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Archangel Jophiel

Archangel Jophiel has a truly beautiful loving feminine presence that emanates Divine Feminine Love. Her name means “Beauty of God” and she had deep pink or fuchsia energy and aura. I often feel she enables us to look through the eyes of love at everything to come from a heart-centered way, almost as if you are constantly wearing rose-tinted glasses and everything looks so beautiful and you can’t help but feel so loving.

As the Archangel of Beauty, Jophiel can bring forth the aspect of beauty into our lives in various ways.  She can beautify our minds, so we can think supportive, loving and uplifting thoughts about our self and others. This is so useful because it assists us to have great relationships with our self and others and also enables us to see new perspectives about our life circumstances to help us find new solutions, move forward and stay positive.

If I notice my mind is dipping down into a lower type of thought about anything, I call upon her to beautify my mind and see a beautiful pink light flood my mind space and it seems to lift me up. And so very often a higher perspective is gained or positive thought pops in to shift the negative one. We can all have our off days and at times can’t see the wood for the trees or are caught up in a negative self talk loop, well this is because it’s part of being human and learning about our shadow or ego self, but we don’t need to get too stuck in it for too long and she can help us shift out of it if we need too.

Jophiel can also help with our feelings too because our thoughts are so linked to how we feel. By assisting us to change our mental state this also transforms the lower based feelings into higher loving ones to fill our heart with loving kindness and deep gratitude for what we have in our life that immediately raises our vibration to feel better. It’s truly magical how she works, almost like a Fairy Godmother waving a magic wand over us to help us feel so much better about things if we have been struggling.

Another thing that I have felt is so helpful too, is that she can assist us in our personal relationships and resolve misunderstandings quickly. Call upon her if you need this help and she will assist you to come into greater balance, new perspectives, deeper understanding and solutions to the problems. She can assist you to gain greater mediator skills too which all of us can do with at times in dealing with conflict and differing opinions.

Jophiel has been an important guide for me to open my mind to see new perspectives in my life for myself and when I work in helping others to resolve their life issues. There is always some light to be found in any darkness, sometimes we need to just dig a bit deeper, or take a step back to view it in a different way for the solution to find us….. that’s where the AHA moments can occur!


Another amazing quality Jophiel has is to help us beautify our surrounding environment. She can help us declutter, to get rid of the old to make space for the new, create beautiful spaces to make our home and working environment resonate with who we are deep within our soul, so we feel happy and content. She can also assist to beautify our self so we feel good about our appearance by dressing in a way that suits who we are to help us shine our beauty from the inside out.

Jophiel can see the importance that we surround our self with wonderful spaces and things as it helps to raise our vibration and keep us happy and well. She seems to know which colors that resonate with what our mind, body, and soul need at any moment too. So we may be guided to wear certain colors that can lift us up and maybe heal us if we need it and have those colors around us in our environment. Jophiel has taught me that the vibration of the different colors of the rainbow does affect us in very positive and healing ways. So, some days we may need a boost of green for greater balance and healing, and we may feel an urge to get outside into nature for a walk or wear something green. Or maybe it’s red we feel drawn too when need to feel more powerful, energized and dynamic. Or it might be different colored foods we feel drawn too to eat that will help our body gain greater balance in some way. Or we feel drawn to buy a certain colored flower to have in our home or workspace to lift us up.

Another great aspect that Jophiel brings to us with beautifying our mind and aspects of our life is that it helps us to manifest better. When we are in a positive mindset by thinking higher thoughts to feel good about who we are and love what our life looks like, we raise our vibration and that attracts more of the same. We are in a higher vibrational flow and seem to manifest a lot quicker, almost instantly at times.  

So Jophiel has been pivotal in helping me to manage my mindset, so I don’t dip down too long and dwell on any negatives when they occur. She has encouraged me to open my mind to limitless possibilities and see many perspectives at once so I can choose how I want to see things and aim for that. She has also assisted me to release a number of self-limiting beliefs around worthiness and not feeling good about who I am, which were linked to negative thoughts patterns programmed in my mind from childhood. These self-limiting beliefs and thoughts were not seen as beautiful at all in Jophiel’s world, so she helped me change them to some that were, and it transformed my life. This is because I believe in myself a lot more, have increased positive self-talk and gained an ability to see the light at the end of the tunnel when needed. Or the blessing in disguise in the difficult moments to help reduce any suffering to feel more empowered to get through any challenging situation I face.

Archangel Jophiel shines a beautiful light to guide us towards a better way in any troubled time or difficult moment of life and it all starts in how we think about it! 

So, if you need to beautify your life, your mind or yourself in some way, call upon Jophiel to help you, she would be more than happy too and don’t be surprised if you don’t start to see pink sparkles or pink light flashes around your peripheral vision or that you seem to notice the color pink a lot more, even if its not one of your favorite colors you may even feel drawn to wear it. She works through life to get your attention in this way to let you know she is around and working her Fairy Godmother magic!

Next time you I will talk about how Archangel Gabriel the messenger Archangel who has been an important ally to help me do all that I do in my work plus more! She has a powerful creative force to help inspire me when I need it and gives me the encouragement to write this Archangel series too!

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