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Archangel Raphael 

My experiences with the truly loving and healing Archangel has been phenomenal, there so much to be said that could take a while and be a very long article but I will condense it for an easier read.

Archangel Raphael’s name means “God Heals”.  He is regarded as the Archangel of healing and miracles in so many religious and spiritual scriptures.  He is very much like an “Angelic Miracle Doctor” that heals at all levels of our being – the physical, the mental, the emotional, the spiritual, our energy levels and also in aspects of our life where things may not be going well or are dysfunctional.  You can also call upon him to heal sick animals and bring healing to our mother earth too!   He has a beautiful green aura that brings forth great balance, healing, and transformation for all and everything! 

What I have found very interesting when working with him is that when we ask for help from Raphael, he will go to work but the healing may take on quite a different form to what our mind may think it should be.  So, if we are sick and ask for his healing help, he may impart healing energies upon us, but he may also see we need earthly assistance too, and will often guide us to a health care practitioner or just another person who can actually help us which their specialized healing modality.  It’s worth knowing that it is always up to us to take that action if we get that kind of guidance and do what is necessary to help ourselves on that healing journey. 

I also want to say Divine intervention and healing miracles can happen and they happen because it is the right time for the person, and who knows when that may be so there is never any harm in asking for a miracle.  Once healing has been asked for, it can be manifested quite instantly by Raphael.  Many times I have asked and received an instant healing and felt his presence around me working his healing powers and I will often see deep green or olive gold flashes of light in my vision and just feel a soft loving energy around me too.

I have also learned on my own healing journey and from guidance Raphael has imparted upon me, is that sometimes it takes a length of time to heal from a particular issue. The reason for this is that we need to experience whatever it is because it is teaching us something important for our life path to help us grow and evolve our soul and also transcend some of the lower aspects of our ego.  So very often a person with a chronic long-term illness will often change so much inside themselves to be more compassionate, loving, kind and caring and really understand the pain of others as they go through their healing journey.  Also for some,  a long-term health issue can also be part of a soul contract that is meant to take place and it won’t be completed until the person has reached a certain level of awareness to then finalize the contract and be cured.  And,  as they endure their journey,  it also impacts others close by them too. Often it’s their personal soul group family, so all go through a lot in dealing with the issue.  In the bigger picture, all benefit from the experience at a soul level, even if their logical minds don’t really understand it.

One thing I also want to share that links to the above but also may contradict some belief systems is this. Just because a person is sick or experiencing a long-term health condition this doesn’t necessarily mean their vibration is low or they are doing something wrong or its bad karma!  In fact,  it can be quite the opposite. The person dealing with the issue may have taken it onboard as the soul contract to help shift their whole soul group to another level of awareness and evolution.  An example of this could be when a child falls sick and may even die, and as sad as it may seem, this child is a very high vibrational soul and incarnated to be sick and have this experience to help itself and its soul group/family to learn something massive in the process of the whole experience. 

The family/loved ones will often change quite a lot during this kind of experience and become much more aware, kinder, compassionate and caring towards everyone they meet and each other, or it will initiate other life lessons they need to learn.   In the bigger picture, it all plays out perfectly, but it is still very hard and sad for those involved in the smaller picture.

Also, in my experience of working with the angels and Raphael, I have learned that there is no death which is very comforting to know.  When we die our consciousness leaves our body and travels to another place. Some call it heaven but in my visions, it’s much more than this. It’s a multi-dimensional reality with many levels. We arrive first where we will feel more comfortable to get over the shock of leaving the body and this first place is often termed as Heaven but Heaven is just like one floor of this multidimensional reality.  Heaven is a truly beautiful place that when we return we feel at home and remember we have been there before and are met by many past loved ones to welcome us.  However, we don’t have to stay there – if we choose we can travel to the other dimensional realities as an explorer and also at some point decide to reincarnate back to earth or even another planetary system too.

It’s so good to know the angels are in our life to help us to live our life on earth with greater ease, love, and peace. They don’t like to see us suffer and be in pain but understand its part of living on earth. To help us with this Archangel Raphael a powerful Archangel is here to serve us and his main mission and purpose can really help ease our health problems, painful burdens, and other  issues – so do call upon him for his help if you need it and he will be so happy to oblige to instigate a healing transformation that will serve your highest good and your life path journey. 

Another great thing is Raphael also assists/supports those that choose to take on a healing profession to heal and help others. He can assist the work of energy/lightworkers healers, alternative therapy healers and also those that embark in the traditional medical professions, and anyone that is in a profession that cares and serves others such as caretakers, counselors, teachers, mentors, guides etc.  He has been a pivotal angelic force in all the work I do with helping others! 

One more thing I will share about how Raphael has helped my journey is that he has helped me to love myself more for who I am. He is very connected to our heart chakra and Divine unconditional love with his green healing balancing, and loving frequency.    As a child, I experienced an emotionally abusive upbringing.  This actually affected me in a way that I closed myself off and my heart from the world to protect myself. I was extremely shy, sensitive and would often be told that there was something wrong with me by being this way, so I pushed my feelings down and hid them. This repression caused health issues and all sorts of personal problems early on in my life and later into adulthood. It wasn’t until I understood all about what the term “Empath” meant and awakened to this knowledge that I was an empath,  that I started to feel better about myself. And funny enough it all happened at the same time the Angels really made themselves known to me when I came to New Zealand in 2004.  I then connected to Raphael to help me heal from my past abuse.  He also guided me to caring healers, teachers and mentors who helped me to understand myself and encouraged me to use my empathic abilities which impacted me in a positive way.  It was a healing transformation that initiated me to embark on my journey to serve and help others with the  work I do with the angels today.  I am so grateful for how Raphael has helped me to accept and love myself for who I am and heal parts of me that felt so broken, to raise my self-worth and confidence and be guided to step onto a path of service by helping others too. It’s been a blessing for sure and I now feel so aligned to who I really am. 

Another aspect that Raphael can help us with which some may not know about is that he can help us find our true soul mates and soul mate friends!  This has been another important thing in my life to connect to those gorgeous souls that resonate well with me to accept me and my quirks too (and vice versa) and to set firmer boundaries with those that don’t.  It’s been a learning curve for sure! But now I have some truly beautiful people in my life and I keep meeting more as I keep moving forward doing what I do. 

Also, Raphael can also assist us when we are traveling to keep us safe, well and assist in the smooth running of the trip to get us to our destinations on time. I always call upon him when I am traveling afar to assist my journey and keep my luggage safe!  And sometimes If I am running late for an appointment, I ask him to help and I seem to get there on time too… he really does help – I don’t seem to get stuck at red traffic lights – its green all the way! 

I hope you enjoyed reading about my experiences with Raphael and how he can help you. Next time we will connect to Archangel Jophiel a beautiful female Archangel who emanates the Divine Feminine Principle to beautify our mind and our life and assist in us with having magical manifestation powers plus more! 

Thank you for reading 🙂

With Love and Angel Blessings 

Lamanda X


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