~ Connecting With Your Angels Workshop  ~

Saturday 29 June 2019   –  New Date!!

1.00 pm to 5.30 pm

 Parker Rd




Join Lamanda for a fun afternoon learning how to connect to your angels to receive their guidance to help you in your life.

Learn about the different types of Angels and how they can help you with their different specialties and gifts.

Experience a Rainbow Light Alchemy Healing with The Archangels

Learn the different ways of using your intuition “The Four Clairs” to connect and receive guidance from the angels.

Learn about the signs the Angels can give you to help you navigate your life.

Learn how to use Angel oracle cards and other tools to give readings for yourself and others.

Learn some great tools on how to improve your intuitive abilities.


This workshop will be a guided learning and hands-on experience. You are going to practice your skills of tuning into your own ability to connect to the Angels to do readings too.

It will be fun, light and a very healing experience.

(A light afternoon tea will be provided)

 Early Bird Price – $88.00 PP NZD 



~  Feedback Received From Previous Workshops  ~

MANY THANKS for the workshop, I really enjoyed it and definitely considering your next one. Guy 

I really enjoyed the workshop altogether.  The best parts were connecting with others in the group and working with the cards.  Leaving the workshop I feel much more confident to give a reading to others and would be happy to be involved in any future workshops. Zoe S.

I thoroughly enjoyed it! It was marvelous. you were so natural, in control & powerful. Clare H. 

I enjoyed that so much. You have so much knowledge it’s amazing!!  Monique V.

 I attended Lamanda’s angel workshop last week. It was so beautifully run. She set the scene and created a lovely calm learning space for us all. I learnt a lot about angels and how to use my card pack as well as having a bit of a play with using our intuition to “tap” into someone else’s energy.  Sue B. 

If you are interested in learning about new things in a safe space then I would encourage you to go along, it was fabulous!   Judi C.  

The energy was delicious and you were SO great.  The workshop was just what I needed.  I opened my curtains this morning and saw 3 tiny white feathers falling from the sky. A white feather was sticking out of my jacket. Just saw 11.11 on the clock for the second time today. Feeling very reassured after all these signs today. Robyn G 

It was amazing Lamanda, you are a fantastic facilitator. I left feeling so uplifted. I saw 4:44 on the dishwasher when I went to bed. Julia G

We were very fortunate to have Lamanda come across to the UK last year to deliver this beautiful & magical workshop 😇🤗 if only I had a private jet I’d be joining you in NZ to share your magical day 💖 hop on board and bathe in Lamanda’s joyful spirit & Enjoy 😇 xx Rach H. 


Thank you so much for today it was amazing!! I learned so much. I had no idea but now piecing things together that I’ve heard others say in the past makes a little more sense. Wow!!! Is my new word. 💜😁  Kathrine M. 

I gotta say Lamanda you really helped me get the answers needed from your amazing course. I am still buzzing from it and have taken away some gems.  I have so many ideas! Blessings Love and Light beautiful Lamanda xoxo Dee

It’s a great course I highly recommend this 💛 Deelnoor 

 I highly recommend this wonderful course with Lamanda. Connecting with the Angel’s with Lamanda has changed my life❤ – Lorraine H 

Thank you Lamanda for your Angel Workshop yesterday. It was very educational, respectful, a peaceful and comfortable venue and a wonderful opportunity to meet like-minded souls. I would highly recommend Lamanda’s Angel Workshop to any person who wishes to delve into spiritual learning and development. You won’t be disappointed, I thoroughly enjoyed myself.  Kathryn M. 

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