  She didn’t know much about me personally and told me some things that hit some real home truths and also she said I can connect to the angels too and offered me the deck of cards so I could do a reading for myself which was astonishing.

I immediately bought myself the same deck of angel cards and from that moment on my life started to change.

I left the doctors (at the guidance of my angels) and moved to a different part of the city where my partner and I bought our first home. The house was No. 4 on the street which in angel numbers means “the angels are with you”.  Knowing this made me feel great, our home had a lovely protective energy about it, which felt safe and secure.

From then on I made a regular connection to the angels who would give me the right advice just when I needed it.  I still had the migraines, but I had sorted out the other health issues with the doctor’s assistance and I seemed to find greater peace knowing I had the angels helping me to find a spiritual solution to my problems.  

I delved deep into what the pain was trying to tell me.

Interestingly enough I could see the blessings the migraines were bringing to me to learn more about myself.

I could see my patterns of behaviour of how I was not serving myself in the best way. I didn’t believe in me for a start and I had very low self worth.  I felt very insecure and thought everyone else was better than me.  I also had an extreme introverted tendency which made it easy for me not to connect with others because I thought they might discover that I was a bit weird.  My partner always called me a delicate soul which was lovely but deep down I felt like a bit of a freak and just too sensitive for this world.

The angels were giving me lots of messages that I had to change my life style and to stop looking outside for answers – my internal happiness was a key thing to help me get better.  I got lots of messages about believing in me and that I could do more with my life to help me feel I had purpose.  I asked for their help to guide me in a bigger way and I also committed to taking the action they suggested.

The time was obviously right for me to take full responsibility for my own life and to make the necessary changes that were going to help me.

A couple of years passed and life had got a lot better. I went to Oz to train with Doreen Virtue on her Angel Intuitive course which came about in a very synchronistic way.  I also had a migraine whilst there but I met a lovely lady whom did a bit of Reiki on me and it helped me to stay in the zone to carry on so I didn’t miss any of it.

The course helped me to grow my confidence in working with the angels and I set up a part time angel reading business.   I also got a new job locally which was better for me, as it meant I didn’t have to drive a long way on the migraine medication. I got married in 2012 and moved to another beautiful home that the angels helped us to find so things were looking up even more.

However, deep down I knew I still needed to believe in me a lot more and work on my mindset to feel better about myself.

I knew I had to make more changes on how I was thinking too as I still had a tendency to drop into depression particularly on the migraine days and I could see the link.

I spoke to the angels about the migraines a lot and was always given a message to visualise new way of living a life where I could feel happier and feel on purpose.  The angels also told me to look at what gives me the most joy and do that, as it was an important aspect to answering my prayers on feeling a lot better. I realised deep down I loved to help others in a big way.  I had always been a natural supporter of others in all my jobs, was very empathetic, a great listener and always seemed to offer solutions to help others (even though I couldn’t always find my own). People would just come to talk to me about anything because they felt they could and this was also good for me as it helped me to become more connected and come out of my shell.

I knew the angels set that up to show me my natural gifts.

The angels also conveyed I should seriously start considering the option of working for myself one day as this was part of my life purpose.  They could see that I was out of alignment of what my soul wanted me to do and they were going to help me to find a way to become aligned.

So here’s how some of it happened. 

I was working for a lovely boss and whom I felt I could be really open with.  He knew about the migraines and the angel work I did.   He also knew that I had a lot more to offer than what I was currently doing in my job and asked me what I wanted to do for my performance development training.  I said I was keen to make some personal improvements to myself.  I wanted to be better at being me and felt drawn to learn about working with my mind to achieve greater success and gain a greater sense of life purpose.  Even though I enjoyed working for him, deep down the job was not fulfilling enough for me.   He was a very inspiring person and mentored many people to help them at work.  He also believed that life was to be lived to the fullest and we sometimes need to do what we need to do to make it happen. He also didn’t want to lose me and suggested that I find something to study whilst working which would benefit us both.

I asked the angels if they could help me with this and they guided me to study NLP (Neuro linguistic Programming) which is the study of excellence and how to master your own mind for greater success. They also guided me onto a course that covered it all off in a Business Communication Certification that would also help my boss at work.   So there was my answer and it happened so easily and I embarked on the training for over a year and half that led to me to a Master NLP Practitioner level. By then my boss was also lining up a new role for me to bring these skills into the organisation. 

After the training I felt like a completely different person and people noticed this too.

I changed my mindset about who I was. I was feeling really good and let go of a lot of the negative patterns of behaviour and limiting beliefs that held me back for so long. For the first time in my life I believed in me and my migraines were reducing considerably. I could go a week without one (that was a big thing). 

Then the angels told me some big changes were coming and to be prepared to use what I have learnt to help me through it.

I was not to worry as it was going to be good changes but it will be a challenging none the less.  So very sadly my mum died (I did see it coming as she had been ill for quite a while) but I was devastated as anyone would be. I also lost my lovely cat and couple of months after that I also lost my job (our team was made redundant including my boss due to a company restructure).  There was those big changes!

Now instead of going into a hole of despair and worrying about what I was going to do next, I saw it all as an opportunity to test the new me out and handle it with ease and grace. 

The angels were backing me up and requested I take a big leap of faith and I didn’t need to look before the leap because they would always be there to catch me.  I knew I had new skills under my belt that not only could help me but also help others in a big way and this was my time to go it alone and work for myself. The angels rejoiced!

That’s when more magic happened! I was continually guided by my angels and followed through with the action they suggested and doors opened for me. I met the right people at the right time to help me with what I didn’t know about business. I stepped into an even greater place of self belief and kept my mindset at a high level and worked with the angels to tap into having greater manifestation skills. My migraines changed too, they were only lasting a day and I could go three weeks without one. I felt normal at last!

I attracted the right opportunities to help my business grow and I overcame my shyness and put myself out in the world.

I found the clients that needed my help with coaching and angel readings and I never felt better in my life.   I stepped up to teach about the angels and was told I was a natural teacher and should do more.  I also connected to a lovely lady in the USA and got my own radio slot on her show.

All this was done with the guidance of the angels but also because I believed in me and what I had to offer the world. 

I was finally aligned to my soul purpose and was on my life purpose too (which are two different things intertwined). I was happy, inspired and felt like I was finally living a life which I loved.

So right now I am continually working on myself to be a better me.  Also very importantly I am helping others do the same with the help of angels and using the tools and experience I have gained to do that. My days of chronic pain have reduced considerably. I do still get the migraines but in a much less frequency and I can work my life around them so I that don’t’have to push through the pain I can rest when I need too.

The biggest leanings the pain has shown me is about becoming a lot more self aware, believing in my own Divine spark and making the most out of this life – it also made me so strong!

My life literally changed from pain to peace to purpose…and it feels great!  

Thank you so much for reading this today. I also want add that there is always light at the end of the tunnel on any life problem and if you need some help to see the light and walk towards it to make some positive life changes, please feel free to connect with me for an informal chat by clicking here

It is part of my life purpose to do this work to help others and with the guidance of the angels miracles can indeed happen….it did for me!

With Love and Angel Blessings
Lamanda X

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