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How the Angels Helped Me Through a Tough Time Recently




How the Angels Helped Me Through A Tough Time Recently 

The hard fact is, is that life sometimes sucks!   Everyone experiences periods in life that are really hard to manage, and it seems virtually impossible to break through those blocks to come out the other side.  It can be a time when we feel like we’re in a pattern of having to deal with one issue after another. For most, managing themselves through those times is really hard too.  Most people know that they need to keep positive and look on the bright side of life but however hard they try, there is a constant nagging feeling inside that things are not working out as they would like and they can’t get into a true happy place to shift through it in an easier way.

Lately I have experienced this and even though on the outside things looked good to others, on the inside by what I was feeling about certain situations that I had going on, they were not.

I was also facing a huge block of doubts about what I am trying to achieve in my life which bought up a couple of big questions.

Why am I putting myself through this and what am I really trying to achieve?   

 I admit I have a huge pull in my heart to help others, but ultimately during that time I had a lot of doubts about what I was doing and this was not actually helping me much. I was not looking after myself for starters; I was burnt out, run down and not very happy. 

As I am a person that takes responsibility for my own life I couldn’t blame anyone but me for feeling this way. When I looked at my life I seemed to be surrounded by negative experiences happening on the outside that I was allowing to drag me down internally.  

I also realised that the lower I went the more of those experiences I attracted.

I was so good at manifesting those experiences I had to make a huge effort to wake myself up and remember the fact that I can actually manifest better ones.  I realised that my mindset and how I felt about those things needed to change to do so.

One way I managed myself through this time was to come from a higher perspective in my mind.

I call it the perspective of the angels (as they are my best friends I couldn’t help but use them).  When I decided to take an angel’s perspective on my life, viewing it from above and seeing myself and aspects of my life in the big picture, I could see that things are actually going a lot better than I could perceive at the ground level. 

I could see that I was growing, learning and becoming more resilient to life’s hard knocks.

 I was also becoming more self-aware and learning to manage myself better than I thought I was through the tougher times. The negative experiences I was facing were also teaching me how I needed to be different in some way for me to get through them.   I could also see I was not prepared to give up because the thought of going back to living the life I  was living in the past, generated worse feelings than the ones I had about staying with what I was currently doing.

I also realised that when I worked with coaching clients who were facing their own blocks I’d get them to do exactly what I did to take a higher perspective on their life to gain insight on where they are at and what they need to do on order to make a shift to where they want to be and then take a step in that direction.

Taking any kind of step, big or small feels good and also shifts a frequency within the person to vibrate at a higher level.

When we vibrate higher we feel better and are in place of attracting better things for ourselves too.  Ultimately we as human beings love taking action towards something, we really do because it makes us feel good, where feeling stuck doesn’t.

Also, often on the very brink of when we may want to give up on something, if we took the time out to reflect on it from a different perspective we can gain a new spark of light to give us an idea or some insight on how we need to be to get ourselves through that time. We then just need to follow through and take the action towards it.

Generally in life, everything always turns out ok in the end, and of course sometimes it takes a lot longer than other times.  However, seeing how you can get to that end point for things to start working out better sooner is a skill to learn in itself.

For me having the angels to help me with this is literally a “God Send”. 

Yes, I can do this all on my own, or I can ask for their help or both!  So for instance when I have been facing  blocks or hard times, I took the steps to shift my perspective to gain more insight and possibly a new idea on how to solve an issue.  I also asked my angels if an idea I had was a good one and if they gave me a yes, I then knew I should work on it and it’s going to turn out well.

Connecting to my angels is easy for me now, in all honesty it took me a few years to really trust what I was receiving, but when I finally committed to really listening and following through on their guidance,  I got myself out of many stuck times in life quicker than if I had I not.  The process to connect to the angels is really quite easy to do, however, I know it’s not easy for others to hear their guidance, so hence why I offer angel readings, because I know I can.

But do you know what? I had this thought the other day that I can teach others how to do what I do, and hear their own angels guidance to help themself and maybe even others in their life like they help me. How great is that?

I also felt called to do this, yes it was an idea at first and when I asked my angels about it I got a big YES! 

So now I am taking my own advice by following through and taking some action in this direction.

So, I am planning a half day workshop to teach people how to connect to their angels to hear their guidance to help them in life. 

Is this something you would find useful to help you in your life too?

The workshop will be held in West Auckland (30 mins from the city) and will be at my home, a beautiful setting in Oratia.  I have a studio that can fit up to 10 people comfortably and a lovely garden to soak up nature in the break out sessions (weather permitting). It’s going to be on either Saturday 4th or Sunday 5th of June at 1.00 pm to 5.30 pm (dates to be confirmed).

This will be an experiential learning, so you will be practising what I teach you on the day.  It also will involve the use of angel oracle cards (and other ways) but you won’t be using the message book that comes with the deck, you are going to learn to hear the angel guidance directly.

If you are interested in joining me and want to reserve your spot, or just want to find out a bit more please email me via the form below and I will let you know the details etc.

The cost for what could be a life changing and very fun experience is only $77! 

What does this number mean? Well in angel numbers it means you are on the right path, keep going! 

To find out more and/or reserve a spot you can contact me by filing in the form below and I’ll get back to you ASAP.

Angel Blessings and Love 
Lamanda X

Angel Workshop November 2019


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