I am a Transformational Mind Body and Soul Coach, Angel Intuitive and Soul Reader.  I am super passionate about helping people to illuminate their Divine potential and use it to consciously co-create an amazing life and manifest their dreams.

I work holistically covering all aspects of mind, body and soul so that a person connects to their inner truth and full potential. One of my talents lay in an attuned ability to read the light of people’s soul to know their soul’s purpose, gifts, talents and divine potential waiting to be awakened and used in life. I also use transformational coaching to help people over come personal blocks and use their soul potential to transform themselves from the inside out to be the best version of themselves, so they can consciously co-create a fabulous purposeful life and achieve greater success where they want it.    


In all my work I connect to the celestial realm to hear angelic guidance, messages and advice.  I am also a Rainbow Light Healer working with the Archangel Realm’s healing light energy and a qualified Yoga Teacher and use the knowledge and wisdom gained from these other gifts to enhance the holistic approach for all the work I do with people.

Some people have described the work I do is like  “bringing a piece of Heaven down to Earth to create magic and miracles in people’s lives” as I can get to the heart and soul of the matter for a transformation to take place in a person’s life.


I truly believe that everyone deserves to live a fabulous life which flows in the life’s soulful spirit and wonder of true purpose, inspiration and happiness.



I was born in the UK and grew up in the heart of London. I was drawn onto a spiritual path in my mid-twenties through the love of yoga and eastern mystical traditions. I trained to be a Yoga Teacher through the Bihar School of Yoga and qualified in India in 2003. I also gained my teaching diploma through The British Wheel of Yoga at the same time. In 2004 I moved to New Zealand and set up a yoga studio to teach yoga and relaxation therapy in Auckland.

My childhood years were turbulent, I grew up in a dysfunctional family with an alcoholic father and I withdrew a lot from the world. I was a sensitive and a highly intuitive child and this aspect led me to be interested in the unseen world and the study of alternate realities. From a young age I could sense things were going to happen before they did and seemed to be able to read people and know things about them without them telling me. It took me a while to get to grips with this ability because it was not something I could share with my family.

Growing up I didn’t find life that easy to deal with.  I had issues that lay unresolved from childhood that led me to feel anxious and scared. One day I took a yoga class and from that moment my life changed. Through yoga, I connected to a sense of inner peace I had not ever felt before.  It was like I could step into my own inner sanctuary without any fear, worry or concerns. On many occasions, I would say to others that yoga saved my life because it gave me the life anchor I needed to cope in the world. My path of yoga, opened me up spiritually, I learnt to accept myself and I felt connected to the source of the Universal spirit and became more self-aware of who I was.

Life changed when I moved to New Zealand with my partner (now husband).  Having no solid connections to anyone and a disconnection to my family I got very sick.  I was not in a very happy place and sought retreat into alternative therapies along with traditional medicine to help resolve the symptoms I had.  Through that experience, my world opened up with a visit to a massage therapist where I was given an angel card reading during the session. The message from the angels told me exactly what I needed to know to help me get well. Surprised by the accuracy of the reading, I then became very connected to the angelic realm, and I started to do readings for myself and other people.  In 2010 I went to Australia as guided by my angels and trained to develop greater skills in this ability. During the training, I felt a lot more connected to our heavenly helpers and felt it was part of my destiny to work with them to help others in some way. After my return to New Zealand, I started to provide professional readings for people around the world.

On 21 December 2012 I got married in Spirits Bay at the tip of the north island of New Zealand. Spirits Bay is the place in the Maori tradition where the departed souls leave this plane of existence and move into the next dimension. Our wedding day was obviously very special for me and my husband, we both felt very blessed by the presence of the Maori spirits during our ceremony and still to this day the small group of friends who attended the wedding continue to talk about the amazing energy they felt at this sacred place. After the wedding night I had a connection with Archangel Raziel who informed me that I can connect to the vibration of a person’s soul to see its light, its potential and know the soul purpose and I was to use this skill as part of my own soul purpose to help others.

A few months afterwards the birth of the Rainbow Light Soul Report occurred where I used my ability to read a person’s soul to create a soul report.  After completing numerous soul readings it became apparent to me that there was a need to help some people at a deeper level to enable them to step into the potential of their soul and use their gifts and talents to create a successful, purposeful life where happiness, joy and love flowed with ease.  The major blocks holding a person back from using their soul’s potential stemmed from issues arising in their mind. So as guided by my soul and angels I embarked on studying Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) to Master Practitioner Level, mBIT (Multi-brain integration techniques) Coaching and Life Coaching that gave me the tools and techniques which worked perfectly for the work I was now destined to do.

It’s worth mentioning that through my own experience with studying these amazing techniques I also transformed myself and stepped into my own soul’s potential and started using it. I felt like a new person. I overcame a lot of my own personal blocks, fears and issues from my past which enabled me to move forward in my life feeling more empowered, more confident, more capable and more conscious.  I had a much deeper connection to my own soul that filled an empty space I had carried for a long time.  I was also able to use my mind to serve me in a much better way to create a wonderful, happier and more fulfilling life.

I was transformed from the inside out and my life reflected that back to me in so many amazing ways.

I now use all that I know to help others do the same.