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 ~  22 Quick Life Hacks for Empowered Living ~

  1. Don’t take any bull shit from anyone, you don’t have to argue, you can just can walk away.
  2. Only do what feels right for you, don’t get pressured in doing anything you don’t want to do by anyone, including your family.
  3. If you have any inner doubts brewing about anything, always listen to those signals and do more research to gain greater clarity especially before making big decisions.
  4. Remember you don’t have to follow any crowd to feel you belong. You can belong right here and now with yourself and if you can do that you can belong anywhere.
  5. If you feel drained by being in someone’s presence for any period of time, cut back on seeing them and make it a short connection if you have to see them for anything.
  6. Let your past stay in the past, that’s where it belongs. 
  7. Believe in yourself more and value who you are and do what ever work you need to do to get into a good place within yourself about this. You do deserve it and your life will change because of it.
  8. Never underestimate the power of just listening to someone and holding the space to truly see them. This is often worth more than the tons of advice your mind wants to give them about anything.
  9. Do something really nice for yourself each day to make you feel loved and nurtured. Be it as simple as a long hot bath, a foot massage or an afternoon snooze.
  10. Feel proud of you for how far you’ve already come. Life’s not easy and don’t you know it!
  11. Say yes when you mean yes and no when you mean no and not the other way round. Be true to you and people will know where they stand.
  12. If you encounter a conflict, stand in your truth, but also keep an open mind of another possibility that differs from yours.
  13. Choose not to gossip….. end of story!
  14. If you feel you are being manipulated by another’s hidden agenda, highlight this to them in a loving and assertive way by speaking from your heart about what you feel is going on.
  15. Always take action……even a small step leads to somewhere.
  16. Make friends with your neighbours because it builds a good community spirit and you all have some back up in emergencies.
  17. Remember to connect to your friends and associates just to say hullo not just when you want something from them.
  18. Choose to be kind over being right more often.
  19. Keep your word and don’t just leave people hanging on waiting for you.
  20. Trust  your gut and intuition – you’ve got this ability for a reason.
  21. Have lots of fun.
  22. Love in a bigger way than you currently do.

With Love 

Lamanda X

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