~ Elevation – Learn to Fly Higher in Your Own Life ~

Get yourself unstuck to feel good about who you are and tap into your inner resources to fly higher in your own life to get better results and achieve greater success!

Date: Sat 14 Oct 2020  

Time: 9:00 am to 1:00 pm 

Address:  Parker Rd,  Oratia, Auckland 

In this workshop, you will learn how to master your mind with some simple Neuroscience and NLP techniques that can literally transform you and your life forever.

Did you know the only thing that really stops you from being successful at anything, is how you think about yourself and how you think about what you need to do to get there and then taking the action to do it?  

Everyone’s idea of success can be different, but true success comes from feeling good about who you are and what you are doing whatever that may be.  Feeling good about who you are comes from deep within and how you feel about that is directly linked to how you think and how your mind operates. 

You can be your own best friend or your own worst enemy at any moment!

How many times have you had thoughts that have stopped yourself from getting what you want because they were linked to a lack of self-belief or a lack of confidence? 

How many times have you noticed that you want to stop a bad habit but you can’t do it and this keeps you trapped in a negative loop that makes you feel bad about yourself?

How many times do you catch yourself talking to yourself in a negative way that literally makes you your own worst enemy?

How many times have you allowed fear from stopping you from doing something you would really love to do or to try something new?

How many times have you procrastinated for so long, this has caused you great internal angst and stress?

How many times have you let yourself down by not tapping into your highest potential to use it and co-create a life you really want?

These are types of questions that can get us thinking about how we can be our own saboteur that really keeps us stuck on the ground in the mud and unhappy. 

If there is any area of your life that is not working and you are ready for change, this workshop is for you! 

Over the years I have been working with people to manage their mindset to step into a place of “self-mastery” that really helps them get much better results in their life. Whether it be to improve their personal relationships, improve their career, build a successful business, feel better about who they are, overcome fears, have greater health and well being, and be a lot happier!

I have also been using these techniques to overcome my own personal blocks so I can co-create my life how it is today and to run my own multifaceted business and live a fabulous life!

I realised a long time ago nothing happens in my life unless I happen and in order for something to happen I have to work with my mind in a way that I can tap into my potential to use it, to do what I have to do to get more of what I really want.

So in this workshop, I am not only going to be talking about what you can do, you are going to learn and try it out for yourself so when you leave, you will feel empowered by the fact you have got some really fantastic tools, which if you apply them when you need too, will help improve your life to set you on a path of having greater success for whatever you want to do.

Here is a brief summary of what I am going to cover off:

1. Learn how your mind operates, so you can understand yourself at a deeper level. Know thyself is the first step to any “Self Mastery” practice.

2. How fear and anxiety stops you in your tracks and how you can rise up above it and move through it.

3. How your bad habits including worry are hindering you and how to build up new ones that actually help you. 

4. How your current belief system is hard-wired, and how this wiring is either linked to success or linked to failure and how you can rewire it for success!

5.How to stop the overthinking for greater peace of mind and to make better decisions or take inspired action when you need too.

6. How to stop the internal critic that just sabotages you with anything you want to do.

7. How to use all your potential to co-create your life in a way that brings you the greatest joy and happiness and to feel really good about who you are.

It will be a fun and interactive experience where you can learn some fantastic tools to help you to transform yourself from the inside out to overcome fear, worries, have greater confidence, higher self-esteem, improved levels of self-worth which can help you master your own mind to take yourself to the next level.


~ Elevation ~

Mind Mastery is Where Science and Magic Can Meet to Produce Miraculous Results!

Self Investment – $99.00 NZD  – Early Bird Price Extended 

(Afternoon tea included) 


~ Feedback Received from Previous Workshop Attendees ~

Excellent information, useful take away tools and beautiful presence in you Lamanda.  Jacqui T.

  I cannot recommend this workshop enough. I have to say the tools have been working really well with my anxiety and especially around social anxiety, it’s helped me to reply to people’s texts and calls right away whereas it can take me hour’s even days to get back to someone. Simply because I’m scared I’ll say the wrong thing, offend them, not be interesting enough etc etc. I know this seems silly and such a simple everyday occurrence for most but it’s a real source of anxiety for me. “  Kylie B,

 Lamanda’s Elevation workshop was brilliant and so useful. I had several “light bulb” moments. I am feeling truly elevated.  I used the tools for keeping relaxed on the recent flight and worked a treat I didn’t realise that how anxious I get”  Robyn G.

Lamanda has done incredible things for me. From our first meeting, she gave me life direction and excitement and she continues to share her amazing knowledge with me every time I see her.   The Elevation workshop has inspired me to make positive changes in my life and step outside my comfort zone…it was perfect!  I’ve been getting heaps of success with what I learnt. I’ve been using it to get to sleep at night, and to get myself up without pressing snooze.”  Jazz G.

 I am left feeling empowered and positive and with a sense of self-belief. Excited to try the new techniques in my life!
“1700 words down on my essay only 300 or so to go. Kitchen tidy, casserole on washing done, the dog walked. Thanks so much Lamanda. It’s working a treat.  Sue P.

I feel like I am taking home a bag of tools/goodies to use. So simple but amazingly effective! Thank You. Jo M.

“I have noticed a huge change in myself from your Saturday course. Burning all those limitations has worked wonders. I feel calmer and free. I’ve been using the technique around procrastination and over thinking which is also helping me immensely”  Tania B.

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