I can thoroughly recommend Lamanda as a great coach and truly caring and inspiring guide. She combines her mastery of NLP with so many other great and insightful life learnings to enable you to grow to your potential. In addition to helping you find the right answers for yourself she imbeds you with positive emotional energy and a great sense of hope for the present and future. Lamanda is a light bringer and game changer!’ 

Marc Fisk – New Zealand


Lamanda thank you for all your guidance and support – I have loved working with you. You have an amazing gift and You really have made a difference, in my life and I’m sure many others who have been lucky enough to work with you. You have inspired, motivated, given hope, taught me skills that will last me a lifetime and replaced doubt with belief!!! …. I look forward to working with you again too. Thanks for being the wonderful person you are!!! …. Love & light heading your way”

Lisa Hampshire – UK

“Having recently completed 4 consecutive coaching  sessions with Lamanda, I am beyond thrilled to share that my life and my approach to life have been absolutely transformed… Before working with Lamanda I was feeling confused and a bit shaky about new experiences and stepping into my power. After each and every session I felt infinitely clearer and my confidence was not only restored, but amplified! What’s even better is that whenever I want to cultivate more of this, I simply incorporate my “anchor” into my day and voila! Thank you, Lamanda, for your wisdom, your guidance, and for all the ways you and your work has changed my life for the better!”  

Casey Campbell – Canada


Since working with  Lamanda I have been noticing some really positive changes happening, my anxiety has reduced and I have been feeling a lot calmer, my sleep has improved dramatically and I have felt a new and wonderful shift in my overall sense of wellbeing. Being highly sensitive to people’s energy, Lamanda has been teaching me how to keep myself from absorbing others energy, particularly that of a negative nature, and keeping my energy at a high level, thus reducing my fear and anxiety in social situations.”

Kylie Binns – New Zealand

I first came to Lamanda on the basis of a friend’s recommendation: I was struggling to manage work-related stress – especially when working to a deadline and when things did not go my way. Inevitably, this impacted on my partner’s life too as I was not pleasant to be around when I was stressed out (I work from home). I had tried a number of other modalities – including kinesiology, neuro-emotional technique and Journey work. These were good for other things, but not for dealing with the anger and impatience that would regularly come up for me on a frequent basis. I found Lamanda to be a very calm and thorough who, over two sessions, methodically took me through the NLP process to identify and deal with the root causes of my stress. Thanks to her, I now have my emotions under control in the face of adversity and have much better time management and self esteem. I can highly recommend Lamanda Brown as an excellent transformational coach and Master NLP practitioner.”

Michael  – New Zealand

I have had 2 separate sessions with Lamanda and can honestly say that it has helped me greatly witIh a lifelong issue.  This was no trivial issue as it was a re-occurring behavioural problem, which I finally decided to put an end to. We identified a trauma that I had experienced in my childhood and changed it into something I’d rather have and with the help of anchor points I felt transformed. Since that time, the original problem has not reoccurred.  I am so excited about NLP that I recommend it to every friend I feel needs some support in reprogramming their unconscious mind. Thank you Lamanda. I am ever so grateful for your work.”

Miss C – New Zealand

There are a few people you meet in life, that you remember with immense gratitude for the positive impact on your journey. Lamanda Brown is one of those people. Lamanda exudes unconditional love and immediately puts you at ease. She is an incredibly intuitive and insightful and has helped me to achieve breakthroughs on several personal and professional challenges over the years.
Lamanda’s coaching and yoga nidra training have played a significant part in increasing my physical and emotional resilience, gaining a promotion at work, and building a fantastic relationship with my new partner.  I continue to value Lamanda’s respectful, gentle and caring support and I’m inspired by the bravery with which she is living out her purpose by supporting others to rise above their fears and challenges and achieve their dreams.
Thank you so much Lamanda.  
Monique Lund – New Zealand

 I first experienced NLP with Lamanda before Christmas 2014. I had long been bothered by an abusive childhood memory that would reappear and grab me whenever my mood became low. Days apart or several times per day, it never left me alone, it always would drive my outlook dangerously lower, and make me suicidally ill.

The details remained completely fresh in my mind since I was  5, time never dulled the memory and no amount of personal growth workshops,counselling, support from friends or other reconciliation has ever helped. When NLP was offered the timing was right to try a new solution, and so I ended up at Lamanda’s office.

I explained how tricky it was for me to go close to the memory and Lamanda guided me through an exercise around the events I felt safe to recall. It was smooth and deceptively simple, and not at all confrontational or emotionally risky, yet from that day to this there has not been one recurrence.

The memory has not gone, nor disappeared, and it no longer owns me if I deliberately regenerate it, it just seems to have peacefully gone to bed somewhere else where it no longer bothers me.”  I’m a complete convert, and am very pleased with this result.”

Roger Wadham – New Zealand

I went to see Lamanda on the recommendation of a good friend. At the time I was feeling lost and overwhelmed and very stuck in my life. The work I did with Lamanda gave me clarity, purpose and returned my self esteem. She also provided practical steps to follow which enabled me to navigate the way forward. My personal progress has been so swift after just three sessions with Lamanda, I’m actually amazed. The changes in myself and in my circumstances are real and measurable and I feel joyful and optimistic for the first time in ages. There is no doubt in my mind that guidance I’ve received from Lamanda was divinely sent. Thank you, Lamanda.  Jo McLean – New Zealand