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An inconvenient Truth and Its Not What You Think

An Inconvenient Truth and It’s Not What You Think     Oh life, you always try to show us how to become more than we think we are capable of, through the difficult moments to live through.  If I am honest on my own journey, many difficult moments slipped by that were there to really… Continue Reading

~ Signs from Heaven ~  Our Angels and spirit guides often send us signs to let us know they are nearby; to guide and give us messages to help us in our life. Below are some of the signs and their meanings we can receive from them. White feathers are signs the Angels are nearby… Continue Reading

The Angels Way – A Spiritual Solution To Your Problems

The Angels Way – A Spiritual Solution To Your Problems It has been said many a time that we are spiritual beings having a human experience in life, so it makes a lot of sense that we have spirit guides and angels who are with us to help us live the best life possible. Each… Continue Reading

The Journey of the Rainbow Soul

~ The Journey of The Rainbow Soul ~ Back in December 2012 the day after my wedding in Spirits Bay, New Zealand, Archangel Raziel made a connection with me and guided me to look into the light of the soul.  His guidance led me to the understanding what the light of the soul was and… Continue Reading

How Not Feeling Like It Is Not Only A Passion killer, It Kills Dreams Too! 

How Not Feeling Like it is Not Only A Passion killer, it Kills Dreams Too!  I found out an interesting fact the other day that on a scientific study the odds of us being born, against all the possibilities of war, natural disasters and anything else that could stop it happening was 1 in 400… Continue Reading

~ Awaken to Your Soul and Life Purpose ~ Many people ask me why they are here and what is their reason for being here.  Often this occurs because someone feels off track in life, or their life lacks meaning, or they may behave in certain ways to sabotage their self and their success and… Continue Reading

From Pain to Peace to Purpose

~ From Pain To Peace To Purpose ~ I was guided by my angels to share a little bit of my story on how the angels have helped me in my life, from overcoming adversity to living the life of my dreams.  From the age of about 23 I started experiencing migraines. I remember my… Continue Reading

Traits of An Empath

Traits of An Empath  1.     Knowing:  Empaths just know stuff, without being told. It’s a knowing that goes way beyond intuition or gut feelings, even though that is how many would describe the knowing. The more attuned they are the stronger this gift becomes. 2.    Being in public places can be overwhelming:  Places like shopping… Continue Reading

     ~  22 Quick Life Hacks for Empowered Living ~ Don’t take any bull shit from anyone, you don’t have to argue, you can just can walk away. Only do what feels right for you, don’t get pressured in doing anything you don’t want to do by anyone, including your family. If you have… Continue Reading

How the Angels Helped Me Through a Tough Time Recently

    How the Angels Helped Me Through A Tough Time Recently  The hard fact is, is that life sometimes sucks!   Everyone experiences periods in life that are really hard to manage, and it seems virtually impossible to break through those blocks to come out the other side.  It can be a time when we… Continue Reading