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The Angels Way – A Spiritual Solution To Your Problems

The Angels Way – A Spiritual Solution To Your Problems

It has been said many a time that we are spiritual beings having a human experience in life, so it makes a lot of sense that we have spirit guides and angels who are with us to help us live the best life possible.

Each and every one of us has spirit guides and guardian angels (whether we believe it or not).  Each of us has many spirit guides and at least two guardian angels whom stay with us from the moment we are born to the time we pass over.

These guardian angels have been assigned to us by God or the Universe or what ever you want to call it, to protect, guide and encourage us to live a fabulous life and one that aligned to our soul’s purpose.

These celestial beings are very wise and carry God’s innate wisdom to help us. They also see a much bigger picture of our life than we can, which means they can connect the dots going into our future!  

However, these celestial beings cannot intervene with our free will choice, unless we ask them to help us or if we are faced with grave danger. 

Over the years I’ve come to know and work with many angels and what is most fascinating about this is, I don’t see the angels like they are depicted as humans with wings, but I see them as light fluctuations, or coloured flutters of light in my visual field.  I also feel their presence around me, like an energy force or changes of temperature which is usually warm. The way they communicate with me is by projecting pictures in my mind which is like a waking dream vision and I also have words spoken in my mind that I hear as whispers or sometimes even louder voices to really get my attention!

I also often feel strong urges to do things and I get shown external signs, such as number sequences to confirm my urges to do it or I may see written words from various sources such as on street signs, social media, books or magazines that really stand out to make sure I see them, so I know the angels are communicating to me to follow through on the urge! 

Over the years of being blessed to do lots of readings for people, one of the most common threads through them is the angels always offer a spiritual solution to help us but it’s given to us where we can apply it in a very earthly and practical way that really does help us through life’s difficult moments.

So for instance a person may have a health concern that has not been helped much by traditional medicine or it may not have been diagnosed correctly.  The angels may then guide the person to seek out an alternative health approach to get a new perspective on the issue, or get a second opinion.   They also usually tell me what type of health practitioner to seek out too which cuts to the chase on the matter for the person.  This has proven so helpful on many occasions, because the person then finds a solution to help them heal in a completely different way than they would have expected… quite miraculous really!

Another example may be a person is looking for their soul mate and can’t seem to find them. The angels may suggest to a person to work on their levels or self esteem and confidence which may seem like a strange answer to receive,  but on that journey of the person working on themself to do that, they feel better about who they are and then are ready to attract their soul mate in their life. 

Below is a couple of recent real life examples of the many I have had…

Once a person was having difficulty at work, they were really unhappy and didn’t know what to do. The angels saw a completely new career for the person and one that was aligned to their soul purpose.  This did involve some re-training and the person took the advice and embarked on some study of the subject the angels suggested and life took on a new turn and the person then set up their own business in a completely different area of expertise, and one they would never had dreamed of doing and are now a success at it! 

Another person came to me because they were very worried about whether they had made the right decision to sell their home and relocate to a new town to start a new life.  They had already found another property and bought it but had not sold their old one yet, so they had taken a big financial risk! They were also really worried they wouldn’t sell their current property or get enough money for it.  So many fears were arising in them which was bringing them down and they felt like they wanted to pull out.   The angels reassured them it was the right move, everything was really aligned and their house will sell (it was due to go to auction on the same night they saw me). The angels also advised for the person to work on raising their vibration to focus on the success of selling the house, and to focus on the numbers they wanted and we discussed that.  So they left me with a little practise to help themself with this and the house sold for the exact same numbers they were thinking of.  They are now on a new adventure in life and again one that is aligned to their soul purpose! 

In my own experience I’ve been guided to do some pretty strange things that have led me to some amazing places and to solving some of my own personal issues.

The most important thing I’ve found is we need to follow through on the guidance given by the angels with some earth based action to help ourselves and initiate the earthly manifestation of what will help us. 

On a few occasions I have given readings to people and they have not taken any action to help themselves and have ended staying stuck for ages.  A person may have asked how they can improve their finances and the angels advice was to study something new to improve their chances of getting a better job or promotion but they didn’t do it and thus they are still in the same position.

The main thing to note is the angels cannot live our life for us, they can guide us but they cannot take the action to help us, we need to do that.  But in their guidance they do see the best possible solution that can help us at the time because they can see a bigger picture on what’s going on for us and will offer guidance that if we follow through on, can instigate some amazing success.

On one occasion I asked my angels what could I do to improve my finances. I’d been running my business at a loss for some time and to a point where I felt like giving up.  They really didn’t want this to happen, because they knew I was their channel and they could also see a solution that could solve my problems pretty quickly.

They told me that I needed to pull on all my inner resources “my talents” that I’ve got to help myself.  At first I wasn’t sure what they meant. I was coaching and doing readings, I asked what else could I do?

They asked me to look at what else I’ve done in the past that I enjoyed but wasn’t doing.   Well I had been a yoga teacher but had let that go, I’d also taught meditation but I’d let that go too because I was busy building up a coaching practise.  They also said that there was door open for me to walk through with this because there was my answer.  I was to start teaching yoga and meditation again.  I actually couldn’t believe this because it just wasn’t in my mind to do this. They also said by stepping into the teacher role, it would give me the confidence to teach other things too.  And then I saw the picture they showed me about teaching workshops!   This was such Divine guidance because, I did have all those resources that that I could pull upon and use to help improve my financial position at that time.  

So I took action and did just what they suggested and the cool thing was it turned out easier than I ever expected.  The yoga courses got filled. I connected to a wonderful group of ladies who come regularly to the meditation classes and the workshops I taught were amazing and I am still doing it all and love it. It has also helped me personally and has grown my confidence to teach in a massive way.  Many have said to me I am a nature teacher….but this I didn’t know until I tried.

Interestingly enough, now they are asking me to do more writing!  So you will see more writing from me… because they want me to bring down a book they want to give me and I need a bit of practise.

If I am honest, I  don’t find writing that easy, I am a bit dyslexic and miss words or get them muddled up, but I have managed to get this far with it and they told me not to worry about it …. because that’s what editors are for!  I expect they will find me one too!

So,  all of this just goes to show how accurate they are in helping us with a spiritual solution to our problems which if we take action on as they guide us too, we can solve the problems ourselves.  It may not alway be easy, but getting the right guidance can get to the heart of the matter quickly and our angels are always by our side and can guide and support us every step of the way. I would not be without them and feel so blessed to be their channel too.

So thank you for taking the time to read this today because I know life can be busy with so much to do but I also want to say…. if you need a bit of angelic guidance feel free to contact me to book a reading because that is what I here for and I so love to help as much as the angels do.

I can hear what your angels want you to know that can give you a spiritual solution to your problems or others things you want help with.

If this calls to you Click Here to find out more and how to book a reading. It would be my honour to help 🙂

Much Love and Angel Blessings
Lamanda X


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